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  1. *%!!~####** right in the pussy?
  2. Interesting watch (in 4 parts) Talking about how freemasonary syncs with the revolution of the moon and sun around FE, and how they in turn are powered by the Black Sun:
  3. (if not BS) AI seems to love Joe, but isn't keen on Trump:
  4. It's okay peter - I do like that, mr bollocks always makes me have a giggle. Anyway - I like a bit of a ribbing,(oo-err) in good humour obviously.
  5. Tis may be closer to the truth than alot of people realise, a 'pentaverate' type situation possibly...
  6. Yes mate, very likely drones - infact - definately drones, I just found it remarkable how perfect and symetrical the letterring was? Too perfect for joe bloggs to have done this type of thing just in the name of fuckery. Or.. perhaps it was - just someone messing about. Seems so perfectly done though, too good for some geek but you never know do you? :)
  7. Very suss this clip, from a 'supposed' apollo mission, It's leaked footage from a 1972 Apollo mission, I assume not to space as such, but from very very high up (under the dome) But I found it interesting just as a spectacle, no idea if this is yet more BS, but just interesting:
  8. Baffled?.... they are baffled - man being interviewed here on national tv says if you take away the ONS Covid deaths figure of 8k over the last 6 months -out of a total of 30.4K deaths overall - meaning there has still been 22.4K extra deaths not caused by covid in the last 6 months alone. Bloke says " we don't know what is driving those excess deaths - but according to the Royal College of emergency medicine -they suspect that the pressures contributed to the extra deaths" So, for anyone trying to figure this out or who's new to all this - can you now see how obvious it all is? - your main stream media are on a cover up. Ordered by their 'governments' around the world to hide the fact that the excess deaths are caused by the jabs. 1+1=2 People are dying who have had the jabs - the vaccinated are dropping like stones.
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