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  1. The Home Alone 'pigeon lady' Piers Morgan (aka Lewis Prothero) , deserves a thread, not only for his cuntfaced lies and arrogance but for being such a generally emasculated establishment bumlick. (IMO) Here's something here from 2013 regarding shooting and Guncrime in USA, where Alex Jones totally stomps over him and his pathetic 'factoid diversion' questioning style.:
  2. The MSM showing their true colours again in just 17 seconds... https://brandnewtube.com/watch/ukraine-war-in-17-sec-it-starts-when-the-camera-is-on-and-it-stops-when-the-camera-is-off-get-it_iEpVNJXhjoEBLhj.html
  3. and: FACE NAPPIES I'd rather eat my own earwax and we all know how horrid that tastes - right kids? (purposefully mis-quoted rik there)
  4. Good fair points mate, here's a bit of balance from all the excitement yesterday: https://brandnewtube.com/watch/exposing-stew-peters-bryan-ardis-bullshit-video-watch-the-water_75zjGt144hoPQ2b.html
  5. According to Reuters 'fact' checkers the use of the word virus to indicate poison is archaic, well , they would say that wouldn't they? FACT ME TILL I FART! Fact m
  6. Thanks for posting this @rebornsteve, I wasn't aware of it until today when a friend texted me a link to it, and then noticed your post here on the CV thread. Alot of this film really does ring true for me, as @DarianFpointed out later in the thread, this is a mass poisoning event. I feel that the public (zombies that most of them are) - are beginning (finally) to sit up and notice. I would say this video (for me, and I hope for you guys too) is one of the most important (if not the most important) information videos I've ever seen. (I dislike the soppy incidental music in the background - and the overacting of the interviewer) but the actual message and information of this video is so interesting and important, especially about the chinese chap (Bing Liu) who died after he made the important snake venom discovery (and the fortune cookie bit at the end) Great video, HIGHLY recommend this to you good lot: (see what you think?) Here it is again on brandnewtube: https://brandnewtube.com/watch/watch-the-water_fSzcO5rdBd9kdtX.html EDIT: Keep on smoking those fags ..... (watch the video to see why this is a good thing for once)
  7. Maybe it's my imagination, but my Ears/brain gets tired from listening to music drawn from a digital source, such as mp3 etc.. the music seems too harsh and lacks finesse, I find the same with cd's. I've been thinking about buying a DAC (digital analogue converter) for a long time and have never got round to it, this may be of interest if you are interested in how your music sounds, there are many people who say it is far better to listen to anything on an analogue signal, with far greater depth, warmth, detail, and also more natural. https://www.whathifi.com/advice/dacs-what-is-a-dac-and-do-you-need-one
  8. Thanks mate - however, I think this is even better from WTFH:
  9. Well the bloody dailyfail can come round here and eat the contents of my cat litter tray, absolute government scientist arselickers: ... so the dailyslime can consider everyhting APART from the fact that the vaccine could be to blame! Oh... and the children were too young to have it?
  10. Fake clown world mate. Yes does sound familiar, fake viruses? - I'm reading a great book at the moment and it goes into excellent detail about the non-existence of all viruses except one; A Virus discovered by a Dr. Stefan Lanka, in the late 1980's (when the AIDS hysteria was at its peak) this virus was discovered in the sea on Sea Algae, it was found that when this virus binds to the algae it actually helps the algae become more healthy. In any Human, animal or plant - no virus has ever been photographed, biochemically characterised, or Isolated using the only true isolation method: Kochs Postulates, ever. This vaccine induced AIDS will turn out to be the many more new variants that we will be hearing alot about in the near future: Here's the symptoms of AIDS: Pneumocystis carinii Pneumonia (Fungal infection of the lungs - affects immuno comprimsed people - like those who have had the vax) Kaposi's Sarcoma (a type of cancer affects the skin & mouth) (caused by the Herpes virus) Apparently. Toxoplasmosis (apparently caused by a parasite? can lead to encephalitis - which is a brain infection, siezures and blindness Tuberculosis (a bacteria that spreads through coughs and sneezes) Affects the lungs Extreme weight loss & wasting, diarrhoea. Meningitis and other brain infections Fungal infections Syphilis Lymphoma and cervical cancer Will these be the upcoming symptoms of new variants? This covid stuff is playing out just the same as the Aids debacle, they have ZERO proof of covids existence, it seems to be us, the good souls of this world that are having to prove the non-existence of all this bollocks, when it should be the proponets of all this virus horseshit that should provide the FULL PROOF. According to them - it's US, the so-called protagonists that have to come up with proof of the non-existence of viruses? THEY have to prove it's existence, not us proving it's non-existence, and the fact that they cannot prove ANYTHING shows it's all a big bloody pack of lies.
  11. That one right there! That needs to be spread around far and wide, talk about contradicting! Kary Mullis was onto this Snake oil salesman right from the start.
  12. So true, same old thing isn't it? Show us the actual HIV virus - they can't - it didn't ever exist. SAme with convid, just pictures of cells that 'they' say is a virus.
  13. Thanks Mate - I can't take credit for these, it was @Macnamara 's post in the humour section I just copied them over, they tickled me too, particuarly the Tyson one, would love to see willy smith try to slap tyson Tyson would fucking eat him! Thanks Mac for the great vid, sorry for being a plagiarism (ing) little fucker.
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