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  1. Well done Skitzo, I was just about to post this and then saw you done it - nice one. This man speaking is an absolute legend. I think he comes across perfectly with integrity and intelligence. (him and his mate) The 1st 'officer' he spoke to was a complete cnut. But a great insight into the inner workings of the vax-lemmings!
  2. Yep, nice one Northernstar, Liam was preaching to his 'fans' on twitter, who metaphorically throw roses at his feet anyway, it's all very brave saying 'fuck lockdown' to his followers on twatta but saying it to the masses when he's on telly - proper strong' is a different matter, we all know Ian Brown wouldn't fuck about. Also, the covid song by Iggy Pop - what the fuck? That song may be in jest, but why? It's like promoting it's existence, maybe some freemason 'punk-wannabee' music bod whispered in his ear to do a song about a virus to prepetuate some more fake fear.
  3. (outtaikes) Arrr this is brilliant Odds - cheered me right up - great to see people coming together and with real intelligence.. - that officer is an A grade cunt.
  4. Yeah I hear you liberty, he said fuck lockdown on twitter, back in autumn didn't he? That's a fart in the wind as far as I'm concerned, he could hit so much harder, doing it on a live tv show or something, I think I had a little bitch about Liam earlier after seeing a story in the dailyfail which makes me think he's selling out even more - he's doing a free concert for NHS staff 'working' on the 'front line' in April this year ......really? How awake to the lies is Liam, maybe Noel knows better? What gets my goat is they're all in a prime position to say something big - not specifically Liam - I mean all the tossers, They only have to 'play the game' to their bosses - managers and people who can influence them to get on the tv, play along with the covid lullaby, and then BANG! - one day on live tv (if there really is such a thing?) ...BANG!!! come out with it - speak their truths, the real truths, fuck their career, most of them have stacks of cash in the bank already.
  5. Message to people paid to be in public view : (doubt they will ever see this forum - but y'never know?) Come on Liam! Come on Noel! Not so fucking hard now are you??????!!!!! You were so loud mouthed and 'out there' all these years - where are you now eh - when it matters? Come on then - fucking sellouts the lot of you. Even Iggy Pop who I fucking loved before all this nonsense - is a fucking sell-out. Come radio DJ's, Television presenters, 'working class' 'roots' pop/rock/rap and film stars where are you? More worried about the dollars and you little 'career' and getting sued than the very future of mankind? Good will triumph you know? YOU and EVERY other celebrity will be remembered for doing precisely NOTHING. You are prime placed to help turn the tide - all it takes is enough guts to do something right. Speak the truth. Cowards.
  6. Print this off - on business cards - or paper, or whatever, nice likkle ones (business card size) so you can stuff a dozen in your pocket and have them to hand at all times, say nothing to the person that asks you to wear a mask, hand it to them, smile and walk on. Oh yeeah.
  7. This is from November 20 - from the flippin British Medical Journal of all places?!!!! ...and what's come of it? Nothing...... not surprised - when everything is hush-hushed under the rug by the TV news entity I call 'one-corporation' also known as 'Main-stream-Media Edit: Of particular interest - if you scroll down the page a bit, to where 'the Tories hired Kate Bingham' you'll see not only that the silly cow has got no experience at all in fucking anything - but also, how their scientists are conveniently placed, especially where family are concerned. (wife of a treasury minister and cousin by marriage to BJ's sister?!)
  8. Fucking perfect - well said. This bit needs saying again - LOUDER! (apart from ahh kid Brown) : BUT NOT 1 FUCKIN SINGLE CELEBRITY PERSON HAS SAID, IM NOT WEARING A MASK N FUCK THAT VACCINE RIGHT OFF.
  9. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9224975/Coronavirus-France-rejects-lockdown-justify-economic-social-human-costs.html?ito=push-notification&ci=74548&si=25251087 France rejects another lockclown, which is good for the people, real reason might be the 'leaders' probably been under pressure from the sales managers (cockerfella,soros, gaytz, and Rothschild) to hit more covid targets or they won't get their bonus's (child with free office cabinet from wayfair) therfore - no lockdown - more reason to say covid cases back up (gotta hit those targets)
  10. This comment from 'Kevin Smith' People like him do actually exist, I get the feeling this Kevin Smith is a real life 'White Goodman' from the film Dodgeball.......
  11. I don't especially like he overuse of pmsl but PMSL!!! Fucking Dailyfail with their 'shit don't stink' attitude: Here they are discussing the very correct teenager who filmed evil whitty: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9215899/Appalling-moment-Covidiot-youth-abuses-Professor-Chris-Whitty-street.html?ito=push-notification&ci=73914&si=25251087 Check out the 'newspeak'
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