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  1. "Don't worry Ethel, he really is on our side!" Can't trust any of these cunts in the limelight:
  2. No - I put in Mad-donna - please see original post above highlighted in bold. You're suggesting I refer to Madonna as a fucking Rock legend? Where did I say that? She's an A1 Cunt like a whole host of other drearey manufactured AI controlled cunts I've had the displeasure to have enforced upon me musically over the years Please re-read the original post. Jeez?
  3. If the sun is seen as a huge self perpetuting fireball by modern science, then I am perplexed? If there is no air in space - and fire needs air - how does the sun keep burning?
  4. A list of Rock legends and pop stars/bands that followed the covid bs narrative unconditionally according to their masters will, they had their chance to shine and either did sweet FA or directly supported the worlds biggest lie, they will never be looked at the same again: Feel free to add your own.... the bad: Billy Brag Sam Smith Mad-donna Rage against (fuck all) the machine Oasis (both of those brothers) Brian May (queen) Roger Taylor (queen) ....... ...and, a list of stars that showed their true colours in positivety and will be remembered for being real: The good: Ian Brown Van Morrison Ice cube (possibly) Eric Clapton ..NOT forgetting that some of the good may be just controlled opposition.... err - I can't think of anymore?...
  5. Here's trump body double on a walkabout (I think) in east palestine ohio, his face is obviously different, slightly longer perhaps, his eyes look like joe bidens slitty dark feckers, lighter/sharper around the shoulders and a different gait, and he has considerably less weight, apparently the double is usually the one wearing the maga baseball hat.
  6. Elons one of them of course, but interesting that he replies with this comment:
  7. This girl's talking about 15 minute oxford, at the protest in Oxford, and she's brilliant in particular watch her 'klaus schwab' statement half way through and her reaction:
  8. A 'they' that says it how it is (or should be) rightly states that "it takes someone like me to say it because if you say it it, it turns into -you're homophobic" As he says - it's all bullshit, they got bored.....
  9. Illegal migrants - not refugees... they are fleeing from nothing and are given 5 star hotels. This guy nails it:
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