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  1. ...Challenge wank Sam smith: I wouldn't even with Morphs.
  2. In your face...... freemason ceo of airline company who pushed the jibjab gets a creamy pie in the face kill-gates style, naughty but nice:
  3. If this BS does try to start again, they'll really push the cashless thing, making it very difficult to do anything without digital bollocks.
  4. *%!!~####** right in the pussy?
  5. Interesting watch (in 4 parts) Talking about how freemasonary syncs with the revolution of the moon and sun around FE, and how they in turn are powered by the Black Sun:
  6. (if not BS) AI seems to love Joe, but isn't keen on Trump:
  7. It's okay peter - I do like that, mr bollocks always makes me have a giggle. Anyway - I like a bit of a ribbing,(oo-err) in good humour obviously.
  8. Tis may be closer to the truth than alot of people realise, a 'pentaverate' type situation possibly...
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