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  1. ?.................. but - 20 miles obviously isn't high enough? It proves diddly squat? Need to have a camera that travels right out into space - it needs to pan RIGHT OUT there to see if earth is a ball or a flat thing?
  2. Simon Dolans Keep Britain Free campaign starts off: Don't let them muzzle you! need apostrophe in 'dont' - he must have been in a rush to get this out there.
  3. This is what 'they' ideally want for the public, any hole''s a goal. They'll get us to sellotape up our arseoles next.
  4. That's a good point Illmatic - I think that's what he done - all gone a bit quiet on the gates front.
  5. Well done indeed, I know quite a few people who have been on them too, some very close, they quit them one day out of the blue like you have. One of the main symptoms they had were lockjaw, feeling like they had to chomp down hard on their lower jaw, dry eyes, and general headaches every single day. Loss of libido, severe neck aches all the way from the lower neck and up to the back of the head. Emotionally - Totally flattens out your emotions - completely flat - on a constant level -certainly not in a good way - can never raise them, no matter what the situation. Coming off them: Dizziness, tiredness, and more headaches - but went fairly quick - (1 week to ten days) and they have ALL said - they are better off without them.
  6. Know anyone with a photocopier? I have condensed alot of the information available on: http://laworfiction.com/2020/07/face-covering-litigation-threats-and-administrative-headache/ Managed to slim it down to 2 pages (so one single piece of a4 or a5 paper - double sided) Get printing hundreds if u can - and hopefully you can do what I'm doing: Print them off, put under the windscreen wipers of every car you see at the supermarket or anywhere, staple them up on lamposts, town notice boards, hand them out, deliver them through peoples doors in your local area, give a fiver each to your children or whatever to deliver loads for you. I saved it to a word document but it's not letting me attach it to this post so I've just copied and pasted it: (you can do the same just copy from here into word and then print/photocopy loads) Many thanks people: NOTICE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC: Your LEGAL RIGHTS & information that the government does NOT want you to know about YOUR RIGHTS NOT TO WEAR A FACE MASK. The wearing of face masks have been totally debunked by the real scientists who have been silenced by your government, but also debunked by the WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION. CARRY THIS WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES – YOU DO NOT EVER NEED TO WEAR A FACE MASK. The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Wearing of Face Coverings in a Relevant Place) (England) Regulations 2020 The following is a legal document condensed for swift reading from: http://laworfiction.com/2020/07/face-covering-litigation-threats-and-administrative-headache/ Notice of EXEMPTION from requirement to wear a face covering ·To controllers and owners of premises ·To individuals working at those premises 1. I have a reasonable excuse not to wear a face covering All UK regulations and government guidance imposing restrictions in response to Coronavirus have provided a “reasonable excuse” exemption. · Severe distress is given as one example of an acute immediate reaction. If the Police question you - then to say it would cause you “Severe distress” is an ENTIRELY acceptable and ‘reasonable excuse’. · To avoid harm or injury, or the risk of harm or injury Harm or injury, or risk of it. · People already suffering from, anxiety, generalised anxiety disorder, paranoia and depression among others mental impairments. · Asthma and many other respiratory conditions, many of which will not ordinarily be apparent to others. 2. Shops: Government advice is not to challenge people to wear face covering This is for GOOD REASON. If a retailer or service provider do so, they & their employees may be PERSONALLY LIABLE for AN OFFENCE liable on summary conviction to pay a fine of up to £5,000-section 112 (Aiding contraventions) of the Equality Act 2010AN ACT OF DISABILITY DISCRIMINATION and be ordered to pay to any individual who suffers injury to feelings compensation between £900 and £9,000 see section 119 (Remedies) of the Equality Act 2010 3. Premises cannot challenge me about my decision not to wear a face covering Shop, premises are not permitted to ask for a medical certificate. The only people who are entitled to ask about whether someone has a reasonable excuse are: ·police officers ·police community support officers ·persons designated by local authorities for the purpose of enforcement If you are not such an enforcement officer, you will be likely to commit disability discrimination and harassment and be ordered to pay compensation. To controllers and owners of premises & individuals working at premises: Information about disability discrimination (Under section 29 of the Equality Act 2010) A service provider must not discriminate against, harass or victimise a person because of, or for a reason associated with, a disability.Your PERSONAL LIABILITY on summary conviction to pay a fine if requiring me to wear a face covering Under section 112 (Aiding contraventions) of the Equality Act 2010, IF: ·having been informed by me that, by reason of a disability, requiring me or another person to wear a face covering is a basic contravention of the Equality Act 2010; ·you make a false or misleading statement to the effect that requiring me or that other person to wear a face covering does not contravene the Equality Act 2010; and ·in view of all the information you have, you are considered knowingly or recklessly to have made that statement then you will personally be committing an offence and liable on summary conviction to pay a fine of up to £5000 Your PERSONAL LIABILITY to compensate me for injury to my feelings. In addition, by section 119 (Remedies) of the Equality Act 2010 the Courts may to order you to pay damages and compensation for injured feelings as well as for any injury or loss. In relation to compensation for injury to feelings, judicial guidelines are that even the lowest awards will be in the range of £900 to £9,000 Shops, premises & service providers must support people who stand up for others with a disability The Equality Act 2010 prohibits unfavourable treatment of anyone because of, or for a reason related to disability. The disability does not have to be theirs. If someone stands up for the rights of a person with a disability not to wear a face covering and that someone is then subject to harassment or other unfavourable treatment, then they will be entitled to remedy and to compensation under the Act. To the reader of this notice: Disclosure of disability My rights and your legal duties and obligations. I have given you notice separately of my reasonable excuse exemption under the Coronavirus regulations. The exemption in the Coronavirus regulations is not limited to avoidance of severe distress or only protecting those with long-term health conditions.. Having a ‘disability’ in the meaning of the Equality Act 2010 is not required for that exemption to apply. It is, therefore, not necessary for you to have any further information in relation to my health condition Nevertheless, I now disclose that I do suffer from a mental or physical impairment that is a ‘disability’ in the meaning of section 6(1) of the Equality Act 2010 and as a result of which I am at a substantial disadvantage arising from requirements to wear face coverings. (Section 212 of that Act defines ‘substantial’ as meaning“ more than minor or trivial”.) As a result of the above, I am exempted from having to wear a face covering under the provisions of the Equality Act 2010. I have offered for inspection a copy of this document which I carry with me in anticipation of being challenged about not wearing a face covering. Your demand for details of my health condition By section 119(5) and (6) of the Equality Act 2010, whether or not you have good intention towards me or any of your staff, customers, the government or to the public generally in requiring the wearing of face coverings, or whether you may mistakenly imagine you are required by law to insist I wear a face covering, is not relevant. I consider your demand for details of my health condition to be an act of disability discrimination. Retention of relevant documents I hereby give you notice of a dispute and my intention to pursue legal claim for compensation in respect of your requirement for the wearing of a face covering. Please note that you have a legal obligation to retain and not to destroy or alter any records that may be relevant to this dispute. This includes any video or CCTV recordings which show my interaction with you or any of your staff or customers where the wearing of a face covering appears likely to be subject of that interaction. Added information NOT extracted from www.laworfiction.com: YOU ARE BEING MUZZLED TO KEEP YOU QUIET AND IN FEAR You do not need to acquiesce to tyranny. Think twice before trusting the misinformation spewed out from the BBC and other large news corporations – they are telling you only what their corporate masters let them tell you, Look at communist China – this is what they want for the world. The truth is out there – this is the long haul takeover of the world after the failed attempt of world war 2,Do not let your forefathers deaths during this time be for nothing. PLEASE - WAKE UP. ****Edit: you may have to play around with font and sizing - it's changed a little (but not much) since I copied&pasted it over here Here's how it looks when printed - - if doing double sided then only 1 bit of paper needed - could get 2 on each a4 paper if choosing to print/copy in a5 - double sided.
  7. The Monkees - daydream believer - (this one for the face nappy wearing sheeple) Aerosmith - livin on the edge Toni Braxton - Breathe again Duncan Sheik - barely breathing DJ Kool - Let me clear my throat Prince - sign 'o the times
  8. Just received this through the door today. Asking for a swab test to be done from a minor - for a virus they have not isolated. Or proven to exist. Just find that interesting? Legal? It arrived just in time, I had just 'laid a cable - like one of king kongs fingers it was' - and realised we were running low on toilet paper. Here it is:
  9. https://davidicke.com/2020/08/13/how-they-pulled-off-the-pandemic-an-animated-film-explanation-by-david-icke/ Pass it round to as many as you can, thanks.
  10. I'm also an artist, (not as my main source of income) But I have been mainly painting landscapes of my local area using mainly oil medium, sometimes acrylics as a first undercoat. Since the bollocks started in March I can barely be bothered, I think I've let the negativity and reality of the situation drain any motivation I had - which wasn't much - to bother being creative. I had a dream the other week (about 3-4 weeks ago) What I remember from it was that I was just wondering about (in my dream) and came accross a kind of flea market, and I ended up staring at an empty picture frame, it had a card price tag hanging off it by a piece of string, and on the card was written: 'Speak your truths' That was it? It's taken a while to fully realise, as I'm really not a soppy twat who goes in for the over-sentimental meaning of dreams - but this one felt so poignant, - really important, I am thinking now about how to translate that to my paintings. I think it was on the price tag because it was saying - fuck earning money from this lark - send a message via your paintings to humanity. As per your Dalai Lama quote. That's all. But definately - good to see you back Enigmatic - I absolutely loved your Emmanuel Macron and Angel Merkel flirting gif. Had me and others I showed it to, in fits of laughter. (but again - was out of likes) (I must remember to go back on and react to that one later)
  11. Good to see you back again enigmatic, I - I think maybe like you, need a break from the forum every now and again, to re-group myself.
  12. I like that ride, (out of flippin forum likes for now) but... like.
  13. I have this book too dagmar, it's brilliant and such a simple alternative to one of man and womans greatest weaknesses....greed. I recommend anyone reading this from the great Michael Tellinger, a good, quick, simple but possibly planet changing little book. Good shout.
  14. Many thanks for getting back so assidiously Bflat, I did notice the hot spot on the clouds and although it's unusual (I think) - I can't comment on wether this is a natural reflection of the sun on the surface of the clouds or not. You know what we need to end this argument/discussion/theory once and for all don't you? We need someone with the expertise to get a suitable camera up and beyond what has gone before - the balloons all burst at 107,000 feet or whatever - flat earthers need to get together and design and develop a camera/balloon/rocket combo to go ALL the way out to space way way above 107K miles - to record in no uncertain terms wether the earth is infact a globe or the flat earth - whatever it is. With respect: If you guys are so confident then why don't you all club together - design - or buy yourself a suitable 'vehicle of propulsion - with camera attached' and shoot the fucker up there - and like you say - end this argument and also blow the hidden hand out of the water? Agreed?
  15. Gary Numan 'are friends electric?' (allsaints basement session remix) ...A darker, moodier, rockier sound than the original, but absolutely brilliant.............
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