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  1. ha-haa - private number plate wankers!! - Deserve it
  2. Neh - mostly plastic mate, the 5' and 10 and 20 pound notes are plastic, (most used notes in the UK) but that £5 bank note in the picture does look like paper? (scottish £5 notes paper?) Regarding writing on plastic bank notes though - I think a permanent marker does the trick.
  3. Think they're getting desparate now.... (even tony b- liar getting on it) (has this been on the thread yet?) https://biznewspost.com/news/no-face-to-face-learning-for-unvaccinated-children-uk-govt-threatens/
  4. My favourite car from the films was this beauty from Condorman: (music in this film great too)
  5. Nice one Grumpy, I have to agree with you, a smooth ride indeed - I think you can get an old diesel second hand de-commissioned one for about a for a few grand (ish) nowadays I like to see a double decker done up nice as a converted house on wheels thingy, (saw one on telly a few weeks ago)
  6. ...not just expensive sports cars though Grumpy I agree - a subject like this could possibly be shallow and predictable testosterone virtue signalling - but I think superstarneil has been clever in making the title Lamborghinis & ladas. (& everything inbetween) First car for instance, usually very shit, (no one's asked but here it is anyway) mine was a Talbot Horizon, the girls they all loved me. (in my dreams) (actually was a sweet little ride) and (make-believe) Simon out of the inbetweeners reaction to his first car was quite funny:
  7. I remember seeing this in the news (I think in October 2019) - although the story mentions 2020 as the date that the legislation passed - I definately remember this from a BBC/ITV news story item on telly EARLIER in 2019) The story is that they are changing legislation to allow planes in the sky to sign write (for profit) I found that rather alarming back then due to contrails, but now it seems even more well-timed - the law was changed just in time for 'them' to have the excuse ready-made to allow further spraying in the skies (weather alteration and poisoning of the land & people) Also, the spraying in the skies of various letters including the X and Q that have been seen in the skies all over Britain especially since the plandemic. (see the 'wash your hands' skywriting in the main picture - how convenient with regards to the covid timings? ) (if anyone else can add to this I would appreciate as I'm struggling to find anymore on it) Found on the independant website (but you have to register to see it, so I have copied it onto here:
  8. Listen from 1:01 that patel will have new powers to jail protesters - what is to come if they have their way. (and great that the band; friendly fires have called torys 'blue bunch of corrupt wankers' for using their song at the convention) https://www.aol.co.uk/news/friendly-fires-condemn-pm-walks-160747830.html they also said this:
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