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  1. The 4th industrial revolution & great reset, basically. Half of this stuff won't happen by 2030, but it's what they're pushing for. Ties in with circular economies, smart cities & UBI. Speaking of the conflict - why has reporting gone so quiet for 3-4 weeks (it's picking up again now) & why is Zelensky only now asking civilians to evacuate the East? Claiming that fighting is intensifying and they need to get out, surely the reduction in reporting suggests that fighting had been easing off. Probably nothing more than propaganda, but it's such a strange conflict.
  2. Western society will become more like China over time, as far as our civil liberties are concerned. The US will do what it can to try to keep the American Empire going, but eventually countries will be "levelled up" (or down). UBI will become commonplace globally as jobs are lost to the 4th industrial revolution & AI technology. Flying will become extremely expensive with most of the population unable to afford it. The gap between the extremely wealthy & general population will be astronomical (larger than it is now).
  3. First ever post here - browsed for years. Questions - when will Coronavirus become the main news story again? (It will happen). Also, how will this come about? I believe a new variant will either happen through "escaping" from these biolabs, accidentally or otherwise and it'll be blamed on Russia. Or, a new variant will pop up and be blamed on refugees from Ukraine. We'll them be reintroduced to restrictions, which we all know are really about slowly changing society & attacking fossil fuels for self travel.
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