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  1. Are you Simon Cowell? Lol
  2. I think you're wrong. Russia backed Syria, that's why the American influenced civil war didn't topple the Assad regime, and now look at the Ukraine. The days of instigating regime changes by the west have gone.
  3. I don't mind alternative music like that, I find it better than the X-factor type rubbish that is usually fed to us by the MSM. It's when the music is intertwined with debates and political speeches is when I have the problem. I don't want to be preached to or politically manipulated when all I want is some escapism and to be out enjoying myself. If you listen to the lyrics of that song they are actually quite clever!
  4. You're forgetting one thing though, Russia will back Iran.
  5. https://youtu.be/a5MNvaBjZFo That sketch is so accurate. That's exactly the Glastonbury crowd nowadays (sorry Fluke i don't know how to quote just the top half of someone's post showing a video clip without the second video clip appearing!). Also the kids pretentious names at the end.... Africa and Asia! So many of Harry Enfield's sketches are spot on.
  6. It's the centuries of inbreeding.
  7. Why the fuck do the political wankers have to hijack everything these days? I can't watch sport to just watch sport anymore. Or go to a music festival just for the music. Next time I go out for a meal I half expect the waitress to say something like "and would you like to donate all your food to the Ukraine?" -or- "Please fill out our survey on how you intend to vote at the next election"! It's like they realised they couldn't get to a certain percentage of the population to divide and conquer, that had no interest in their bullshit propaganda (that don't watch 24 hour news channels, don't worry about what some tosser PM is saying, don't bother with the sham of voting etc), so decided to infiltrate the stuff that they are interested in instead.
  8. Anything with the letters "GB" or using the flag is part of the Establishment. It's a televised version of the Daily Mail. Got to whip up some "controversy" in the name of patriotism! It's the MSM operating in its most extreme form. 24 hour news channels are by far the worst thing on television, even worse than ITV's output of Simon Cowell inspired insipidness. They keep repeating the same BS over and over, ad nauseum.
  9. You must of watched a different video, I remember quite clearly hearing them say those things in it. And you really think that they would be able to keep extra land a secret? And how exactly does the sun and moon work in your infinite flat earth model?
  10. So you are assuming ALL technology is from space aliens.... That's as stupid as assuming EVERYTHING is a conspiracy. It seems that you are the one whose eyes aren't open enough.
  11. My point was they didn't start off as military endeavours. My point in all previous posts has been that military tech isn't always in the lead/driving force behind something.
  12. Dear oh dear, some of you get so defensive when someone doesn't agree with your particular line of thinking. I don't follow mainstream media either. Thinking EVERYTHING must be a conspiracy and linking completely unrelated people, events and organisations says more about your own state of mind than what goes on in reality. For example just because some logo contains multiple colours doesn't automatically mean it's part of some LGBTQ agenda or whatever else it was that you were implying in a previous post. I can quite easily tell by a simple google search that some of your assumptions are erroneous.
  13. You smoking that bong again? Lol What is the connection between Alan Parsons and the Nasa/Jet Propulsion Laboratory? Same country? One is an English musical engineer the other is a US research facility.
  14. This may sound odd coming from someone on a conspiracy theory forum -but not everything is a conspiracy! You can have coincidences. By the way: Apple was founded in 1976, the rainbow flag first appeared in 1978.
  15. Indeed, but it didn't necessarily start off as a military endeavour, peaceful civilian companies have an interest in advancing technology too. There are many peaceful scientists throughout history who's work was later hijacked by the military.
  16. Boeing and Lockheed are a completely different kettle of fish! They are definitely intertwined with the military, they make aircraft. You are comparing apples with oranges!
  17. You do not find this document suspect? Deliberately ambiguous terminology, why would anyone write a report like this, it makes no sense. I suspect it's fake to suck people in to make donations.
  18. No. I hate to shatter your illusion. They are independent civilian companies. The original founders of Apple were hippies. The company name was inspired by The Beatles.
  19. An obscure website with fake quotes and asks for donations is your proof of the craft? You'll have to try harder than that lol You do realise the R&D budgets of civilian tech giants like Google and Apple are bigger than a lot of countries military budgets....? Military tech isn't the "be all and end all" it once was.
  20. Where is your proof of such craft? I honestly cannot believe something on such a scale could stay covered up for such a long period!
  21. "Back engineered" from what? Alien spaceships? Please provide proof of the "mass/inertia cancelling" craft....
  22. The current "proxy" wars the west are getting involved in of late i would say don't advance tech that much, the west aren't in any danger of invasion, they are basically using cruise missiles against tents in the desert. Although it does ensure great profiteering for the weapons industry! WW2 created two massive leaps in technology, arguably some of the biggest mankind has even seen: jet propulsion and atomic energy. You aren't seeing those massive leaps lately on the military side but there has been massive leaps in civilian tech, the smartphones for example, and Artificial Intelligence. There's is a lot of tech filtering out from the likes of Formula One motor racing too. I don't agree that military tech always advances at a greater pace than the rest.
  23. Well - what do you know.... 1941 and 1945. Operation Paperclip, US collaboration with captured Nazi scientists and experimental aircraft. Kind of proves my point that the only time they advance military tech significantly is during times of war under the threat of invasion! Although that exact "print out" you are quoting from could easily be a forgery or a piece of propaganda with numbers exaggerated. There was a war on after all
  24. Codswallop. Air forces are still flying around in aircraft first conceived in the 1980s! You are living in fantasy land with this belief that military technology is constantly moving way ahead of civilian technology. It takes years of concepts, designs, bureaucracy, dodging changes in government policy before the green light, then goes through years of testing, by the time it reaches operational service it's already decades out of date. Military tech only advances considerably at times of war when you are against a very powerful foe and faced with invasion. When was the last time that happened? You have to go way back to WW2 for most western countries!
  25. I am not in denial, i have no doubt various powers are at work using tech to control and spy on us. My point was that satellites cannot be moved freely around and that they don't behave in the way that is portrayed in the movies. Even the PTB have budgets and a finite amount of resources, why would they bother with stuff miles up in space when there are far more reliable and advanced tech already on the planet's surface!!! Maybe you are the ones in denial because the very tech you are using to post on this forum (i.e., the internet, computers and smartphones) are making it easier for everyone to be spied on! We are all enabling their spying and we do so willingly.
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