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  1. Government figures that people on here were so quick to dismiss during covid?!? People suddenly put trust in the MSM/ONS when it suits their world view?
  2. I have just these words to counter that: it's from the Daily Mail!
  3. You do realise just as many people leave the UK as well as come here? Migration isn't just a one way street. It is hardly ever mentioned by the likes of the MSM, I wonder why that is.... . Even on this very forum it's hardly ever mentioned!
  4. There are people in other parts of the UK that want independence from Westminster. We get fed up of the uneven distribution of resources and London centric diktats. You can shove the UK monarchy and House of Lords where the sun don't shine.
  5. I agree, Brexit is a complete sham, funny how it coincided with the EU's crackdown on tax havens. There are many of those linked to Britain.
  6. I agree with you on this point, it's the people already in charge that are the cause to most of our problems and it's those that we should be most concerned about. However I don't agree we your side of the argument about immigration, I believe blaming stuff on them is fed to us by the establishment so they can further divide and control us!
  7. I take it you were lucky enough to obtain a mortgage and afford to buy your own home, probably down south in a nice middle class area alongside other private home owners? Renting is becoming the norm in a lot of places as more and more housing is bought up and banks are reluctant to give people mortgages without massive deposits made on properties. "Market forces" make everything nice and equal don't they?
  8. Housing prices would still be going up without immigration. Wealthy people are to blame for it not immigrants, they are the ones buying up multiple properties to rent out at extortionate prices, creating a shortage of affordable housing for people who just want to buy their first home. You are quoting from the Daily Mail, a rag that prints out propaganda for the elites, they want to keep everyone divided so ordinary people are blind to those in power who are shafting everyone.
  9. I kind of got the impression from the lyrics that it was about wanting to walk in the park without getting harassed (probably by men). But then she dresses like that. Yeah, probably some feminist shit.
  10. Yes, either that or Russia invades without the deterrent It would put pressure on England to rejoin being surrounded on multiple fronts by the EU.
  11. I think you'd be better off asking the blokes in the front row, they probably had an excellent view up that dress. Her name is Amy Taylor, I think she is definitely a legitimate female, just heavy make up and bad hair.
  12. If that is true... It could just be British MSM propaganda at a time when the Russians are being portrayed as the bad guys. Countries like Sweden never felt the need to join before and got on perfectly fine without them.
  13. Surely they would be subsidised by the EU instead, and that is probably their reasoning for rejoining it.
  14. If i were Scottish i would vote for independence, although it has always struck me as odd that the first thing the SNP would do is join the EU. Doesn't seem very independent to me! Just swapping one load of wankers for another. I relish Scotland's opportunity to stick two fingers up to London. I wish were I lived in the Midlands we could vote for independence too!
  15. It could be. Regarding Faslane, Wee Jimmy Cranky has made noises in the past saying she doesn't want an independent Scotland to play any part in Britain's nuclear deterrent.
  16. The casualty/dead numbers he is using are wrong.... The first responders are estimating 30 casualties, he claims they should be saying 50. It was probably blatantly obvious the 20 dead people were dead at first sight considering a bomb had gone off - they were probably reduced to body parts scattered across the area, hence no photos would be published of them. They would only be indentifiable and their number confirmed after forensic examination. A dead person (or a still alive but fatally wounded one) wouldn't be counted as a casualty when first responders are reporting on an immediate situation and calling for help, as their priority is dealing with the injured who can be treated. Professionally trained people don't use the term casualty to describe a fatality anyway.
  17. I had a strange experience once when i was a child, I remember having this nightmare where I was lying down surrounded by "beings", they were cloaked/hooded with pale/greyish faces. Suddenly i felt a sharp pain in my foot which woke me up. My foot was still hurting and when I examined it there was a strange circular indentation on it. That mark was there for weeks and I even remember showing my parents it and they could not understand what it was. I still remember it clearly and used to wonder if i was abducted or had some strange multi-dimensional experience. I used to see orbs a lot as a child too and always felt like i was being "watched over". I actually miss the orbs and that feeling, I don't seem to get them now.
  18. Isn't he dead? He was a great comedian and very truthful.
  19. Fuck Ukraine, back to the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah band.... Big hello to big John Wayne, xylophone And Robert Morley, guitar Billy Butlin, spoons And looking very relaxed, Adolf Hitler on vibes... nice Princess Anne on sousaphone... mmm Introducing Liberace, clarinet With Garner "Ted" Armstrong on vocals Lord Snooty and his pals, tap dancing In the groove with Harold Wilson, violin And Franklin McCormack on harmonica Over there, Eric Clapton, ukulele... hi, Eric On my left Sir Kenneth Clark, bass sax... a great honour, sir And specially flown in for us, a session's gorilla on vox humana Nice to see Incredible Shrinking Man on euphonium Drop out with Peter Scott on duck call Hearing from you later Casanova, on horn... yeah! Digging General de Gaulle on accordion... really wild, General! Thank you, sir Roy Rogers on Trigger! That's all from this weeks Jazz Club.... Great!
  20. In was wondering what the forum members views were on this.... Wee Jimmy Cranky is trying to get another referendum through.... Will it happen? If the result is yes, (i say result, we know voting is BS) do you think it would be a good thing? Personally I would love to see an upset to the status quo, and would love to be rid of that hideous flag for a start (that was everywhere during the jubilee). Is it part of some WEF agenda anyway? What happens to the nuke subs at Faslane? My hunch is that they are already preparing their move to South Wales....
  21. See how long it is before she winds up dead....
  22. Pity they aren't stitching his gob shut.
  23. I wonder how they could possibly have enforced such a directive though, surely it would be very easy to secretly collect rain water for your own consumption. As for the Nestlé CEO, fuck him, their chocolate is shit anyway and so is their coffee. Makes it very easy not to buy their products!
  24. I think you might have a point after watching some of their music videos on YouTube!
  25. I think it's about time they realised: we are only interested in a musician's music, watching an actor playing a role and watching a sportsman's talent at their game. If they want to preach their politics then they should become politicians. I enjoy jetting off on holiday but I wouldn't dare to assume the pilot would want to hear my opinion on how he should be flying the plane!
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