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  1. They probably were dug up before the 1600s but people probably just thought they were animal bones and probably turned them into tools, jewellery or parts of their houses. They wouldn't of known the significance of what they had found. It's because how science has developed we are able examine them, date them, and tell that they aren't from currently living creatures. Again the absurdity of your type of reasoning shows itself similar to those that believe in a flat earth, it must be one big conspiracy started over the last few centuries involving millions of people all lying about the exact same thing. I think people like you use cognitive dissonance / ignorance with subjects so it doesn't contradict what you read and or your ancient belief system. And the crux of it all is, these beliefs are butting up against modern day society: your belief system tells you things like only men and women should be together, and everything else is an abomination.
  2. Most men I know who are bisexual actually want to keep it a secret, especially from their wives!
  3. I think you are misunderstanding my point which is someone's failure of logic when they dismiss modern day science over something written centuries ago. Shall I point out some of the obviously incorrect stuff in the bible...? Let's start with the first book shall we? Genesis, the world was created in six days, no mention of the dinosaurs existing several million years before man even began to walk upright! Pretty big flaw wouldn't you say? It's as if it was written by people with a lack of knowledge of the world around them or maybe deliberately suppressing that knowledge in other people? No need to read anything further really is there?
  4. I don't think they bother with a flag for that, Audi drivers tend to run people over more often.
  5. I am not watching anymore of your stupid videos. Yes water causes pressure, but in the vastness of outer space that pressure would be very negligible wouldn't it! There's no such thing as the "firmament", it even sounds made up.
  6. Well he talks complete crap in beginning of that video, making out you can't have water in a vacuum. A vacuum doesn't mean empty space, it means there is no air pressure. Then there's the bollocks toward the end about the moon being a hologram. I bet those suckers in the audience paid to listen to this rubbish!
  7. Some asexuals have been found out to be sexually repressed paedophiles, although not all of them
  8. Oh he wants you to buy his books, there's a surprise!
  9. "Alexa logic" = calls NASA and scientists the world over liars but believes the bible, a series of multiple books written hundreds of years ago, that has been rewritten, translated and interpreted thousands of times and often misquoted by manipulative powerful people for centuries!
  10. Who the hell is that bloke? They are completely misquoting stuff. You are putting your faith in the words of unqualified people.
  11. It's not that one, that's the "volvo driver has run over a bishop on the zebra crossing" flag.
  12. There are people by me who literally get in their car to drive to the corner shop, they only live in the next street (even with fuel prices increasing)! By the time they've faffed about getting their keys then driving off then parking up (only to do the reverse again after) i have already walked it there and back! Some people are that lazy and/or that stupid. They are always buying other items that are heavily taxed too: cigarettes and alcohol!
  13. Asexual means someone who isn't attracted to either sex, they don't get sexually aroused by others. It has nothing to do with their anatomy or how they choose to dress and is a scientific term that has been used for years.
  14. I wouldn't bother with Alexa, i think she just likes to troll, she believes in "God's Word", the bible, and other archaic nonsense like the earth is flat. She probably also believes in fairies at the bottom of the garden (although obviously not gay ones)!
  15. What exactly is that picture supposed to represent?
  16. Speed has never killed anyone, it's the sudden stop that does!
  17. That video is supposed to prove your powerful telescope statement? A ship in the middle of the ocean sitting on the terminator between day and night? It actually proves the earth is a globe if everything!
  18. You are telling me that every single person at NASA is a liar? That is in itself is completely absurd, never mind a flat earth. Wouldn't rival space agencies be trying to expose them? But then you would say "they are all in on it", so it literally runs into hundreds of thousands of people all lying about the same thing? You're on another planet.
  19. I know what i heard and what they were implying by it. Explain how the the sun and moon work in your infinite flat earth, you can't. I am not going to waste my time arguing over the finer points of some stupid video. I didn't need to watch it all in order to tell it's complete crap, i have better things to do with my time. I am also not interested in arguing with someone who believes the earth is flat, I might as well bang my head against a wall.
  20. Whether it's immigration or not, it's those in charge that are to blame for lack of affordable housing. They don't give a shit about working class people struggling, the MPs are okay, they have multiple properties. The establishment of the UK needs bringing down, fast.
  21. And the reason you aren't able to get on the property ladder isn't because of immigrants, it's corporations and rich individuals buying up all the properties. Builders (some of them are the same corporations) are also charging a fortune for a new home too. The system favours the rich, like everything else and they don't want you to see that, they want you to blame immigrants or your fellow working class.
  22. Again I think that's because they are being held back by outdated traditional views, much the same as a lot of "British" people are. I believe the way forward is to move away from old fashioned ways of thinking and be more open-minded, everyone needs to do it though.
  23. But what exactly is being "British"? Isn't Britain itself an amalgamation of different cultures and made up of four different countries each with their own identities? I personally don't feel any connection to it. I feel our little island is rather backward, we still have outdated institutions like the monarchy. There is a concerted effort to keep everything the same (like the MSM's recent shovelling of the jubilee in our faces) rather than embrace change - that is my view. I suspect the actual truth is somewhere in between our views!
  24. No, I really don't believe that, I think it's in your head, you are the one (and not the only one) that has been manipulated by consecutive conservative governments, right leaning media, anti foreigner anti europe hysteria and your own deep rooted fears of people that are different. I enjoy meeting people of different cultures, beliefs and ideas, i learn a lot from them, and some of them are the nicest people i have ever met.
  25. More terror attacks? From mass immigration.... Really? Are you sure about that? Thought there was a lot more trouble from the IRA during the 1960s to 80s!
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