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  1. What happens when we run out of letters in the alphabet? there's only 26 after all... will the alphabet be accused of being non inclusive?
  2. Just goes to show all the countries are in on the charade. Our freedoms are an illusion. She never carries money either. Imagine that, spending your whole life and never having to carry any money around whatsoever or even worry about it.
  3. The name Sunak sounds like he should be a pointy eared Star Trek character, not Prime Minister of the British dictatorship.
  4. Best thing to do is just play on the old consoles (the games were better anyway), run an old OS on your computer and never connect it to the internet!
  5. How anyone drives with that switched on I don't know, it's really annoying and surely it puts more wear and tear on your car, drains the battery and even probably uses up more fuel not less. I hear them switching on and off at traffic lights all the time, their engine is literally off for just a few seconds sometimes, and by the time some people pull off anyway the lights are back on red!!!
  6. It always amazes me the amount of people that actually believe we live in a democracy.... When I point out to them we don't... (i.e, unelected head of state, unelected second chamber of parliament, no true separation of executive and legislative power, unable to select the PM directly....) They always seem to have an "oh yeah...." moment! It's like a light bulb suddenly lit up in their head briefly.
  7. Prefer it to Ready For Rishi!!!! It's like a U.S. presidential election with the gimmicks, yet ordinary people don't have a say, it's completely absurd!
  8. I would take it a stage further and say most people vote for the party and it's leader at the time of the general election. They certainly don't vote based on whomever their local candidate is, which is what they are actually voting for! How many people even know who their local MP is?
  9. Why people buy overrated German cars in the first place is beyond me. BMW are just further taking advantage of the suckers who buy their cars!
  10. The British Establishment already has its mark on the phonebox, the crown on the top!
  11. I would be tempted to rip it all out and put Russian flags inside
  12. Number 10 is actually the perfect symbol for Britain's "democracy".... It's a fake terraced house. Even the letterbox isn't real.
  13. No way, doing that will just ensure everyone and everything in your house cooks evenly, like jacket potatoes!
  14. The meme is incorrect about the word's origin. The word government is from the Greek verb κυβερνάω [kubernáo] which means to steer. It still has the same meaning though, which is to control!
  15. And that Toucan Hat guy as well, I think he is also ex military. The one with the weirder name than Savage Jabhead!
  16. She should have no problem getting at least half of the male votes.
  17. The real conspiracy is people like David Icke want to sell books and make money out of gullible people. They play on people's fears and create conspiracies to make them feel better about the chaotic unpredictable world we live in. Religion offers this safe zone for people too. Now I will get people saying why the fuck am I on a conspiracy site? I do believe in some conspiracies, particularly those involving members of the establishment. I also believe the MSM should be exposed for their blatant exaggeration of events and their hypocrisy. To deny science over conspiracies though I believe is rather foolish, and I will expose this too.
  18. It you're pathetic. Not your pathetic. You need to go back to school.
  19. I heard it from a bloke down the pub that the bloke who you know who told you he coordinates occult activity is full of shit.
  20. More than likely... You can't have the conservative party - the party of big business, being blamed for fucking the economy up!
  21. No way. Even the elites know UK engaging with Russia directly would result in Nuclear Armageddon, that isn't even in their interests. There wouldn't be anyone left for them to enslave. What you are seeing is just the typical bullshit in Westminster and the MSM going all hysterical over it as usual. You never noticed how every few years the force a PM out? What changes after? Nothing. You just get another dickhead - another puppet on a string.
  22. It makes no difference really does it? He will just be replaced by another dickhead like Savage Jabhead. All this charade shows is what deceitful snakes politicians are, and we shouldn't trust any of them. How many PMs now have suffered the exact same fate? Not removed by the ordinary people that "vote" but by the backstabbers in their own stupid ideological parties. I've noticed how the MSM are all over it like a bad rash, they are loving this bullshit, it's right up their street with their stupid live broadcasts outside the fake terraced house!
  23. You call yourself a "truther" but when someone points it out you claim you have been insulted. I say "people like you" because you all behave in the exact same way. Their is nothing to debate between using fairytales to explain stuff or using actual scientific facts.
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