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  1. 2 hours ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

    Course I'm aware of the Bull's significance to Brum, but that doesn't mean they have to turn the opening ceremony into a full-on symbolic shitshow.


    All Seeing Eyes, tower of babel, all the other crap. 


    Nah just another day at the shopping centre.

    I think you are making it out to be more complex than it actually is.  I don't see "all seeing eyes" and the "tower of babel".  You can probably turn absolutely everything in the world into something that "must be some sort of symbol".... A tree or a cloud that just happens to form a certain shape for example.

  2. 42 minutes ago, Grumpy Owl said:

    Fact: my mum once told me about the time she saw him spitting on people out the window from the top deck of the 74 bus going to West Bromwich.

    I can very much believe that of him, he has always struck me as being a complete wanker. 


    I know that bus route you are on about, though I use the number 79!

  3. You lot do realise their is an historical connection between bulls and Birmingham?


    You never apply "Occam's Razor" to anything?


    Sometimes the simplest answer to something is the truth not an overly complicated one.


    I really don't understand this obsession with connecting unrelated things via "symbolism".... If the PTB are as powerful as we believe and can do whatever they want why would they waste their time leaving trails of breadcrumbs that "hint" at their existence?


    I do agree however that there was a lot of political virtue signalling going on such as the LGTBQ flags etc.  Surely the only flags that need to be there are the ones representing the nations that make up the commonwealth!

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  4. 51 minutes ago, Itsjaybigjay said:

    Sounds like you are on board with it all then?

    To be honest with you, although I am a private car owner, I would be glad to see a viable alternative to having one.  I would give mine up in a heartbeat if i thought it was practical. The spiralling cost of running one is a factor but I also live in a built up area where there are far too many cars about, i am often stuck in traffic jams and struggling to find a parking space etc.  When i go for a walk i often think to myself wouldn't it be great if all these cars weren't constantly rushing by me, it would be so much peaceful and far safer.  There's been many a time when i have struggled to cross a road because the sheer volume of traffic or even simply walking on the pavement i have been nearly run over by self-entitled car drivers who haven't even got the time to slow down slightly to allow you to safely walk across a junction that's intersecting the pavement. You also have whole streets were car drivers think they have a right to park on the pavement,  making it harder as a pedestrian but also ruins the look of what would be a nice street. Like I say a good majority of the time these cars just sit there parked up not even being used.  Something needs to give.

  5. 2 hours ago, Macnamara said:




    there is not enough cobalt and other required resources to replace all the fossil fuel cars


    This means that either the cabal intend for humanity to somehow use less cars or it means they expect there to be a lot less humans around soon; or a combination of the two. If people lose their jobs and are replaced due to automation then they won't need so many cars. Instead they will be given virtual reality headsets so that they can enter the metaverse.

    I believe the idea is that as automation and AI increases (to make industry and services more efficient, generating higher taxable profits of companies) there will be less jobs around, this is were Universal Credit comes in.  People will be payed that instead of going out to earn a living.


    If you think about it with the cars, if no one owns them and they are just part of a system of "being used on demand", there isn't as many cars required, less traffic on the roads (it automatically creates car sharing etc) and it also solves the problem of not having enough charging points.  You would also be able to free up massive areas of land as there would be no need for car parks and driveways, probably less roads required too as the AI would always be taking the most efficient routes.


    How long does the average private car just sit parked up somewhere?  Probably most of the time.  "Cars on demand" would be constantly in use or charging.

  6. An aircraft's autopilot just maintains altitude, heading and speed set by the pilot.  It can never be used to take off, steer and land an aircraft by itself.  The closest thing a road vehicle has to this is cruise control, I don't know much about the Tesla, but i suspect it's autopilot setting is a slightly more sophisticated version of this, it still requires alertness and some input from the driver.

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  7. The "self-driving" electric car i believe is their ultimate goal.  No one will own their own car.  You'll basically have an app on your smartphone (or your electronic implants by then) that will "hail" a nearby car that isn't currently on another journey, it will pick you up and drop you off at your destination (maybe even picking up other occupants that are going to the same place along the way), then move on to it's next job (unless it needs to go and charge up for a bit)!  This is the future.  The Uber taxi system is the prelude to this, they just need to replace the cars with electric ones and the drivers with AI.

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  8. 25 minutes ago, Covidiot said:




    I was dumbfounded at this as well. It truely is just theatre for the masses. An utter joke and most can't seem to see it.

    Strange isn't it?  The candidates even have placards and slogans as if it was a U.S. Presidential election, yet unlike that, we don't have a say (unless we all become Conservative Party members) is that what they want?  Everyone under one party?  The subtle dictatorship is slowly becoming a more blatant one and still people can't see the wood for the trees!

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  9. Democracy has never existed in the UK.  The clue is in the country's name!  We are just fed an illusion of democracy by our so called "free press" and Mainstream Media.....


    1) Unelected Head of State (the Monarch).


    2) Prime Minister selected by party members not the general population.


    3)  No true seperation of Executive and Legislative power (the Government is made up of Ministers who vote on their own Laws within Parliament).


    4) An entirely unelected second chamber of Parliament (the House of Lords).


    5) Constitutional boundaries that are redrawn to suit whomever is in power.


    6)  "First Past The Post" voting system that means one party gets to form a government despite the majority of people not voting for them.




    A good two thirds of the British system is entirely unelected and those that are rarely win the majority of votes!  Then add to that the media manipulation of the general population into voting in a certain way.  It's definitely not a democracy, but a very subtle dictatorship.


    What makes me laugh is that they are now televising the conservative leader candidate debates..... Why?  The general populace has no say in who becomes their leader.... It's all about creating this illusion of choice!



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  10. On 7/20/2022 at 12:02 PM, EnigmaticWorld said:


    People still leave carts with a £1 in though. I think the point is that we would have a bigger issue than being charged a deposit for carts if nobody returned them, as we would know that society is full of selfish uncivilized reprobates, and that would obviously have bigger implications than just buying groceries.

    I know people that make little plastic disks that fit in those holes so they never have to worry about having a £1 coin on them or even worry about returning the trolley!

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