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  1. I have to admit, that bit actually made me cry, even though i have always been anti-monarchist. Also what struck me was the removal of the "symbols of state" from the coffin, to me it's that point that really hits home that she is no longer the Queen, it's gone fall circle, the nation saw those things given to her 70 years ago, then taken away. It is very powerful stuff and you can see how it manipulates everyone.
  2. The death of someone they have never met is more significant than the birth of their own kids? What a complete fuckwit. It's going to be embarrassing for her when her kids grow up and realise the significance of what she had said.
  3. Whatever happened to that "dress respectfully" rule? The guy looks like he's come out in his underwear.
  4. Indeed, the timing of her death has fallen very convenient for the Establishment, the ultimate distraction from the rising cost of living and the appointment of a Prime Minister nobody wants. Also the place of her death allowed Scotland to say farewell, perfect to counter anti-monarchy and anti-union sentiment that was growing. The one-sided media then milk her death by constantly reinforcing the notion that the monarchy is good for the country and show images of the zombies queuing up to see a coffin, look how supportive people are of our institution, and how a death of our Monarch upsets people! They brainwashed everyone with Islamic terrorists, Covid, Ukraine and now this, what's next?
  5. You know, once she is buried we still won't hear the last of this, not for a long time, they need to distract us from them doing fuck all about the rising cost of living.
  6. Surely it's a form of child abuse? And they were doing it on a school day, are they going to be fined? I doubt it, but take you kids on a holiday abroad away from this madness and they'd soon pounce.
  7. Not just any Christians, only Roman Catholics are supposed to draw a cross on themselves.... Don't they realise they are doing it in front of a Protestant Queen? The irony! Centuries ago those guards would have marched them off to be beheaded!
  8. They could easily have done this, i can just imagine those in the queue saying to the reporters "isn't it great that they are giving us boosters while we wait to see the queen, they are really looking out for us and it saves us queing twice!"
  9. There was a police officer doing this salute when Charles, Andrew, Anne and Edward appeared in the hall to start their latest stand around the coffin ritual. It was only on the TV briefly, but they were definitely covering one eye, it's like the traditional salute has been altered slightly so the hand is covering the eye more.
  10. They are definitely zombie like, they watch it other, they watch the ones in front to see what they do at the coffin, then they do exactly the same thing. They are in a trance. There's a camera angle you see less often that contains a gallery of people standing there, allowed to be there longer than the queue plebs. The queue plebs don't react to that double standard. I should imagine there's behaviour analysts having a field day with what's going on by studying these freaks. The way the guardsman move and their footsteps reminds me of the old Commodore Amiga game of Battle Chess!!!!
  11. I hate my fellow countrymen sometimes It will make them even more obvious when they are on their holidays abroad that they're are English, as if their other sunburnt tattoos, playing bingo and drinking lager round the pool wasn't enough.
  12. I remember seeing a sign saying "dress respectfully" but they all turned up in everyday clothes, spotted a few in face nappies too, just imagine how long the queue would have been if they were still doing 2 metres apart! I can just imagine the reviews on TripAdvisor, "no respect for covid rules but seeing Her Majesty was worth it, 4 out of 5 stars!"
  13. I must admit i have watched it a few times, not to see the coffin, but to stare at the freaks that have queued for hours just to see something for a few seconds!
  14. Sounds like complete bollocks. They are the PM of the whole of the UK, makes no difference if it's England or Scotland (or in fact any form of British Territory). How do you think it would work if the country was invaded and they had to form a "government in exile"? They could probably even do it at sea as long as it was onboard a British ship and all the protagonists needed where there i.e, the Monarch and the incumbent PM!
  15. There's no way any monarch of the UK will ever abdicate since the embarrassment of what happened with King Edward VIII (i am sure the once i actually saw a documentary with the Queen herself mentioning it, or i could be wrong). His abdication caused a lot of damage for them and I believe it formed a common consensus amongst the Establishment and the Royals themselves on a personal level that "it must never happen again". The Queen herself was evidence of this, literally carrying on right up until the last moment. In other countries they step down after a certain age or ill health and it's considered normal, both the Netherlands and Spain are good examples of this.
  16. A further correction... Saxe-Coburg und Gotha!
  17. I really don't get the logic in helping Ukraine. They blame the Russian "invasion" on causing all the prices to go up, yet by supplying arms etc to Ukraine they are prolonging the war. It really makes no sense. Same as them not taxing the energy companies yet doing the "loan" bullshit instead. I fucking hate the people that run this country,all their actions seem to be solely about screwing the ordinary person over.
  18. He's fake, he jumps on the populist bandwagon whenever it suits and makes out he's just an ordinary bloke down the pub. He was working as a Euro MEP even though he was "against it" taking their salary in the process.
  19. Have you watched the two documentaries Theroux made about Saville? I think he was genuinely trying to get more information from him about the rumours to the point in one of those documentaries (the first one I believe) Saville actually made a veiled threat toward the documentary maker. It's obvious Saville knew some powerful people that prevented any prosecution of him whilst he was alive.
  20. I hope so. And may the next Labour one be their last.
  21. I keep my TV switched off most of the time, I only watch very specific things i am interested in, usually stuff that will make me laugh or something fun like music channels that play retro music that i can sing / dance along too (always remind me of happier times when people were less aggressive / agenda driven, even music "artists" preach too much these days). I always avoid the news as much as possible, i refuse them trying to brainwash me. Unfortunately there are times like at at work when people switch the shit on and sit there being zapped by it. There's always those unavoidable waiting areas (like at the doctors, hospitals and airports) that always have TVs on that show the news.... Never anything else! It's like you must sit there and be programmed while you wait, during covid all the spaced out chairs were always facing the TV, none facing away!
  22. I have always been a quiet person, always more of a listener than a speaker myself, i have realised over the years there's a certain way some people speak, the words they choose to use, their tone of voice, their mannerisms etc.... I can quite easily spot nowadays who the manipulative people are, I see a lot of predatory types about, also see the opposite, those that could easily be led. What I am definitely seeing now is the live on the scene news reporters and special segment presenters have taken it to a whole new level, they are constantly talking at me or trying to convince me of a certain way i should be viewing the world, to me they shouldn't be doing this, all they should be telling me is the bare facts and allowing me to make up my own point of view. I have realised that they are doing this, sadly a lot of people haven't and will shout back at their tv screens exactly like in 1984!
  23. There's a YouTube channel called "Black Belt Barrister" his channel is quite useful sometimes as he discusses and gives people advice on legal matters and how to deal with the police. But the way he speaks is very noticeable, you can tell he has a very distinctive way of speaking, his voice is very robotic sounding even more so than the newsreaders, it's like he is still in "courtroom mode" when speaking at the camera.
  24. I am glad it's not just me that's hearing and seeing the difference, something has definitely changed in the way news is presented.
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