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  1. The ones blocking the streets, sitting in the road in front of cars…. Perfect height for them to receive a swift kick to the head….. just saying…. I am surprised it hasn’t happened yet.
  2. While we can all agree the whole political system is bollocks and undemocratic, today’s political class a bunch of self serving wankers, at least a Labour government created the NHS…. But could someone please tell me what The Conservatives have ever done for ordinary working class people….? I cannot think of a single thing.
  3. Nigel Farage to me is a bit of a hypocrite, he just jumps on whatever is popular, he himself used to be a banker trading commodities in the City of London!
  4. Members of the public: “No one has voted for Rishi Sunak to be PM.” BBC presenter: “yes, but the market’s have stabilised” Other political parties : “it’s the conservatives that have created all this mess” BBC: “ yes but Rishi will unite the party” You can see the narratives being pushed already! Obviously all that matters is the markets and the state of the tories so they can stay in power, they don’t give a shit about ordinary folk.
  5. Indeed, a complete contrast to how they treated Truss, even though she was shit, I couldn’t help but notice every single image they used of her made her look like Chucky, it was constant negativity, Sunak’s negatives are brushed aside. The only reason the conservatives got such a big majority last time was because of Boris and his promises of delivering Brexit. It’s going to bite these Tory wankers hard on the ass in the next election!
  6. Not that it matters much, but it’s Channel 4 (“not BBC channel 4”), why does the Twitter dipstick make this mistake, he probably doesn’t live in the UK or is as thick as shit) like most anonymous trolls stirring it up on Twitter. As for the tranny stripping naked… well it’s Channel 4!!!!!
  7. I do sometimes wonder this, my reasoning has always been that our “leaders” can’t be so incompetent, that they are deliberately fucking things up or there’s others secretly pulling the strings and telling them to make the decisions working on some behind the scenes global agenda such as the “great reset” … …But I am beginning to think maybe that it is just a case that they really are this shit! Is Liz Truss on some sort of medication? See seems like she’s on another planet even more than the other out of touch wankers. She really believes she will “lead the conservatives into the next election”. She will be gone by the end of the week.
  8. I am guessing you can’t see the wood for them?
  9. That’s an excellent observation…. I must remember it!
  10. I was in Birmingham city centre the other day (more specifically walking up New Street, a group of Iranians were protesting about mistreatment of women there but also about the BBC here… but I couldn’t help thinking why are you protesting in this specific spot? No where near the BBC or Iran! The men also made me feel quite uncomfortable as the stared at me as I walked past, ironic considering what they were protesting about! Why do people protest in this country about what happens in others that we have no control over? What exactly are they going to achieve? It seems to be happening more and more lately, the bending of the knee stuff that spread is part of it too.
  11. I know about the Coat of Arms and the Garter stuff (manly knights used to be into a bit of cross dressing Shame on anyone who thinks I’ll of it!)…. It was more specifically it appearing on the red flag in the background, I had never seen it in that set-up before and used in a public announcement.
  12. He reminds me of Tony Blair, so maybe he does have a brother after all!
  13. That’s a good picture of it, so it is normally used seeing as though Rishi Sunak is all casual in front of it…. strange how it’s now appearing on official announcements in the background now though, never noticed it before!
  14. It’s definitely Jeremy that’s the cunt.
  15. Yes that’s it, why is it now on a red flag behind the Chancellor, they have never done that before. The Coat of Arms is supposed to be the property of the King, various government departments use it on the King’s behalf, but it has never been displayed on a flag like that as far as I know and would of thought it was against convention/protocol? Funny how it is suddenly making an appearance now at a time when the Monarch changes and the PM has been sidelined.
  16. The latest statement by Jeremy Cunt (who as obviously usurped the Prime Minister has the country’s “leader”) shows him sitting in front of a new flag that I have never seen before, to the right of the union flag there appears to be the coat of arms on a red background… anyone else spotted this and what is the significance of it? I have never seen it used before. Yet another odd thing that has happened since the queen croaked it!
  17. I don’t believe the truck bomb theory that the msm is putting out, that explosion was massive enough to severely damage the bridge, enough to make it collapse, which are naturally very strong “over engineered” structures. I think a military grade weapon was used, perhaps a missile. There were some reports of “two explosions” maybe two missiles were used one was intended to take the rail bridge out too but it was off target.
  18. Exactly… it’s all too convenient. It’s easy for the government in this country to blame everything on Russia at the moment. The energy crises has nothing to do with a past conservative government privatising the industry so it’s all profit driven rather than money spent on infrastructure, apparently it’s all Putin’s fault!
  19. There isn’t going to be any nuclear war. Stop believing the fear porn. They have to portray Russia as the bad guys because the west wants to control Ukraine just as much as Russia does, hence their support of that pro-EU Zelenski bloke.
  20. Let’s all deliberately switch everything on at peak time. Fuck em. I am planning on making lots of cups of tea whilst watching my washing machine.
  21. Have you seen the crap that they get those stick thin supermodels wearing on the catwalk? Hardly practical everyday wear for us is it? I am not a follower of fashion, I wear what I feel comfortable in (it’s what most of us women do), I would never take clothing advice from any man - gay or straight!
  22. Sorry but to me it looks like a light caught through the window with some lens flare or light being reflected from across the street, I see no “nuke image” at all.
  23. They are getting more and more blatant at fucking everyone over and completely wrecking the country. What exactly is it going to take for people to bring our shit government down? Joe Biden is right about one thing - trickle down economics do not work.
  24. Look at the Royal Standard draped over the coffin… the boobs on the harp make an appearance when the coffin is at Windsor, the beginning of the day you never see them, Prince Andrew must have had his way with the flag.
  25. I don't see what the fuss is about with "jumping a queue" in all honesty how many people here have/would take such an opportunity it was for something they really wanted to see/do and had a choice between a 12hour wait or a few minutes? I know which option I would take everytime, but then again maybe i am selfish, I don't share my fellow Brits "love for queuing" as the mass media makes out we have.
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