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  1. They should wear a badge saying "proud to be a moron"
  2. They must just being selling propaganda rags like the daily mail instead of books these days.
  3. I was wondering where my post went lol, i thought it got deleted because i posted somebody's registration plate!
  4. That car actually had two of the stupid things, one on each corner of the rear window, it was only a small car ffs! Proper virtue signalling shit, i bet they still drive the thing wearing a face nappy too.
  5. Well, France does like their revolutions lol, what are they on now.... The FIFTH Republic? I think it was obvious Le Pen was controlled opposition anyway. We all knew it would be Micron again. Why is he called Macron anyway? He is a short arse.
  6. Started seeing these things appearing on the backs of cars now, shows how easily manipulated people are! Might put Russian stickers on the back of mine just to be different. Or one that reads "FUCK UKRAINE, PUTIN 4 PM!"
  7. Rapeseed (canola) is grown pretty much everywhere in the UK, literally every other field is a rapeseed field this time of year, it's easy to spot the crop's bright yellow flowers! If they are trying to say Ukraine effects the supply of it it's complete bullshit.
  8. Keep something covered over the camera and microphone, and act oblivious to it. I am sorry officer, i didn't realise my coat/air freshner/sticker/piece of tape was covering it.
  9. Simple answer is don't buy a new car. Keep you old one going. If and when they stop selling petrol i am surrendering my license anyway... I not buying an expensive electric one (where i have no where to charge the damn thing anyway), even more so if it's spying on me!
  10. Give him more weapons, make the war last longer, sink more ships, piss the russians off even more. Russians aren't going to nuke anyone, they aren't stupid. This zelenski is just desperate to keep people on his side.
  11. If only someone came up with an idea to unite everyone under a single flag - like a red background, white centre and some sort of black cross? - or even better idea - don't have any stupid flags at all.
  12. Omg, never knew they had their own flag!
  13. Don't forget KOCK IN_STI in the Koch Institute...!
  14. But like how Russia has invaded Ukraine initially to protect the ethnic Russians there, the Turks did the same, prior to the invasion Turkish Cypriots were being mistreated by the Greek Cypriots. There are still Turkish Cypriots missing to this day, their families don't know what happened to them. You don't hear that side of the story though has it doesn't fit with western narratives.
  15. The masses would rather hear news on celebrity gossip or watch Coronation Street, they don't give a shit about wars etc because they know we are all powerless to change any of it, people don't want reminding of it, it's depressing, so they choose escapism instead.
  16. C'mon... You know that MP's aren't there to serve their constituents! They only serve their masters, the big corporations and themselves. Actors nowadays are the same as politicians and royalty... There's no difference between any of them, they always quick to jump on to the latest trend, preach to the rest of us, and they are as fake as fuck. But at least pretentious Will Smith's face as replaced slimy Zelensky's for a bit (who also happens to be an actor)!!!!
  17. Is he trying to look like Montgomery Burns?
  18. Whoever ever created that rocket deserves a Blue Peter badge!
  19. It's one of the things that have set alarm bells ringing for me about this "conflict"... we are cutting off our noses off despite our faces, with those "sanctions", plus Russia is now forcing payments to be made in Rubles instead of Dollars/Euros (they must of anticipated this). It's as if the Anti-Russia and Russia are operating on the same side Electric vehicles... Another complete impracticality for me, I can't afford one, don't have a driveway and can't park near my home most of the time. How am I suppose to charge the damn thing? Spend several hours of my little spare time waiting at a supermarket waiting for it to "fill up"? No thanks. It feels like they will end up creating even more levels of a divided society of haves and have nots, it won't just be about money, but your ability to practically be able to do the things you need to do.
  20. I work some Sundays and can't work from home, public transport is completely impractical for me to use due to my works location, how often buses run (especially on Sundays!!!) and the length of my shifts. Will be fun telling my boss I can't get to work, will the "IEA" compensate me for loss of earnings? I doubt it.
  21. Oh god, it's not a World Cup year is it.
  22. That's what I said lol but I suppose who is going to? All the powerful people will be in agreement with him. And you can just imagine that if an ordinary person killed him they would be labelled as a terrorist.
  23. That guy is a bigger threat to the world than Putin.... Why isn't he being stopped?
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