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  1. Cyclists need to have rules enforced on them the same as other road users. They flout certain rules because they know they can get away with it, they are pretty anonymous with no means of identifying them to fine them etc. Cyclists if they are road uses should pay road tax, take out insurance and their bikes should have some sort of registration plate, it's only fair.
  2. I have started to think lately a lot of our problems first started with the Norman conquest, the Domesday book etc, auditing everyone and everything so they could figure out how to much to tax everyone. Also writing laws in Latin so the common folk couldn't understand them. English language changed too from a Germanic one to a bastardised French version, loosing a lot of Saxon and Viking vocabulary and culture in the process.
  3. What does "high alert" mean to the royals though? Get back into the car quicker after making a speech?
  4. But that doesn't necessarily mean they are all switching to electric though, maybe some of them are struggling so much that they have decided to give up on cars all together. How many of the electric car drivers will regret it once they go on a long journey and run out of juice they pull into the services to find no charging points available?
  5. Just look at that picture with those little piggy in-bred eyes peering out toward all their subjects. Vile lot. The MSM will say the jubilee was a success and "popularity in the monarchy couldn't be higher than ever."
  6. Correction - the only thing causing grief and anxiety is the Mainstream Media!!!! They constantly peddle scare stories for the authorities.
  7. I suspect the more expensive station has a higher number of customers and exploiting that most of them don't notice the difference.
  8. What's going on in Wales does seem a bit odd especially when the news article quoted something along the lines of "biggest weapons trace by UK"..... It's not very clear and if it's secret why publicise it?
  9. I think you are reading too much into this, military aircraft etc don't always show depending on whether they have transponders switched on or off and what codes they are squawking, also the same for military shipping... You can't read anything into their locations either, there are going to be concentrations of ships in certain areas from time to time, it's normal, training exercises, coastal patrols, shore leave, ships returning to base for maintenance etc. Don't forget as well US carriers are always part of a larger battle group consisting of various escort vessels, sometimes made up of vessels from other NATO members.
  10. Isn't it strange how there's never a terror attack at these events.... You would think they would go out of their way to strike when members of the establishment are all grouped together, over several days too.
  11. You make a very good point, but a lot of the wars today aren't about us being "conquered", they are purely about furthering the goals of the elite few, shame so many people can't see that, and it's always the poorest that suffer and have to go and do the fighting.
  12. My belief has always been the real reason why ordinary people "go off to war to fight for their country" is because it was a choice of a) go fight and do as you are told, b) get sent to prison and the ridicule, or c) get shot there and then on the spot. So most chose option A! Fuck all to do with the patriotic bullshit they come out with! Back to the thread topic: I don't think anything will happen on that date, Gregorian calendar numbers are meaningless, other parts of the world use different calendars on that day and don't generate the number "666"!
  13. I think they have "lost" something and trying to find it, there's only a small window for them to be able to do so, then it's lost forever.... I am wondering whether they are trying to detect a sub. If the nuclear sub base in Scotland was to be moved (pressure from SNP/Scottish independence), South Wales would probably be it's new location, are NATO trying to see how viable it is for subs to travel in the area undetected.... Or maybe trying to track a Russian one?
  14. Omg you really are infatuated with him.... He has groomed you and you don't even realise it! Mesmerised by his soft voice and looks? How many kids had that same adoration for Sir Jimmy because he could make their dreams come true on Jim'll Fix It? Cliff is either gay or a paedo either way his true self his hidden from the public, you are seeing a false image. A bloke who has had women literally throwing their knickers at him and he has never had a full term relationship with one (apart from some fleeting affair with some bbc tennis presenter a very long time ago). Lives on his own all is life, fucks off abroad when the heat gets turned up on him, threatens to sue everyone, rather like Sir Jimmy don't you think? By the way I don't smoke and don't live on a council estate.
  15. Yes he did. "Love, Paul Gambaccini: My Year Under the Yewtree".
  16. People used to say those exact same words regarding accusations against Jimmy Saville. Let's just wait until after Cliff's death and see what emerges (which won't be long judging by the looks of him) . You do know wolves often hide in sheep's clothing...?
  17. Yes and look who's standing directly behind him, Paul Gambaccini, investigated by "operation yewtree" what are the chances of that.
  18. Yeah it's Noddy from Slade, he is a cool bloke actually, very down to earth, he used to go to a pub by me in Bilston (Wolverhampton) and quietly sit in the corner with his drink listening to the live music that was on (jazz not glam rock lol) I am surprised he is there, probably because he is being paid lol.
  19. I think he is saying "look daddy, none of them are wearing tailored suits to great grandmomma's jubaree party", elder prince goofy replies "it's unconventional to point the symbol of repression at them, use great granpoppa's old hunting rifle instead".
  20. Theres a good documentary on Netflix regarding the Three Mile Island accident (America's version of Chernobyl). The then infant nuclear power industry went to great lengths to suppress what happened there to the point of intimidating whistle blowing employees with death threats. Apparently the clean up operation could have created an even bigger disaster than the accident itself through corner cutting, if it wasn't for the persistence of former employees lobbying their case and ensuring better standards. Amazing how Chernobyl is never far from main stream media coverage, yet America's Three Mile Island and Britain's Windscale accidents are all but forgotten about!
  21. That poem perfectly sums up my thoughts on flags in general. Flags like religion to me are a form of control, they are there to keep people divided. I sometimes wonder though whether I must be the only English person that can't stand the Union Flag... I just don't get it. I think it's hideous, whomever designed it must have been pissed, too much going on and the crosses don't line up properly (I do have an obsession with symmetry though). And what exactly is it supposed to represent? The "United" Kingdom? Half of Scotland wants independence and Wales isn't even represented by it!
  22. I said almost the same thing earlier except i call the flag by another name.
  23. I would say that one thing the royal family excel at is talking complete and utter shite, then i realise they have staff that write all their speeches for them!
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