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  1. I am wondering whether there could be some sort of work around for this.... I was thinking some sort of a hack or using a vpn to avoid the tax, but then you would have to provide your physical address to get stuff delivered....
  2. I am beginning to wonder if this is a flat earth thread.... A satellite requires an orbit (spy or otherwise), there's no argument, it's 1) basic science 2) defined by the words meaning. Any type of object moving around freely is not a satellite. You either can't understand a words meaning, how satellites move in relationship to their parent object or confusing satellites with other technology such as drones.
  3. I am not going to waste my time explaining to you for the umpteenth time that a satellite requires an orbit and cannot move out if it. What do you think the word "satellite" actually means? I will give you a clue: the moon is one. Gravity drive? I want whatever you're smoking, it must be good shit!
  4. Exactly! The thrusters are there for purely orbital corrections, not to drastically alter the position of a satellite. They make similar corrections for the International Space Station. Like i pointed out in previous posts, far easier to spy on people by other means.
  5. Because i understand basic physics and that "satellites" by their very definition must follow an orbit. Otherwise it is not a satellite!
  6. Doesn't matter what thrusters you have you still have to obey the laws of physics, you cannot drastically alter a satellites position, it would fall back to earth or drift off into space. Thrusters are put on satellites to make slight corrections to their position to maintain their orbits not to put them in a completely different location!!!!! Maybe you are confusing satellites with drones?
  7. Omg, I don't know which of those people are the stupidest, "they are keeping it secret because there's more land" and "there's something magical at the north pole because all compasses point there!". "Those highly inaccurate maps from the 1600s must be right!". "The earth isn't spinning because i can't feel it moving!" Dear oh dear......
  8. Elon musk's Starlink satellites are comms satellites, therefore they would be in fixed geostationary orbits. Pretty useless as spy satellites they would only being seeing the same fixed area above earth!!!! Even 30000 of the things would have huge gaps between them that they can't see! The moot point is the very idea of investing so much in spy satellites when there are far more reliable means of spying on the ground!
  9. Military tech is not always 20 to 30 years ahead, it advances quicker when you have a foe that matches your strength, and as you yourself point out, NATO does not currently have a high tech adversary! Technology sometimes stagnates. There is no need to chuck money at advanced spy satellites (which are always restricted by their orbits) when there is far more reliable means of spying closer to earth.
  10. If you are talking about the laws of physics, you would understand that spy satellites follow an orbit, it doesn't matter how advanced the tech is, it still has to obey the laws of physics, the stuff you have seen in films where they move satellites over a specific area to film in real-time is complete and utter fantasy. Drones can do this, not satellites!
  11. I think you have been watching too many movies. Spy satellites are limited by their orbit, their resolution, the time of day/night they pass over an area and the weather conditions they are attempting to spy through. Even the most advanced spy satellites can't photograph through thick storm clouds! There are far more reliable ways of spying on people and it doesn't rely on technology miles up in space!
  12. Sorry but if you believe that then you have no idea how spy satellites actually work. As Grumpy Owl says, everyone who uses a smartphone is already electronically tagged.
  13. Are they actually expecting the Russians to invade somewhere else? Surely it wouldn't be the UK itself as it would mean Russia's destruction in a nuclear strike, but the Scandinavian countries maybe?
  14. Looks like loads of naval vessels are concentrated around the British isles... I wonder why that is?
  15. When i was a teenager i used to see those zig zag things and it was a migraine, always seemed to happen mid week in school of an afternoon, usually when i was stressed out in my german lessons really struggling and a teacher i didn't like. A few years later i had a really bad episode just before a driving lesson (again i was stressed out) it was so bad the whole side of my body went numb and i couldn't walk or speak properly. The driving instructor was pissed off because i had cancelled at the last minute and thought i was making it up. Needless to say i switched instructor, who was much nicer and i didn't get anywhere near as stressed before a lesson and went on to pass my test lol It's rare i get them nowadays.
  16. BBC should be shut down. State propaganda arm and paedo enabling cesspit. I don't pay a tv licence, never have, never will, everyone should do the same.
  17. I sometimes wonder whether all public transportation is going to become "re-nationalised", I remember some talk in the recent past of doing it to the railways, maybe they will do it with buses too. Oh and on the subject of west midlands transportation.... Who is the dumb fuck who has ruined the Metro with shit trams?!?!!
  18. Wonder how many of them are actually "terrorists" more like they were in the wrong place at the wrong time with brown coloured skin. I remember seeing footage of soldiers in New Orleans pointing their guns at local residents just because they had the audacity to turn up at a military base asking for food and shelter during Hurricane Katrina.
  19. I think that's their goal in the long run, stop people traveling everywhere. I have often in the past thought about this. If people don't travel they stop seeing other cultures and perspectives, makes people even more sheep like and easier to control!
  20. I love my old Sinclair Spectrum computer! I still have one and with the wonders of modern technology i can load games up on it via an SD card, saves relying on those old tapes!
  21. If it's in the daily mail it's bullshit.
  22. Probably all stems from hanging around with his weirdo uncle Mountbatten.
  23. Electric cars are probably okay if you work near to where you live, have a driveway to charge it up and only go on short journeys... but long journeys? There is only a finite number of chargers at motorway services, cars need to be parked up and left charging a while. What you supposed to do... sit there waiting for hours at services waiting for others to finish, then park up yourself to charge and wait again for it to finish? Completely impractical. A four hour journey becomes a whole day one? And what if you don't have a driveway, you meant go somewhere to charge it and sit waiting again? I really don't get how it's supposed to work.
  24. I live in the west midlands too and own a car but their are some journeys i actually do on public transport as it's a lot less hassle then being stuck in traffic and trying to find a parking space at the end of the journey (or get completely ripped off by parking fees).
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