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  1. No it wasn't, stop making stuff up and let the poor woman rest in peace.
  2. The media are just doing their normal thing: over dramatising everything as usual, generating clicks on their websites, selling newspapers and influencing viewing figures on the television! The "distractions" generate them revenue.
  3. Yes they could, US Navy picked up the implosion, they didn't go public with it because it was by the underwater monitoring equipment for detecting threats to the North American coastline. As for physically locating the sub: you realise how dark it is down there? The debris of the sub (which is relatively small) probably mixed in with the debris of the Titanic, isn't a small area to search! Don't forget they had to get ROVs to the site in the first place, it takes a few days to get them there.
  4. Ethinically you aren't 100 per cent British, no one is, and that is the point i was making, that the country of today is a product of centuries of immigration!
  5. Why do you feel the need to connect two separate subjects? Covid and immigration? How i view covid has nothing to do with how i view immigration, the two maybe connected in your head but it doesn't make it so in mine. As i have stated in previous posts, immigration isn't a recent phenomenon, it's not some 21st century plot to unsettle white people. It's been going on for centuries, the nation of England wouldn't even exist without the invasion of the Germanic tribes taking over from the previous Roman invaders!
  6. Please start a new thread, do tell me how my statements are incorrect, you believe you are 100 per cent British? You believe that there has never been a constant influx of migrants to our island? That it's only a recent phenomenon? You believe no one ever leaves this island? I think you fail to realise ALL countries are constantly changing, they aren't those rigid concepts maps show them to be. If you don't like the change go somewhere more to your liking (it's what all those migrants are doing!), sorry if you find that insulting.
  7. Scroll back to where you quoted me before, where you said my responses to you were incorrect. Telling the truth isn't gaslighting, it's pointing out a flaw in your argument.
  8. You cannot see my posts yet you responded anyway!
  9. No they aren't, you can't handle the truth, go ahead, keep living your deluded fantasy that you are "100 per cent British", and England was once a perfect idyllic society before anyone ever came over here in boats, be they rubber dinghies or Viking longships!
  10. Okay so white guy in handcuffs = stock photo, same footage over and over of dinghis played over and over on the likes of GB News not stock footage, get ya!
  11. You have problems with autistic people too? I bet your list is endless, proper jumped up little Hitler aren't you? Is that you PJW? Eveyone should be like you and only agree with your opinion, then you can't handle it when people differ and ask about blocking them ! You're the one getting round up about people coming over in dinghis when in reality they will probably never have any effect on you and your Little England existence, it is therefore you that will have that sad and unfulfilling life.
  12. Not really, probably a student night, been to Monday nights in clubs in the past, also remember Sundissential, "clubbing" during the day on a Sunday, a way of circumventing licensing laws!
  13. A bit like the stock footage of people in dinghis played over and over ad nauseum!
  14. Case closed! Not an invader from France after all, GB News and PJW watchers can sleep safely in their beds!
  15. You do realise as many people LEAVE the UK has come here? You have never seen all the ex-pats living it up on the Costa del Sol? Maybe it's time you yourself needs a change - a move somewhere more to your liking? Over thousands of years the British Isles has had a constant influx of migrants and full blown invaders, if you trace your own ancestory back i can guarantee you'll find that you aren't 100 per cent "British" yourself! In that case Victorian Britain must have been a non-violent utopian society!
  16. Why would they? Just because they aren't white or european? The majority of them are seeking the very things you cherish, they are after a better life for themselves, the things that make the country safer! There is a minority amongst them that are out to cause trouble but that is also true of white europeans. They aren't the evil hordes you are making them out to be, but carry on living in fear if that's what makes you more comfortable!
  17. I think you'll find it has nothing to do with demographics, ie., race, religion or whatever divisive pidgeon holes you want to use but other factors like standards of living, education, fairness of law and judiciary processes, employment levels, stability of economies and governments in some countries compared to others.
  18. I heard they are already working on a second book featuring Megan Princess Sparkle-Markle, it’s called “Spare Too” you can follow it’s development using the hashtag #sparetoo on Elon Musk Twitter (TM).
  19. This is the thing… when our media quotes non English speaking leaders how do we know they are quoting them properly? In the case of Putin most of us don’t speak Russian, the media can take advantage of this, also even if you can understand the speakers language they may only show parts of what they say so things can easily be taken out of context.
  20. I hear he’s been watching The Crown and old VHS tapes of Jim’ll Fix It.
  21. You forget Harrycave(TM) and Harryapp(TM) are trademarks!
  22. How the hell is a Hindu going to bring in Sharia Law? That makes no sense. Hinduism and Islam are completely incompatible religions.
  23. They were operating under the directives of the government. Would you really prefer forking out for private health care rather than using something that’s free at point of service?
  24. Nigel Farage hasn’t realised, the Conservatives are now after the minority vote (like Labour have done in the past) ….they already know white middle class and the working class (who only voted for them because of Brexit) aren’t going to vote for them anymore…..
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