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  1. I heard they are already working on a second book featuring Megan Princess Sparkle-Markle, it’s called “Spare Too” you can follow it’s development using the hashtag #sparetoo on Elon Musk Twitter (TM).
  2. This is the thing… when our media quotes non English speaking leaders how do we know they are quoting them properly? In the case of Putin most of us don’t speak Russian, the media can take advantage of this, also even if you can understand the speakers language they may only show parts of what they say so things can easily be taken out of context.
  3. I hear he’s been watching The Crown and old VHS tapes of Jim’ll Fix It.
  4. or a letter in the post… Dear Mr GrumpyOwl, According to our records you have a spare bedroom due to your eldest child attending university, in the interests of making amends with the illegal immigrant population and our current crisis with no where to put them, we recommend you house at least one refugee, the court will then be more lenient with you when it comes to your Xenophobic Comment Fine. Your sincerely, the Virtue Signalling and Thought Monitoring Department, West Midlands Police
  5. You forget Harrycave(TM) and Harryapp(TM) are trademarks!
  6. How the hell is a Hindu going to bring in Sharia Law? That makes no sense. Hinduism and Islam are completely incompatible religions.
  7. They were operating under the directives of the government. Would you really prefer forking out for private health care rather than using something that’s free at point of service?
  8. Nigel Farage hasn’t realised, the Conservatives are now after the minority vote (like Labour have done in the past) ….they already know white middle class and the working class (who only voted for them because of Brexit) aren’t going to vote for them anymore…..
  9. The ones blocking the streets, sitting in the road in front of cars…. Perfect height for them to receive a swift kick to the head….. just saying…. I am surprised it hasn’t happened yet.
  10. While we can all agree the whole political system is bollocks and undemocratic, today’s political class a bunch of self serving wankers, at least a Labour government created the NHS…. But could someone please tell me what The Conservatives have ever done for ordinary working class people….? I cannot think of a single thing.
  11. Nigel Farage to me is a bit of a hypocrite, he just jumps on whatever is popular, he himself used to be a banker trading commodities in the City of London!
  12. Members of the public: “No one has voted for Rishi Sunak to be PM.” BBC presenter: “yes, but the market’s have stabilised” Other political parties : “it’s the conservatives that have created all this mess” BBC: “ yes but Rishi will unite the party” You can see the narratives being pushed already! Obviously all that matters is the markets and the state of the tories so they can stay in power, they don’t give a shit about ordinary folk.
  13. Indeed, a complete contrast to how they treated Truss, even though she was shit, I couldn’t help but notice every single image they used of her made her look like Chucky, it was constant negativity, Sunak’s negatives are brushed aside. The only reason the conservatives got such a big majority last time was because of Boris and his promises of delivering Brexit. It’s going to bite these Tory wankers hard on the ass in the next election!
  14. Not that it matters much, but it’s Channel 4 (“not BBC channel 4”), why does the Twitter dipstick make this mistake, he probably doesn’t live in the UK or is as thick as shit) like most anonymous trolls stirring it up on Twitter. As for the tranny stripping naked… well it’s Channel 4!!!!!
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