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  1. "light and love" , "Father" ... Are you from Lucifer Publishing / Lucis trust or XR ?
  2. Welcome ! David Icke is not on the forum , but it is good to hear that you managed to clean yourself up. Keep doing what you know to be right & experiencing this brief life that we call Humanity. There is more solace within the page of a book than the bottom of a bottle .. & you might even find the meaning to life along the way :)
  3. May I ask what a ancient text looks like that is not mainstream ? ... Unless it is under the Vatican, it is mainstream and accessible to all. The truth is hidden in historical texts from the time such as the Pyramid texts and individual stories of gods on pottery , burial sites and other ritualistic items. The truth is like a field of wheat. each piece of the total picture is there , but it is independent from one another and changes a little depending on what angle you look at it. The god Atum is the Father from the Nag Hammadi texts. Is there any specific route that you wanted to go down in terms of research ? . Are you looking for general history, history of the King's, or of the God's ?
  4. Hi Duewy I have been doing some research and it looks like it is not a genuine video. There are spelling mistakes and there are clips taken from 1930's betty boop. The music is Cab Calloway’s “St. James Infirmary Blues” from 1933 and is copyrighted for 50 years , meaning that it would not be used for other cartoons other than betty boop itself. There is a chance that it was a real betty boop cartoon and then covered up, but the spelling mistakes and time it has taken to surface makes me believe that the video is not genuine. If it was real, it could have taken inspiration from the Spanish Flu and George Orwell .. then covered up when things started go down that road. Hope this helps !
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