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  1. Genuine question. I have been following David Icke for a number of years & unlike many , I have done the research like he suggested and have come across some concerning similarities between his own beliefs and that of the Lucis Trust. In the spirit of openness and with the view of progression , It must be asked.. What is going on ? I doubt that it would go very far, But I do believe that these points should be put forward to David Icke & questions should be asked in specific relation to his personal beliefs. Firstly , When looking at David Ickes personality we have someone who is learned , Who holds a somewhat religious belief that he is consciousness and part of the "One". David has a keen interest in Lions & almost always has a picture of a blue lion behind him , While a possible coincidence , David Icke seems to like the colour blue/teal a lot & wears it often. I then examined a specific text that David Icke has made strong reference , the Nag Hammadi Library , and this brought some concerning questions to mind like " Why does he & this book reflect Alice Bailey ". David Icke has made reference to himself as part of the "One / Light" , he has called himself "Conciousness" / Nous and even "Son of the Godhead". When researching for almost unthinkable hours, and making distinctions between pretty much every religion that has ever existed , It is clear to see that the "father / light" is Atum / Anu / Ouranos / Nous / Sky .. (A Blue Lion) We also then have the reality that in most of David Ickes videos in his home, seems to be an eye of providence in the top right hand corner , above Mary's / the Dragon's sacred heart. Switching to Alice Bailey's Lucifer Publishing / Lucis trust.. Bailey has a book called the "Consciousness of the Atom" , which funny enough has a completely blue background .. (Blue Lion God) She talks of the same "One" that David Icke makes reference to , which as the Nag Hammadi text tells us is pure light. Lucifer publishing / Lucis trust also have the motto of " Let the plan of Love and light work out ". She, as does Albert Pike , both talk of a manufactured plan to create evil in order to bring about a revolution. Almost like letting people think they won WW2 and then used the new systems like social housing and NHS to keep us poor and sick. A wise person must ask , " Why would the elite allow David Icke & others to throw a spanner in their works " , A smart person must ask , "Why does David Icke's doctrine match Alice Bailey's" , & Someone who is truly awake would see the Sheep being separated from goats while the lions wait in the long grass. What do you see ?, Someone who is doing their best to help , Or someone who crawled out of the BBC to plant seeds for the next religion ?
  2. "light and love" , "Father" ... Are you from Lucifer Publishing / Lucis trust or XR ?
  3. Welcome ! David Icke is not on the forum , but it is good to hear that you managed to clean yourself up. Keep doing what you know to be right & experiencing this brief life that we call Humanity. There is more solace within the page of a book than the bottom of a bottle .. & you might even find the meaning to life along the way :)
  4. May I ask what a ancient text looks like that is not mainstream ? ... Unless it is under the Vatican, it is mainstream and accessible to all. The truth is hidden in historical texts from the time such as the Pyramid texts and individual stories of gods on pottery , burial sites and other ritualistic items. The truth is like a field of wheat. each piece of the total picture is there , but it is independent from one another and changes a little depending on what angle you look at it. The god Atum is the Father from the Nag Hammadi texts. Is there any specific route that you wanted to go down in terms of research ? . Are you looking for general history, history of the King's, or of the God's ?
  5. Hi Duewy I have been doing some research and it looks like it is not a genuine video. There are spelling mistakes and there are clips taken from 1930's betty boop. The music is Cab Calloway’s “St. James Infirmary Blues” from 1933 and is copyrighted for 50 years , meaning that it would not be used for other cartoons other than betty boop itself. There is a chance that it was a real betty boop cartoon and then covered up, but the spelling mistakes and time it has taken to surface makes me believe that the video is not genuine. If it was real, it could have taken inspiration from the Spanish Flu and George Orwell .. then covered up when things started go down that road. Hope this helps !
  6. Hello you beautiful awakened souls !! I have been doing my own thing for years, while keeping up to date with David Icke's point of view. Many people like what David tells them and take an interest in what he quotes, but do not have the time to research thousands of books and reference points. I have been lucky enough to study the ancient stories and create a linear timeline of events & I like to share what I know. Just a little taster ;-) Pazuzu = Baphomet Notice that the deity (Pazuzu) has multiple animal parts and is pointing their right hand up and left hand down ? , How would One see the connection without exploring ancient mythology and religion ? .. This is why the Freemason's use ancient symbols .. Because it has it's roots in the ancient past & modern equivalents are control tools. It is no coincidence that "Lucifer Publishing" has a room in the United Nations building and a "divine plan" for humanity while wanting "teacher's and disciple's"
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