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  1. Apollo samples prove beyond any doubt that Man has been to the Moon. Over six missions, 842lbs of samples, including 3m cores were retrieved.

    Lunar samples that have been peer reviewed by thousands of the world's finest geologists and petrologists. The samples have substantial solar isotope impregnation, many contain large volumes of micro-meteorite impact craters. They collectively are devoid of any contamination from oxygen, water or nitrogen found on Earth, have no evidence of fragmentation or fusion crusts from entry through atmosphere. They show evidence of formation in a lower gravity environment. They are entirely dry as a bone, with the only hydroxyl/water type substances existing within low gravity formed volcanic beads or apatite crystals. They cannot by any possibility be meteorites. They cannot be from Earth. This leaves the only explanation as retrieval off world.


    "Any geoscientist (and there have been thousands from all over the world) who has studied lunar samples knows that anyone who thinks the Apollo lunar samples were created on Earth as part of government conspiracy doesn't know much about rocks. The Apollo samples are just too good. They tell a self-consistent story with a complexly interwoven plot that's better than any story any conspirator could have conceived. I've studied lunar rocks and soils for 45+ years and I couldn't make even a poor imitation of a lunar breccia, lunar soil, or a mare basalt in the lab. And with all due respect to my clever colleagues in government labs, no one in “the Government “ could do it either, even now that we know what lunar rocks are like. Lunar samples show evidence of formation in an extremely dry environment with essentially no free oxygen and little gravity. Some have impact craters on the surface and many display evidence for a suite of unanticipated and complicated effects associated with large and small meteorite impacts. Lunar rocks and soil contain gases (hydrogen, helium, nitrogen, neon, argon, krypton, and xenon) derived from the solar wind with isotope ratios different than Earth forms of the same gases. They contain crystal damage from cosmic rays. Lunar igneous rocks have crystallization ages, determined by techniques involving radioisotopes, that are older than any known Earth rocks. (Anyone who figures out how to fake that is worthy of a Nobel Prize.) It was easier and cheaper to go to the Moon and bring back some rocks than it would have been to create all these fascinating features on Earth. "


    1. Geologists have been examining Apollo samples for 50 years, there is complete agreement that they are authentic and from the Moon.

    2. The samples are impregnated with billions of years of solar exposure causing isotopes impossible to produce on Earth.

    3. It is impossible for a rock to reside on Earth without it interacting with the gasses or liquids it comes into contact with.

    4. It is impossible for a rock to enter the Earth's atmosphere and still retain its outer layers. Apollo rocks have strong Helium 3 on their outer layers.

    5. Lunar samples have in some cases been older than any known Earth rock.

    6. The Apollo samples contain only water encased within volcanic beads showing formation in lower gravity.

    7. The Apollo rocks contain tiny craters far smaller than any man made gun could produce! They also show redistribution effects called "gardening".

    8. The Apollo samples have no terrestrial weathering they simply cannot be from Earth.

    9. Apollo samples show evidence for a whole variety of meteorite impact damage.

    10. They are bone dry with water-type material encased within volcanic beads formed in low gravity and apatite crystals.

    11. It's been suggested that zap pits were created by guns that have limitations of 0.1mm projectiles when the zap pits are in the region of 50 microns (2/1000 inch) in diameter!

    12. Apollo samples show evidence of formation with essentially no free oxygen.

    13. Isotope ratios on Apollo rocks are different to anything found on Earth.


  2. 1 hour ago, ink said:

    Nice lol








    The very definition of "Really? Not this shite again".


    You would never in a million years get the whole earth in a window from orbit. The deceptive movie ignores the middle TV transmission that shows the camera zooming out and the Earth disappears off to the side of the window!


    So many people suck up this crap without checking it. Here is a video I did oh just 10 years ago. Not one hoax believer has ever acknowledged the absurdity of this claim:



  3. On 9/30/2020 at 9:47 AM, Comedy Time said:

    Yeah yeah I hear many of you say, this forum needs another flat Earth thread like a hole in the head. I agree. This isn't one. This is a collection of responses that have been systematically buried and consistently ignored by people claiming the Earth is flat. To me, given the truly astonishing amount of evidence saying it is a sphere that is like believing in fairies in your living room.This thread targets those members who may be in a little doubt from some of the videos that get put up on youtube. But, in this case none of it gets buried because it's all on page 1.


    Here is a short and by no means concise list:


    • The Sun sets without any size change and that is impossible in itself. The vanishing point is named thus!
    • The Sun's motion through the sky is the same at every angle, location and time. It NEVER varies - 15 degrees of angular distance per hour.
    • On any map of the flat earth, the two tropic circles HAVE to be different circumferences - the Sun HAS to increase speed for the larger one!! It provably does not differ in speed anywhere, any time.
    • There has been not one iota of scientific measurement that corresponds to a flat earth, including sudden speed changes from the Sun.
    • The Moon is inverted in the Southern Hemisphere. 
    • At a range of distances starting with the unfeasible Everest height for the Sun - the horizon is a ridiculous distance away.
    • ANYONE can take an image through a quality telescope of Mars/Jupiter etc. and see them rotating.
    • ANYONE can take an image through a filter and see the Sun rotating.
    • Lunar eclipses occur where the Earth moves across the Sun's path to the Moon.
    • There are so many problems with long haul flight distances on the common flat earth map - it is quite absurd.
    • Australia on the regulation flat earth map is 5,000 miles across!!
    • Star fields rotate in opposite directions by hemisphere.
    • Gravity  - there is no offer of a workable counter explanation.
    • Sea tides.
    • There is no mechanism where the Sun is able to illuminate half a disc. It is an absurd magic spotlight needed to do this.
    • It is impossible for anything including the Sun and Moon to drop below eye level when they are always above it.
    • There are thousands of orbiting satellites. Including the ISS.
    • There are hundreds of thousands of images taken in space over the decades.
    • There is live footage from the ISS. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zY4UJceEaVg / https://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/nasatv/iss_ustream.html
    • Amongst the orbiting satellites are 24/7 weather satellites downloading realtime data.
    • Satellite TV dishes receiving data from a point out in space.


    This list could go on for pages and pages. Some of the answers given by flat earthers to these are amongst the most absurd things written on the internet.




    Hello - echo chamber? Any takers? Anyone gonna answer any of these? Come on flat earthers, surely your model can explain the basic, basics of human observation?

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