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  1. And once again cowardly evasion. I know my stuff because I know trigonometry? Anyone who does maths can do this. Hells bells, all you need to do is go to an online calculator and it does it for you! So, where is your explanation? This is nothing at all to do with any of your "masonic lies" bollocks - it is simple, reproducible mathematics. The angle formed from the Sun a fraction above the horizon makes it 1,720 million miles away. Now call me a wishful-thinker, but quite how anyone can maintain a belief in the stupid flat earth with evidence like this is many levels beyond absurd. So to summarise: We have your magic moon that self illuminates but doesn't even remotely explain simultaneous views from far apart at multiple locations. We have a setting Sun on a flat Earth further away than it actually is for a planet! You understand none of this, therefore you ignore it - but still believe the Earth is flat when it doesn't explain anything. When can we expect you to acknowledge these profound problems with your claim? You know, be as truthful as you can!
  2. No, really it isn't. There was only the one camera - how can you not know this. Your time stamp is wrong. I "will see", when he has let go of it, that the damn thing doesn't move in any way whatsoever. If you say it does, this is going to be one of those "debates" where things go nowhere because you need to visit Specsavers. All you need to do is go to 52 minutes, then drag the cursor along the time-line and watch the small screen showing the flag is the same for the entire time after he lets go. Don't make me fart around and make a gif just to prove this!
  3. @DalePInstead of me (and/or others) answering your "newly discovered" observations, why don't you just read some websites where all this junk has been taken apart? MOON HOAX: DEBUNKED! (moonhoaxdebunked.com) Moon landing conspiracy theories, debunked | Royal Museums Greenwich (rmg.co.uk) Clavius Moon Base - debunking the moon hoax
  4. Dude, I've seen this clip a thousand times. YOU look again! Facepalm? Really? This crap has been debunked 20 years ago. You stumble upon it and like every other hoax believer fail to check a single thing. It stops when he lets go of it - it moves more because a) less gravity b) no atmosphere to slow it. At 47 mins:
  5. I am going to assume that you have zero physics knowledge. In a vacuum there is still the same inertia. He moves the pole, the flag moves. he stops moving the pole, the flag stops. If it was atmosphere making the flag move, it would carry on when he let go.
  6. To what are you referring? A random crater or the Apollo seismology device recording the spent Apollo craft impacting the Moon? Meteorites hit the Moon at crazy speeds. Some are tiny and make small craters, some are huge and ........
  7. I'm not concerned about your opinion on the matter. If you care to present your evidence I will show you why it is bollocks.
  8. That in itself is a complete lie. My questions are based on observation! You just evaded another one. You already answered a major problem with flat earth, with the crazy Moon being its own magic light source and even THAT doesn't explain any of my questions. STILL, people on either side of the Moon on my diagram would see different faces of a sphere not the same identical face! Your evasion of this is because you simply cannot answer fundamental observations! In addition they would STILL see different phases according to where they observed from. Now another one of hundreds involves easy to verify mathematics....just above and you fail to answer it with your daft response: Explaining this for you and ignoring the impossibility of the Sun actually doing this. 1. Midday Sun is at zenith flat earthers say it is 3000 miles away. 2. Setting sun is also 3000 miles above the surface but now at a fraction below 90 degrees to zenith. It is 0.001 degrees above horizon and that is 2 parts to a trig equation that results in it being 1,720,000,000 million miles away
  9. That is a total crock. And who is it doing the "explaining", not you, surely! How many more times are you going to preach your religious guff onto this thread? I think everyone can comfortably say they know why you believe this. The problem is that none of it actually fits in with reality! This is basic irrefutable trigonometry: The closest possible distance the Sun can be to the Earth is a ridiculous Everest height (the higher it goes, the worse this mathematic dissection becomes!). Computing the distance to the Sun on a flat earth when it is 0.001 degrees above the visual horizon and at a ludicrous and provably impossible distance of 5 miles away..... http://www.cleavebooks.co.uk/scol/calrtri.htm a= 5 miles A= 0.001 degrees Distance to object is 286,000 miles. https://www.omnicalculator.com/math/right-triangle-side-angle Distance to object 286,479 miles. https://www.calculator.net/right-triangle-calculator.html?av=5&alphav=0.001&alphaunit=d&bv=&betav=&betaunit=d&cv=&hv=&areav=+&perimeterv=&x=103&y=13 Distance to object 286,478.89754 miles. A bit high don't you think? Now @alexacan we have an explanation for this please?
  10. Avoidance. Do you, or do you not interpret the Bible against almost the entire Christian faith? Your actions suggest otherwise. Consistent evasion to literally dozens of things is not being truthful. Christians Who Believe the Earth is Really Flat - Does It Get Any Dumber Than This? - Dr. Michael Heiser (drmsh.com)
  11. God, the almighty in his infinite wisdom chose to sodding well dictate a book of bullshit, full of wrath, disgusting deeds, hideous rules and baffling gibberish. I find it ironic beyond words that you preach about interpreting this so called "God's word" when you yourself foolishly do the same with this flat earth guff, in conflict with almost the entire Christian faith!
  12. No you won't. You will make up some gigantic pile of guff and arm wave everything away. There is no point where someone who is in denial will be able to see that the problem with something so simple is down to them. Just you and your failure to understand anything. It's fine is it? So now you acknowledge that refraction is in play but can't understand how it works with the one thing that requires it to work!? No it does not!! His channel name is not where it was taken ffs! He says Southern New Mexico. AlamogordoNewMexico - YouTube And you haven't established a number of things: 1. The exact position and it is quite clearly elevated. Alamogordo is not! 2. The local time of the selenelion FROM that elevated position. 3. The exact times for Sunrise and Moonset according to 1 above. You have failed to understand something that CANNOT work on a flat surface. Elevation on a sphere allows you to see further around the curve - on a flat surface that is just not true. No amount of elevation will let you see further - another slam dunk flat earth is crap moment. So, with that in mind, where the local Sunrise for Alamogordo is for example 06:55 - from an elevated position to the West, it could be any number of minutes BEFORE that. And where the Moonset is 06:55 - from an elevated position to the West, it could be any number of minutes AFTER that. Your failure to understand the circumstances involved in filming a selenelion and why elevation assists this is off the scale.
  13. Byrd died in his sleep - no idea what happened to Mr. Moon-Plasma-Not-Flat-Earth who demonstrated that you don't even listen to your own videos. Do you understand what bare assertion is?
  14. It's really difficult to debate somebody who doesn't know the subject and doesn't provide any material to debate. You failed to acknowledge the point made in the video. Namely that the "hoax" film was made by a dishonest person who deliberately falsified his result and made a provably absurd claim.
  15. Nope. You need to substantiate the ramblings of your source. It has craters. Meteors "land" on the Moon. The owner of this forum cites a seismic experiment on the Moon as proof that the Moon rang like a bell.
  16. So you claim Surveyor is faked as well? Show me where his theory was proven. Now provide evidence for any fakery - List of artificial objects on the Moon - Wikipedia
  17. So your scientist, plucks some theory out of his bottom and that is correct, but where he talks about his other ice age theory and his thoughts that we would one day land on Mars and Venus and he is wrong? Do you understand how much of a mad cherry picked source this is?
  18. Uhuh. No, I didn't miss any point. Show me where his theory was proven. Clue: it never was. Surveyor landed 1 year later - his interview is absolutely absurd.
  19. It's been around for 60 odd years, it's quite safe. This is huge? In what way? He basically contradicted everything she claims - the Earth is a sphere.
  20. How old do you claim the Earth is? Your source says that he believes man will one day land on Mars or Venus, that ice ages occur every 200 million years because the axis of the Earth changes. He explains tides are caused by cosmic effects within the Solar System. He basically confirms the Earth is a sphere
  21. I genuinely don't know whether you are being serious or knowingly making a joke. All I know is that you just pointed towards dipshit.com and made a statement. It would be staggering if you thought that dipshit.com was telling you the truth. Please tell me you didn't make that claim in earnest.
  22. Saying one of the dumbest things possible twice actually doesn't help your case. Tell me about "low Earth orbit" on a flat Earth! Then tell me the source for your quote and the full interview with honest context. I shall watch some paint drying to assist with my patience.
  23. Nope. Speaking of trying harder.....how about every single thing you type in this thread. Your denial of the ISS involves a cast of thousands, plus every person who can actually see and measure it across the sky ....every day of the year....all over the planet when its orbital path allows.
  24. Let me get this straight. You can't read or understand simple explanations for your inaccurate statement and now imply that YOU have done this "experiment" yourself? The shade simply stops the object from having a full 360 degree radiative ability. The variance supposedly measured is very, very small. Conclusions made through ignorance of basic science don't actually count.
  25. It's visible because it BLOCKS the moonlight. Silhouette. When not in front there is no light being cast upon it.
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