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  1. Spam spam spam. This is where you jump off a building and fly is it? My god there is something drastically wrong with your scientific compass.
  2. Did anyone notice him actually avoiding the point? The wind turbines are over the horizon! As for this latest seagull post ...the horizon at sea level with a 180 visible on a mirrored globe. Firstly the globe is small so a 1 degree variance wouldn't even show. 1. 180 degrees of span is double my post previously of 6.4 miles = 12.8 miles. 22,528 yards. 2. 12.8 squared x 8 inches = 36.4 yards. 3. Variance in elevation from flat to height of curve is 0.094 of a degree!! THAT is why it looks flat. Big Earth. Next.
  3. The very definition of "Really? Not this shite again". You would never in a million years get the whole earth in a window from orbit. The deceptive movie ignores the middle TV transmission that shows the camera zooming out and the Earth disappears off to the side of the window! So many people suck up this crap without checking it. Here is a video I did oh just 10 years ago. Not one hoax believer has ever acknowledged the absurdity of this claim:
  4. How about a switch on or off option under profile preferences. Personally it doesn't do much for me...so lose it.
  5. No idea what that silly flat earth map line is. That map has Australia 5000 miles across btw.
  6. Not so. The projection, that which we perceive or to all intents and purposes what is encoded.....is in 3d. That is what is being debated. Planet in a solar system. To deflect from this by suggesting neither are true is just not accurate as clearly the reality we perceive is based on a spinning planet just like the ones perceived in the solar system.
  7. Hello - echo chamber? Any takers? Anyone gonna answer any of these? Come on flat earthers, surely your model can explain the basic, basics of human observation?
  8. Explain why Chicago is missing below: Yes I do. You're just not being honest about responding - prime example in the picture above. As for putting me on ignore, I genuinely won't even notice, you never respond to straight forward questions anyway - that all prove your claim is nonsense. See my post above. Or pretend it's not there just like all the satellites.
  9. I actually laughed out loud watching this. Go watch it again Ziggy, pay attention to the last thing he says: "There's a lot of adventure left down at the bottom of the world" As for what he says about things to explore, he is referring to the section of Antarctica on the opposite side of the South pole from middle America - at 38 seconds. Epic fail. Definitely requires this video CLICK HERE.
  10. It's debatably a complex hologram which new research is certainly attempting to prove, but not flat. If it turns out to be a complex hologram it is being projected as a solar system (with rotating planets of which Earth is one) in a galaxy (with billions more) in a universe that may or may not have numerous dimensions that may or may not be somehow occupying the same space.
  11. What annoys me most is that you are so afraid of being wrong that you put me on ignore. So confident are you of the truth that you have convinced yourself of any old rubbish. The conclusion is given and gullible people automatically believe. The panel attachment is not even a screw, it is a lug similar to a bonnet catch on performance cars: The noise is the reactive force of him pulling and letting go as it springs gently back. The deceptive video implies that he then "looks below" for the screw and cuts DELIBERATELY before we see the real reason for him going below! He is loosening the lugs on the lower part of the panel. And here is the whole sequence - part of a massive weightless video (35 mins) - the noise is the lug - carry on watching to see how team flat has been deceptive:
  12. I already explained it. A camera zooming in on a boat 3 miles away near but not yet beyond the horizon.
  13. Utter nonsense. The only accurate bit is Polaris. The Antarctic is every bit as cold as the numerous scientific teams record and it is a single land mass at the southern extreme of the globe. Nobody arguing with flat earthers is a globe believers. It is nothing at all to do with belief and every bit to do with verifiable and obvious observation that holds no other workable explanation, combined with hundreds of satellites, and thousands of images and video.
  14. Hey @Ziggy Sawdust - guess what....the stars rotate in the opposite direction in the Southern hemisphere. Slam dunk - game over. Once again nobody on team flat can explain this without gibberish.
  15. I considered it. Not relevant. We have images of Earth and none of them show it to be flat. That image has no link to observations made of our environment. Taken literally the Earth is big enough to appear flat at low altitude ...but is a gigantic sphere.
  16. We see it when it reflects sunlight or when a very powerful telescope zooms in. By using simple maths...the size can be worked out by the lens size, the zoom and the size it occupies in the lens. Simple. Very easy to prove and much easier for every flat earther to ignore. Hey @zArkwhere IS Chicago on my picture? You just ignore everything. Not impressive. Also. Show me where you provided a link to this lake report. Accusing me of ignoring something you didn't provide whilst you just ignore everything I DO provide Not impressive. But you always do this.
  17. Really? Again? The snow falls. Too cold to melt. More snow. Compacts. Repeat for millions of years. Simple. How can anyone not understand this and what the hell has it to do with a flat earth anyway?
  18. Good job ziggy has me on ignore. Won't need to answer this. Not that he would anyway.... Any flat earthers know where the bottom of the boat is? Ooops.
  19. Video showing a boat before it gets to the horizon. Wow. So what. The sun would and does look exactly like that on a surface with Earth's curvature. We are talking about 3.2 miles squared ...times 8 inches. Six to seven feet. As you ignore everything...those who see this post can see that 6 / 7 feet in 3 miles is almost flat. Almost.
  20. Same pattern as every single flat earth thread. Nobody answers the questions and the thread is flooded by useless videos. The sun sets full size. That. Just that debunks every single daft claim. It's supposed to be 3000 miles away and with trigonometry its bottom edge a fraction away from touching the horizon.....that is a quarter of a million miles. Ignore as always.
  21. You were told how that forms previously. 2 inches per year, cannot melt. Over time it compacts. Simple.
  22. Have you time to explain how you think the Earth is flat when we get lunar eclipses? Or why the face of the Moon is identical from places on the same latitude, simultaneously, thousands of miles apart? Have you? No, of course not, you fail to answer anything that proves you wrong. Hey zark, where's Chicago? Do you think your people who did the lake in the Netherlands can do this one too?
  23. Joke request followed by a joke response. I just supplied you with a paper, hinted at the thousands of images taken from space showing the planet and supplied a video that mathematically demonstrated the curve exactly as expected. As you always do, you ignored the whole lot. I restate that they ignored refraction and the tendency of a laser to hug areas of equal pressure. I restate that you ignored a video showing curvature across a lake! Tell the forum why you did that.
  24. If you have a pre-conceived idea of the world, you edit information. When it leads you down a certain road, you don't challenge your own beliefs - David Icke.

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    2. DaleP


      Pre-conceived idea.....like the ball earth you mean....

    3. Mr. Nice

      Mr. Nice

      No, bugger all like it. I don't have a pre-conceived idea about the planet being a planet, I have a 100% certainty based on the massive body of evidence, both observational and anecdotal. However, those crazy enough to fixate their views on the Earth being flat, are the ones that dismiss every single piece of evidence and ignore responses given to their fixed view. Try not to get sucked in to that, which ironically involves you doing the very thing you quoted.

    4. endfreemasonscum


      If you have a pre-conceived idea of the world, you edit information. When it leads you down a certain road, you don't challenge your own beliefs

      ------ David Icke.




      Yes, the irony is strong here, but 99.9% of the world carries that same preconceived idea of the world.

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