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  1. 2 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:

    You see Marianna disinfo specialist cant refute one point in my post, just spams a load of "fat chequer" baalshit..he will not engage atall.


    Stop referring to me as Marianna disinfo specialist. If you are incapable of debating properly what the hell are you even doing? 


    YOU spammed a load of truther claims. I responded with a site showing the source you adore is riddled with errors and suspect. YOU evaded my entire response.


    So don't sit on your high horse claiming your "spam" is somehow all truth because you say so.


    2 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:

    Proven, just when you think he cant get anymore transparent, he reaffirms for you.


    Ad hominem. Try not to be a jerk about this. 


    2 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:

    Fat chequers have no credibility on this forum. Im sure David & Gareth would back me on that too.


    Way to go. So you just wave away rebuttal with the Jedi mind trick. I don't care what either of them say. If the arguments made are inaccurate show how. I missed where you did that.


    2 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:

    Anyone can google anything & get 20 sites. That is Orwellian bullshit we dont need around here.


    But that's what truthers do. They google stuff, find it and post it without checking it. If you really want to have a debate on this instead of playing your big bullshit ad hominem game - one point at a time......go.....

  2. Wow. That's amazing news. Must be linked to the covid-19 vaccine huh? Because conspiracy theorists claim so. You don't want me to reply to you, yet you dump this crap in the one place that I can respond. Sounds like you want me to bite.


    Canada’s long road to a vaccine injury compensation program | CMAJ


    "“Serious side effects are incredibly rare,” said Trudeau. “In the very unlikely event of an adverse reaction, though, we want to make sure Canadians have fair access to support.”"


    "Canadian health experts have been calling for a national vaccine injury compensation program since at least the mid-1980s. Canada is seen as an outlier in this respect as 19 countries have national vaccine injury support programs, including all other G7 nations, according to Wilson..


    Quebec has had a vaccine injury compensation program since 1985, spurred by the 1979 case of a five-year-old girl who developed viral encephalitis shortly after receiving a measles vaccination. Attempts were made to develop a national program at that time, but federal and provincial deputy health ministers refused to fund it in the absence of accurate estimates of vaccine-related injuries.

  3. 2 hours ago, endfreemasonscum said:

    Sure, but hating them for their beliefs with such vigor? Spending that amount of time trying to change their minds? I can't understand the "why" on that at all. If you have been reading the other forum that he is on, you know that this flat Earth obsession is being played out on several boards. The same round-the-clock posting and all. I really think he should move on to the birds aren't real thing. The nasa never lies route is far too obvious.


    Ad hominem. Dude, a herd of wildebeest has got up your backside because instead of debating and proving your claims, you seem anally fixated with me. Try to relax, have a cup of tea and a biscuit. Then show me why you think you are correct in your claims. All you seem to be doing is disrupting every thread you are posting in. I have no interest in debating flat earth on that other tiny forum. I joined because posters that are here, who had wandered over, were making abusive comments about me. Then bizarrely, along came you and started to troll me there. So the irony is that YOU pointing out what I am doing is what YOU are doing only in reverse, without the proof and not having a clue about any of the subjectsmuttley-for-imbeciles.gif


    I would remind you that whilst that other place allows all sorts of carnage, this place likes to keep things reasonably tidy and civil. Flat Earth, would it be too much trouble to get you to join in or bugger off and troll someone else?

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  4. Got to love the "dailyexpose" and their creative statistical manipulation. Got to love the idea that the Ukraine war is all made up and a "distraction".


    Fact Check: Canadian Govt Did NOT Publish Data That 'Suggests' People Triple-Vaccinated For COVID-19 Developed AIDS, Are 5X More Likely To Die Of COVID Than Unvaccinated | Lead Stories


    Fake news, quick subscribe, donate to his cause. Go look at how many websites have duplicated this crap.


    Sad, but very relevant:  “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” 




  5. 56 minutes ago, alexa said:



    Oh ffs, a flat earther quotes the damn journalist. Now answer the MAJOR problem here:


    But so what, he is looking through a fairly small port hole with no more than 30 degrees of span with his nose up against the window. There would be barely any visible curvature anyway under those circumstances. You get 4.5 degrees of curvature over a 90 degree visible angle. How the hell would he see curve anyway?



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  6. EXCLUSIVE: Actors Behind UK Misinformation Site The Daily Expose Revealed (logically.ai)

    A Logically investigation can reveal that Jonathan Allen-Walker of Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire is behind the conspiracy news site, The Daily Expose.

    The Daily Expose is a U.K.-focused conspiracy site created in November of last year, and since its establishment, it has promoted a standard portfolio of COVID-denialist, anti-vaxxer, and Great Reset myths framed as breaking news. It has grown to be extremely influential in the alt-news ecosystem, with its articles getting thousands of shares per day on Telegram, Twitter, and other private chat channels. Although the website is less than a year old, it has grown by more than 300,000 page views per month since January, with the last data available suggesting it had more than 1.5 million total cumulative views. 

    Unusually for a conspiracy site, The Daily Expose produces original content several times per day, rather than resharing memes or articles from elsewhere. On its “about” page, it claims to use only official documents from government or scientific sources to write its stories. The writers often distort or misinterpret the information within the snapshots of the documents they use to push a number of conspiratorial narratives. For instance, The Daily Expose has claimed that vaccines were approved without any sort of safety checks and that vaccines are causing mass death. 

    The writers and contributors don’t request interviews with scientists, government officials, or other qualified experts to make sure they’re interpreting these documents correctly. Nor do they give the right of reply to any of the institutions or figures they are reporting on, which is an expected journalistic practice. The Daily Expose has fielded interviews with fringe figures, for instance, Mike Yeadon, but the interviews take the form of a transcript of their opinions, which are neither questioned nor fact checked. Because the writer or writers have been anonymous to this point, they have not been able to be held accountable for their content, nor do they have wider connections to any journalists who can vouch for their work. All of these factors make the website an extremely dangerous platform for misinformation, as it carries the weight of official documents without the transparency or accountability of reputable science or journalism.

    The Daily Expose’s first posts are from November 2020. In March, Twitter suspended its main account, but almost immediately The Daily Expose was able to make a succession of alt accounts to get around the ban. At least five accounts were created at various stages after the initial ban. After the second ban, The Daily Expose made sure to run pairs of accounts so that individual account bans wouldn’t result in a complete loss of followers or lack of ability to tweet. The ban-evading accounts would always point followers to the paired account, accusing Twitter of censorship. Generally, accounts were set up with different phone numbers and email accounts from different providers, though they included similar bios, images, and headers, while also all linking to The Daily Expose website. Presently, two of their alts remain operational and have 18k and 14k followers respectively. A full 65 percent of their referrals come from Twitter.

    The articles are all anonymous, signed online with a “Daily Expose” byline, save for a regular column written by Emily Smith of Leeds, who uses the WordPress handle captaindaretofly, and other occasional one-time contributors. On her other social media, Smith does not post anonymously. 

    It is not clear that Smith knows who runs the website. On a podcast episode with two other conspiracy content creators, Denty and Shaz, she says that she contributes articles voluntarily rather than for money. Smith did not respond to a request for comment. 

  7. 7 hours ago, oddsnsods said:


    @Mr. Nice You attack the messenger, (Daily Expose) rather than the message. That is a sign of weakness & tells me you are not atall honest, which again of course I already knew.


    You want to play bullshit games? What did you do with the website I gave you about the Bond film? There's a very good reason I don't indulge in this subject and that's this totally subjective perspective that you and all your "honest" truthers invoke.


    Damn right I attack "the messenger" when it has a history of complete fail. In your post above you made several references to the failure of some pharmaceutical companies which is doing the same thing, only in this case "virtue" is on your side because of reasons.


    The Daily Expose - Media Bias/Fact Check (mediabiasfactcheck.com)

    Failed Fact Checks

    Overall, we rate The Daily Expose a Tin-Foil Hat Conspiracy and Quackery level Pseudoscience website based on promoting false and misleading information regarding Covid-19. (D. Van Zandt 4/4/2021) Updated (01/11/2022)

  8. 27 minutes ago, endfreemasonscum said:

    Were you not just memed on the other board for your utter lack of self-awareness?


    Yes, by a real nasty horrid person who has no friends and plays with dolls. I applaud the genius in creating such a meme, it must have exhausted their creative skills. Accuracy though wasn't a major consideration.


    27 minutes ago, endfreemasonscum said:

    Your life is disrupting threads.


    Nope. My life is none of your business, my spare time is arguing with conspiracy theorists. They never respond honestly though and that is quite sad really. I find it ironic that you joined yourself a few weeks back and have done nothing BUT attempt to disrupt threads and troll me. Makes me wonder where you come from.


    27 minutes ago, endfreemasonscum said:

    You are actually known for being a nasa shill that posts 24/7/365 on multiple boards.


    How very dumb of you. Firstly I'm fairly sure that NASA has no such job vacancies, perhaps you could point me in the right direction. Multiple boards? I count 3 and one of them was a cesspit called the truthzone. Now just 2 and 1 I joined a week ago. You're not very good at this are you.


    Who "knows" this apart from you? How did you verify it? Did you look it up on a truther site?

    27 minutes ago, endfreemasonscum said:

    You believe nasa's apollo missions sent men to the moon... great...


    I base my belief on things that are too far above your knowledge level for you to understand. No problem, but certainly you should at least try to know your limitations.


    27 minutes ago, endfreemasonscum said:

    they weren't filmed in a studio with the exact same jew, hollywood, special effects of time with masonic numbers and symbology vomited across all of it... we get it.


    I believe you are a big scaredy-cat afraid to debate and who strangely uses the royal-"we". I believe you are doing this to garner support to make you feel like a warrior for the truth.


    Explain the studio techniques from the "joos" and trouser leggers that enabled them to create this:


    Or run away again...


    27 minutes ago, endfreemasonscum said:

    But even living in such a realistic delusion that never allows for thought, spending your life debunking flat Earthers is absolutely bizarre!


    You seem to be on a mission to end freemasonry, how's it going?muttley-for-imbeciles.gifYou also seem to be disrupting this thread with a stalker-style ad hominem post where you make no attempt at debate and target the poster. Not creepy at all.

  9. 1 hour ago, oddsnsods said:


    Why not pull up one of your fat chequers sites Marianna.😆


    "Bond wasent really pointing out the obvious moon fakery..experts say"

     I'll tell you what. You come on over to the Moon thread and let's see who hands who their backside. In the meantime you and the noisy freemasonscum user are just disrupting the thread. He ran away from debate and I'm guessing you're all talk too.

  10. 2 minutes ago, endfreemasonscum said:

    Please do birds aren't real next.


    You appear to have had a swarm of angry bees inserted into your bottom, what with you devoting your whole evening to creating memes on the other forum and now spamming meaningless pictures.


    I missed where you proved a single thing. You keep posting and running away. Not impressive.

  11. 4 minutes ago, alexa said:


    So the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until the people had avenged themselves on their enemies. Is not this written in the book of Jasher? So the sun stood still in the middle of heaven, and hurried not to go down about a whole day. Joshua 10:13


    NASA found this lost day in some of their calculation's.

    They were checking the position of the sun, moon, and planets out in space where they would be 100 years and 1000 years from now.




    Did you miss the Flat Earth memo, this made up guff was covered dozens of pages back.


    Field Guide: Religious Urban Legends: NASA and the Missing Day (isitso.org)

  12. Just now, endfreemasonscum said:

    These are the brainwashed herd that have never taken a moment to really think. Or even open their eyes.


    Open my eyes, prove your claims. Then hang around to debate them instead of doing a runner. There is no brainwashed herd, just pure ignorance of the whole thing by conspiracy theorists.

  13. 2 minutes ago, endfreemasonscum said:

    It is even funnier that its not really hidden. The symbols, the names, the numbers... it is all right there, wide open in our faces


    No, really it isn't.  The comedy is that I have a thread about this and you seem afraid to debate with me.


    2 minutes ago, endfreemasonscum said:

    and they still steal gazillions.


    Well I debunked that with the Apollo program - NASA subcontracts all its major work. It still does today. I missed where you proved your repetitive claim.


    2 minutes ago, endfreemasonscum said:

    Decades ago I thought it would be the exposing of nasa that would finally bring significant change as many would be forced into finally opening their eyes.


    Obviously, never happened :(


    There was nothing to expose. Well, the ignorance of people making lots of noise about it.

  14. 40 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:

    Well when we talk nasa, we are talking masonic matrix or fake reality.


    Who's we? When people outside of conspiracy circles talk about NASA they talk about the science and the exploration. The advances in numerous things used worldwide as a result. You do realise that the Matrix was actually a movie and not real don't you? And what? Fake bleedin' reality? 


    40 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:

    Hidden in plain site. 


    Or not hidden at all, just conspiracy guff.


    40 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:

    Even James bond movies tried to expose the Apollo BS & Federal reserve scam.

     Haha, what cobblers.


    Goldfinger is pretty similar to the novel by Ian Fleming. Diamonds are Forever - "Finding himself in an artificial moonscape complete with trainee astronauts, Bond dashes for a nearby Moon Buggy vehicle and crashes out of the centre and into one of the 007 films' most famous chase scenes." ; 007magazine.co.uk/moonbuggy/moon_buggy.htm 

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