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  1. You can take issue all you like but there is no impliciation going on! The new Moon is moving across the face of the Sun. That is one of the most ridiculous claims I have ever seen. Of course there is something moving across the Sun. For days preceding the event we witness the Moon moving its regulation 13 degrees across the sky daily and gradually waning with its crescent diminishing - quite clearly it is on a path that takes it to exactly where the Sun will be at eclipse. These eclipses are worked out millennia in advance. Your silly pictures show an area where the Moon is devoid of any light because it is in front of the Sun! How you can expect to see the Moon in broad daylight without ANY sunlight on it is just more absurdity. Completely irrelevant to the question. WHAT is moving across the face of the Moon- ANSWER please. The refraction explains how both are visible. Your obsession and lack of understanding to the specific type of selenelion eclipse in question makes no difference to that. It is quite correct. Yes it does. It is exactly correct whether you acknowledge and understand it or not. Your spatial abilities are really poor. Look at the image. Image 1 shows the lower crescent illuminated, picture 2, Sun moves up, less of a crescent. Sun moves up, full eclipse. Top down fully debunked. I simply cannot understand how that totally slam dunk explanation eludes you! The Sun is moving upwards on the 3 sequences. In sequence one the shadow cast is on the top and the illumination crescent underneath - exactly like your images. As the Sun moves up, the shadow at the top gets more, the illuminated crescent gets smaller.- exactly like your images! Finally, the Sun is blocked completely - just like your images! Top down explained. Nope. It's always the same issue. YOU are the problem here, you can't read diagrams properly. The Sun and Moon disappear over the horizon full size, same as they are for the whole day! No it isn't! You have been asked it and ignored it dozens of times. You claim the Moon inversion between North and South is some daft viewing aspect which falls apart anyway when the Moon is viewed rising or setting. Both parties see the same thing. BUT... For places at the same latitude 5-10,000 miles apart they simultaneously view the Moon the same face, completely contradicting the argument for hemispheres. Now explain how any of this is possible. Properly without some made up nonsense.
  2. Can't you just wait for my elaborated explanation? I already explained it and he just doesn't have any spatial awareness at all.
  3. The same reason you are obsessed with what I am thinking it seems. No. Not done yet. I'll get around to it and another response tomorrow morning some time. Stop projecting about my state of mind.
  4. Talk about in your face. Way to escalate the conflict with a Bear poking remit!
  5. Yes. I am. One of the weirdest non-sequitur arguments ever. Totally irrelevant and nothing to do with what you quoted. First off, learn some common English mistakes. It is you're as in you are. Hope that helps. Since your whole argument revolves around some gibberish about life design and chess boards it hardly pertains to the truth. You are not the owner of the truth, you do not get to designate that your opinion IS the truth and as for telling me to Eff off. Go and wash your nasty mouth out and learn some manners.
  6. Not the same. The pictures of crepuscular rays are a considerable number of miles away....it's called perspective. How about you Google anti-crepuscular rays and explain it to everyone. @DalePcould you quote this whole post. It would help ziggy to start defending his incessant spam. None of it is his own thinking. Flat earthers indoctrinated him.
  7. Irony. How about you un-derail it by answering the two dozen posts you have run away from!
  8. Well that is provably a load of bollocks... your whole life is built and surrounded by education driven ingenuity. Since you haven't received any higher education you are not in a position to understand its advantages and why it is nothing to do with any conveyor belt. Thinking out of the box is not some unique skill set for self-proclaimed awakened people. Believing the Earth is flat is not thinking out of any box. It is the reverse of enlightenment.
  9. There lies your problem and why you don't know you have one
  10. Hence the humour. How sad that you failed to see it, but then you fail to see every single scrap of evidence showing you are wrong and avoid pretty much every question. You came in giving it the big I am , I kicked your claims to bits and you ran away and put me on ignore. Most unimpressive. But sadly par for the course.
  11. I keep seeing this reference to sars2 being spewed up all over to prop up a failed position. You are using a highly technical communication device through a network built by very clever people. Your whole life is supported by engineering genius. All of it from schooling that cultivates inspiration and ingenuity. It's my experience that those who label education as indoctrination very often haven't had that much of it.
  12. Cobblers . It's people who know it's a globe trying to bring you back from the darkness of failure.
  13. Phew. Thank heavens for that. There's hope for you all yet then. Whatever. Off topic. What I find hard to get is how one forum, this, can be so convinced and self righteous about it....whilst somewhere else like for example international sceptics offer opposing arguments that do the same thing. So your theory is that the NWO are killing off all the so called sheeple who have been vaccinated and not the ones trying to expose them? I need a slide rule to understand that one.
  14. Whatever. Just like Icke predicted apparently.
  15. This is an example of somebody who doesn't know what cognitive dissonance means or humour. I have promised our kind moderator that I will be nice so I cannot in all honestly tell you what I truly think about people who argue flat earth.
  16. I don't care what you "wrote" - the Sun on the horizon is at 90 degrees angle to when it is at zenith. Anyone who can't see this is blind or lying. It's touching on the flat sea ffs! Unless the sea is at 30 degrees
  17. No. I mean the non fake broadcasts. I find it incredulous that you think people on the ground are all in some concerted effort to fake a bloody war! This conveyor belt of claims that it's all fake is just absurd, to all intents and purposes impossible and as for that number of people doing it and keeping it secret - it's an insane idea.
  18. THAT post was made by me and you are talking complete nonsense. The Sun just before it sets is at 0 degrees and directly above at 90 degrees. How the hell does it set if it is at 30 degrees? You can physically SEE it is level with the ocean...itself supposedly flat and 0 degrees.
  19. Who is the NASA guy? Why do you have to be so angry and insulting. It's really not necessary? Did you mean me? I'll get round to it later. Ask him why he avoided my video showing curvature across a narrow lake.
  20. It makes perfect sense and I am not angry. Mildly frustrated at the most. What would be good for me personally would be to get honest responses to honest posts. Ie. How does the sun set full size? Plus 100+ more questions. The globe explains it all, flat earth none of it. I just cannot fathom how anyone can just systematically ignore evidence to maintain their belief system. "Daft" is a perfect and reasonably apt assessment and hardly insulting. I can think of way more apt and properly insulting words than that.
  21. So why put it Here? What's to be gained? The public don't see that there are daft people who believe the Earth is flat, posting here? And now they have their own echo chamber free of anyone taking them to task. And all in secret.
  22. No. I mean like the pictures of devastation. Kyiv is a large city and wow you found a camera where nothing is going on. If you want to cherry pick isolated incidents to convince yourself it's all made up....off you go.
  23. I have no need for any private thread. That will be complete unopposed nonsense. Restricting free speech. Nope, I won't be posting in any such exclusive thread. I like free speech. Censorship is going on all over the internet and after the OP rant about freedom to discuss this subject, the next level becomes a new version of stopping it.
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