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  1. Yes. But you think they "let slip" information. "early" don't you? Whereas I think they just incorrectly relayed information that it was about to collapse.
  2. @zArkI know the exact problem you have with this even though you don't understand my simple 3 step diagram. You are assuming that the Sun is illuminating the Moon from a direction above the horizon. It is not. It is illuminating it from below the bottom part of the globe. It's only as it rises higher that the full upper part of the Earth fully and very briefly blocks it before it sets.
  3. Sorry that whole post just needs a one word reply. Whatever. I have read a fair bit of that big covid thread and one on an opposing viewpoint forum. I am not a fan of news media at all but I just don't see the same things as here about the BBC. I am of the opinion that if you preload any opinion you will just look for bits to reinforce it. They make fuck ups all the time....but deliberate? I try to just watch with my head in neutral. A lot of the time it's just neither convinced or not. I'm comfortable not pigeon holing something because I want it to be true.
  4. You have zero spatial awareness. I will draw a diagram. Hold your breath.
  5. Gasps two minutes later and reads the small print.
  6. Mainly agree with that. The salient quote is "how the fuck are we to know" . But loading up your conclusion through ant-BBC bias, no matter what prior examples you have seen or disbelieve is not going to produce a level assessment. I don't really have much more to add. I am horrified at the deaths, the act of aggression and fully aware that this whole thing could or could not be manipulated. I am open to any possibility...but not to the one that categorically concludes fakery. Real death and destruction works so much better.
  7. Sigh. You are in full denial. I shall draw another diagram when I get time. If you deny THAT then I will know for sure that you are incapable of conceding a single thing. You have half a dozen posts waiting for an honest response. Should I hold my breath?
  8. Righto. Well that kind of stops any evidence from them being assessed without bias. Did you rewatch the video?
  9. I missed anywhere where he offered hard evidence. He talked, said things without backing them up and it is from a Russian source. It was propaganda or fake and as I said very hard to tell. I am not preloaded to dismiss anything. Just very cynical to both sides, not just those that create the customary conspiracy. Why do you automatically believe reports of fakery? Is it YOU having a laugh at murder being carried out in the Ukraine? How sure are you and why?
  10. As opposed to the stock position of conspiracy claims that it must automatically be false. It puts every piece of mainstream evidence in the rolleyes category whilst a barrage of very dodgy alternative sites get automatically believed. It all boils down to whether you approach each claim with bias or not. You don't have to do this....but go back and watch that Pravda video you posted. This time preload your conscious with the possibility that he is deliberately trying to be sincere and note none of his claims are authenticated - just his say so. Give him motive to cover up a legitimate atrocity and it doesn't have the same effect on watching.
  11. Which begs the question as to how you know this and the other one about our side not actually being in the conflict.
  12. Be careful you don't get confused yourself. This is not the Ukraine. British doctors visit Syria: BBC World News - Panorama, Saving Syria's Children
  13. The question is BC, why do you buy this video when its source is Pravda.ru. - as I said propaganda is not war fakery. Have you considered that the best way to cover up an atrocity is to make up difficult to verify lies? The problem is going to be working out which is which. As for the war being faked, which is the implication (based on a laugh emoticon aimed at one of my posts also) - it is not and I stand by the comment, death and destruction work better to create fear and hostility.
  14. With CGI , freely available and very in depth editing software, things like this and the power of the internet.....I would say the truth is going to be getting buggered pretty soon.
  15. I have TV, mobile phone and occasionally read the garbage press. Propaganda fails are not the same as what was implied about war fakery.
  16. As I said, they had maturing bonds and needed to delist them. This is really common practice.
  17. Maturing security bonds. Standard procedure. Pfizer Inc. - Investor Relations - Financials - SEC Filings Understanding SEC Form 25 Securities may be delisted from an exchange for various reasons. Bonds may have matured, been called, or redeemed by a company.
  18. Yeah, you can fit it on the back of a cornflake packet. For maximum misery and negativity this shit is as real as possible. The only fakery I'm seeing is from alternative sites putting up fake news.
  19. Two irrefutable statements... The Sun, no matter what distance it is away from Earth, changes elevation all over the world during the day. It is simultaneously observed by half the Earth. The scenarios that follow are used to demonstrate speed variances. The height of the Sun for this purpose is not relevant..... Point one on the globe is where the Sun is directly above: Just as an example using 3000 miles and the Sun changing from 15 degrees/30 degrees/45 degrees from zenith(directly overhead) - that is 3 one hour movements everywhere on Earth - proven and irrefutable. http://www.cleavebooks.co.uk/scol/calrtri.htm Little a is 3000 Big A is 75 degrees - It has travelled 804 miles from zenith. So average 804 mph. Little a is 3000 Big A is 60 degrees - It has travelled 1730 miles from zenith. 1730-804 = 926. So average 926 mph now! Little a is 3000 Big A is 45 degrees - It has travelled 3000 miles from zenith. 3000-1730 = 1270. So average 1270 mph now! Point two simultaneoulsy on the globe is where the Sun is at 75 degrees to observer at its highest elevation: Little a is 3000 Big A is 60 degrees - It has travelled 1730 miles from zenith. It began 804 miles away from zenith. So average 926 mph. Little a is 3000 Big A is 45 degrees - It has travelled 3000 miles from zenith. 3000-1730 = 1270. So average 1270 mph now! Little a is 3000 Big A is 15 degrees - It has travelled 11,200 miles from zenith. 11200-3000 = 8200. So average 8200 mph average now! In hour 1 at two different points the Sun is travelling 804 mph and 926 mph at the same time!! In hour 2 at two different points the Sun is travelling 926 mph and 1270 mph at the same time!! In hour 3 at two different points the Sun is travelling 1270 mph and 8200 mph at the same time!! Now BASIC mathematics tells us the Sun MUST be covering that distance, so it is not apparent distance. These are actual figures. HELLO Flat Earthers? Any takers? Why not?
  20. So once again we get the same old evasion tactics from @zArkand all the others. Evaded: 1. The Sun on the useless flat earth "map" which is simply an Azimuthal projection(!) MUST cover a wider circle to cater for observations and seasons. This means the wider circle must have the Sun speeding up to go around in 24hrs. The Sun stays the same no matter what elevation, what latitude, what day of the year. 2. Ludicrous response (saying it is at 30 degrees) when the Sun is setting it is at 0 degrees to the zenith's 90 degrees. Flat earth nonsense says the Sun is 3000 miles away so the bottom edge of the Sun that is 0.1 degree above the horizon is a quarter of a million miles away! 3. The Moon as seen from South America setting and South India rising on the same latitude (equator), simultaneously shows the same face. There is no possible explanation for this on a flat earth map/scenario. It is impossible. That's 3 huge slam dunks out of dozens. Not an honest peep from any of the flat earthers. Says it all.
  21. Gibberish. You offer the opposite of help. Where is the lower part of the buildings. CLUE: OVER THE HORIZON. Just like that video I put up of the lake, over the horizon. Just like dozens and dozens of videos showing zoomed in cameras and boats lower half missing, over the horizon. OVER THE HORIZION OVER THE HORIZON OVER THE HORIZON How can any of you people argue against any of that? It is just mind numbingly mystifying how anyone can look at images of Chicago OVER THE HORIZON and conclude some gibberish about 30 degrees.
  22. So once again you demonstrate complete blinkered thinking. Your whole case suddenly relies on supposed scientists who are flat earthers! Who, you are eager to believe without question, no deception, no fakery, whilst MILLIONS and MILLIONS of scientists who do experiments with space travel, data collection from satellites, astronomers and cosmologists etc. are all the opposite. There is a word and you are full of it. Slaps forehead at your stark inability to understand basic science. He is demonstrating how AIR density causes refraction by using a denser medium in a shorter space. In what world do you fail to grasp variances in density and humidity bending light. Cobblers! It demonstrates how a denser medium bends a laser. Link bait is irrelevant, the video explains exactly how light is bent through air in the same way. Who gives YOU the direction and exclusivity of debate? You blunder upon some cobbled up flat earth activity and think you get to limit what is discussed? You haven't debunked a single thing. Not one. Dozens and dozens of questions with sometimes when you do respond, the daftest unscientific nonsense plucked from your imagination. NOW, where is the lower part of Chicago?
  23. Complete nonsense. No it wasn't. The ONLY way you stop a widening beam is by blocking its path. Already "calculated" - large raspberry. A flat Earth team - as trustworthy as Putin. The refraction will vary at different points across the lake, variable thermal currents - but 40 metres is nothing over such a distance. Where is the bottom part of Chicago? Why are you avoiding this?
  24. It isn't a report. But I just read the presentation. They allude to refraction. This gives two choices. Point the laser upwards to account for it and then it is no longer subject to the same distortion effects because it is riding on a different plane or keep it level in which case it also skips off the surface, still widens and refracts anyway! You ignored them all! Why would anyone bother to respond to every idiotic claim? FECORE - Failed to provide evidence that the Earth is flat, at Lake Balaton (Hungary) Jan - Feb 2018 (flatearthlunacy.com) As Mike Cavanaugh finally explains in this August 2019 interview with Sly Sparkane, the goal of the laser test was to hit the distance target. Nothing else. Our note: That does not prove the earth is flat. The laser can be aimed up/down and left/right. Point it above the horizon line any way you want just to get the laser light seen at the target location. Aimed and traveling over the horizon the laser beam is refracted by the atmosphere and subject to other thermal distortions, before its ever widening beam (laser beam divergence) makes it to the distant target. This only proved that the laser was bright enough to be seen from those distances. Nothing else. There was nothing wild about my counter evidence. In fact it turns out to be exactly as I thought. The laser widens, it refracts around the curve and is subject also to thermal variances which also distort it. The study seems to think that seeing the laser means it must be flat, which in itself is an erroneous conclusion that a genuine science experiment would not make. I have shown you in the past a video where a laser curves with varying density and you had no answer to it. Well duh, you finally edited into the post. Tell me why the experiment on the TV program with your Flat Earther stumped does NOT "satisfy" you 'Behind the Curve' Ending: Flat Earthers Disprove Themselves With Own Experiments in Netflix Documentary (newsweek.com) One of the more jaw-dropping segments of the documentary comes when Bob Knodel, one of the hosts on a popular Flat Earth YouTube channel, walks viewers through an experiment involving a laser gyroscope. As the Earth rotates, the gyroscope appears to lean off-axis, staying in its original position as the Earth's curvature changes in relation. "What we found is, is when we turned on that gyroscope we found that we were picking up a drift. A 15 degree per hour drift," Knodel says, acknowledging that the gyroscope's behavior confirmed to exactly what you'd expect from a gyroscope on a rotating globe. "Now, obviously we were taken aback by that. 'Wow, that's kind of a problem,'" Knodel says. "We obviously were not willing to accept that, and so we started looking for ways to disprove it was actually registering the motion of the Earth." Despite further experimental refinements, Knodel's gyroscope consistently behaves as if the Earth is round. Yet Knodel's beliefs seem unchanged when discussing the experiment at a Flat Earth meetup in Denver. "We don't want to blow this, you know? When you've got $20,000 in this freaking gyro. If we dumped what we found right now, it would be bad. It would be bad. What I just told you was confidential," Knodel says to another Flat Earther in attendance. and..... Campanella devises an experiment involving three posts of the same height and a high-powered laser. The idea is to set up three measuring posts over a nearly 4 mile length of equal elevation. Once the laser is activated at the first post, its height can be measured at the other two. If the laser is at eight feet on the first post, then five feet at the second, then it indicates the measuring posts are set upon the Earth's curvature. Campanella's proposed laser experiment, as seen in Flat Earth documentary "Behind the Curve," now streaming on Netflix.DELTA-V PRODUCTIONS In his first attempt, Campanella's laser light spread out too much over the distance, making an accurate measurement impossible. But at the very end of Behind the Curve, Campanella comes up with a similar experiment, this time involving a light instead of a laser. With two holes cut into styrofoam sheets at the same height, Campanella hopes to demonstrate that a light shone through the first hole will appear on a camera behind the second hole, indicating that a light, set at the same height as the holes, travelled straight across the surface of the Flat Earth. But if the light needs to be raised to a different height than the holes, it would indicate a curvature, invalidating the Flat Earth. Campanella's proposed light experiment, which seems to invalidate the Flat Earth theory at the ending of documentary "Behind the Curve," now streaming on Netflix.DELTA-V PRODUCTIONS Campanella watches when the light is activated at the same height as the holes, but the light can't be seen on the camera screen. "Lift up your light, way above your head," Campanella says. With the compensation made for the curvature of the Earth, the light immediately appears on the camera. "Interesting," Campanella says. "That's interesting." The documentary ends.
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