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  1. There is a certain sadness to it as well....when somebody who has no understanding of physics makes statements such as the one above. I mean what do you say to such abject failure. I don't think you can break through the brick wall of ignorance.
  2. Righto. Are you saying that is the force that replaces gravity?
  3. Well that would be because physics and mathematics, simple things that are just 100% established, don't explain a flat earth. The irony in your daft video is probably lost on you. Ok, so this guy appears to be, or you appear to be suggesting that gravity is from a magnet. Now magnets do indeed pull metallic objects towards them and they do accelerate as they get nearer. But we have some big problems, they don't attract everything and the distance away from them varies the attractive force.....quite considerably and where is this magical magnet located accordingly? Whereas on planet Earth, no matter where you are or height from the surface it's pretty spot on the same (minor, tiny variation at altitude etc.).
  4. These would be the ones that you don't understand or fail to reply to. What was it about 100 of them?
  5. That's called spamming and your post was answered. If you have concerns about NASA, why are you afraid to have them examined properly?
  6. Sigh. It is quite painful to debate something with somebody who blunders into a subject I studied 15 years ago. Somebody who wears his biased bullshit conspiracy blinkers that prevent him from seeing anything else. After the war. Lots of rocket scientists. Some went to Russia. Some went to the USA. They were labelled Nazis because the vast majority worked for the party. Sadly, as in any war .....not by choice. Now a few were subsequently found to be guilty of stuff. 99% were not. Very few made it into managerial roles. Wernher von Braun was the biggest and he was sent out to pasture soon after Apollo. But conspiracy blinkers sees evil nazis and infesting NASA for all time. Do you have anything of substance on this or can it be taken as read that you will just toddle off without saying anything?
  7. @oddsnsodsffs stop with the insults. Of course you won't get pulled up for it because you are on team local. Now. I will spend a bit if time re-examining this and seeing what's new. Give me some time. It's not a 5 minute thing. As I said...all my reading last year was done on the fly and I didn't take notes. Quite why MY assessment is important to you is baffling. I've seen and read quite substantial debunks on many of the Sub claims on this subject. I have not seen you disagree with a single one of them.
  8. I'm away from my computer. I'll get back to you tomorrow....if I can be arsed. It isn't a five minute debunk. It takes a lot of trawling to answer these and I didn't take notes when I went through a lot of this for my own personal checks. I never had any intention of walking back into that covid thread after the mass trolling last time.
  9. Oddsnsods said peer review. Try not to make so many foul ups and ffs stop trolling me.
  10. I'm just not getting drawn into this. Debunks on debunker sites...go look. It's just too much subjective bollocks. Just one. The cdc didn't have any samples of the original strain. Then all of a sudden the shtick is that it isn't possible. Nonsense.
  11. Oh, absolutely. I hate governments. Never voted, never will. The pandemic restrictions did seem harsh and I absolutely hated the track and trace down the pub! But I don't see a workable alternative. Corporate dominance is an out of control monster. No amount of huffing and puffing is going to affect it. It's like a flea farting near a dinosaur.
  12. Pretty damn cool. I remember many years ago an amateur DX'd Voyager 1 - I can't find the link now.
  13. Cool, this isn't off topic at all. You must understand what the burden of proof is dude. You claim established science is horseshit...off you go....I'll let you know if I agree with you.
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