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  1. Yes that is about the best policy to use, external/internal makes no difference whatever is cheapest, mine just hang out the box on the wires, i'm a steam punk anarchist that dictates the state of my electrodongles, It is just a question of time between backup hygiene Vs amount of data you are willing to sacrifice should it go all horribly wrong.
  2. Got another one for you to consider, Hydrogen or Hydro Gene,
  3. HDD POWERED DOWN, it is used to store and not interact with on a daily basis, it is there to recover from,
  4. I agree and i learned to let go of all of my research and start again, problem with the net is once you suffer something like this then you quickly realise that the public facing part is just transient noise that gets interacted with, and also the last three years should by now should have taught a lesson in how things are edited to suit the current paradigm to best accommodate the lying deceiving shitbags that have been gaming the menticide operation to escape justice with respect to convid, just think of all the data that got destroyed by people being bounced out of screw u tube, not nice at all.
  5. The plastic cd/dvd/bluray is crap and has a shelf life as they suffer bit rot 15 years or so i think, best is still the spinny disk, kept from being abused and powered down should last the best,
  6. The last three years has been a mammoth effort to search out the net for anything that we can find to the answer of convid, much of it is incriminating evidence, cyber polygon gets mentioned and you have a statement of intent to remove all of that incriminating evidence from the net along with everything else, there's a banking crisis that is happening right now, big reset nonsense and the fact that 'THEY' wanted everyone either 'chipped' or dead and were going after the children as well, so in my view morality is not an issue for 'THEM' either but getting caught, tried and hung when found guilty by judge and jury 'IS'.
  7. Its surprising how many people over look this simple fact, like me
  8. Your data, all of your files, movies, documents, pictures and the like, just a cautionary warning and preferably air-gapped as well, Edit: and just to further clarify, it's not just the data that is important but the effort that went into creating/accumulating it, it's quite something to watch terabytes of stuff go down the plug hole into null space, not nice at all, bit like having a big rare book collection go up in flames
  9. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/05/mayor-bowser-testifies-to-congress-and-openly-lies-about-turning-down-national-guard-on-jan-6-its-still-on-her-twitter-page/ Brain fog or brain dead, ..... more like memory of convenience, as it was all staged anyway, too bad she used tech beyond her comprehension, these people are also stupid.
  10. And can i just add a reminder that this has cyber polygon written all over it, it is being sold/promoted as convenience as per usual, then the flick gets switched(not a typo) and POOF all your data disappears into oblivion, do you have a backup of a backup, if not, then you have no backup at all, jus sayin. Artificial.Intelligence, nay, Arrogant.Ignorance more like, on electroids,
  11. Has anyone watched this yet , did you think it was prophetic or another case of telling you before they do it?
  12. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA, nice one Q Here's that toad on a stage shilling for the worlds biggest CULT, the WankstainEvilFukwits & Co, says Q is a cult, , by the shitbag that called Mankind a hack-able ANIMAL, reread that and, "let that sink in". https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/20/opinion/sunday/global-cabal-conspiracy-theories.html
  13. Unfortunately the manufacturing plants will slowly grind to a halt, making tech increasingly hard to get hold of and i mean just basic stuff, you can have all the info at your disposal but without the maintenance of these centers they will just fall into decay in the worst case scenario, getting back to Nature is best, rediscover that which was deliberately suppressed for the centralisation of power and wealth because Nature can not be owned, whereas patented replicated synthetic version of nature can, annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd here we are.
  14. I really do not see any other way to prevent something from running away with itself and beyond help and alleviation of suffering, so fukin sad and everywhere there is denial by the perpetrators of this deed, all laughing and joking at the money flowing beyond their wildest dreams, and then the music stops, no cure for this hangover.
  15. Evolution suggests that it is irreversible, whats done is done, the signal will diverge over time and no-one has any idea which way it will go, best case solution is not to procreate with the jabbed, which is very sad, and a very fukin evil thing to have done to them.
  16. Just checked out the vaxgenocide link and it takes you to rumble site of all the best died suddenly success rate clips. https://rumble.com/user/CovidBC
  17. At this point what choice do they have, anything else is suicide.
  18. No we need a change in terminology, we need a baffaloctor,
  19. Albert Bourla Pfizer CEO ‘We’ve not seen a single [safety] signal’ Pfizer’s own data from their trials found 23% more deaths in the vaccinated group than the placebo group. Why you always lying?
  20. Australia: 2022- Almost 20,000 more people died last year - the highest excess death rate since WWII United Kingdom: 2022- 'Brits are dying in their tens of thousands - and we don't really have any idea why'
  21. This is one of the biggest problems, is the terminology being used/promoted to describe something that got released, the word 'virus' also means poison or toxin, they are interchangeable and mean the same thing, most people including myself comprehend the word 'virus' to mean something that has a path of transmission, infectious, has replication properties and therefore re-transmission capabilities from one host to another causing sickness, and in this case that would be Man. A toxin on the other hand would not be transmissible once inside the hosts body and it would have to be introduced on scale to make it look like an infectious 'outbreak' had occurred, which is a really handy way to hide that fact and place the blame on those 'infected' who are supposedly re-infecting those that are within the path of transmission to others, which did not happen with respect to convid, and then we have the use of the word asymptomatic which is supposed to mean someone that is a carrier and a walking disease factory of filth that the MSM were quite happy to label people as when so-called 'infected', but really it just means you have a working immune system and everything is working just fine, your normal in other words, try swimming in shit a few times and find out just how strong the immune system is. The whole Virology debate is in flux, most likely because the whole discipline is more akin to voodoo than science in medicine and appears to be a very elite group of members that perform the voodoo and anyone that speaks out against it is summarily dismissed as in the case of Dr Andrew Wakefield back in the 80's, therefore keeping the cozy club immune from examination by the overly worded papers that are more like the pages of a Harry Potter spell book.
  22. So is everyone else, not a leak but a deliberate release of at least 'something', i'll join you in the other thread,
  23. Ummmm, with this line of reasoning you have come off the path and taken the absolute wrong turn and by your own words are now quickly becoming the enemy that you speak of. How can you come to this realisation when only a short while ago you were enquiring about a simple verse in the Bible that you did not comprehend, it stands to reason that you know nothing and are too quick to judge, the Bible also tells us to, judge not, lest ye be judged. So in conclusion i would ask God, the one who was in the beginning and without whom nothing could be made, to make an exception for your complete ignorance, and you are ignorant, i can ask a very simple question that proves your outstanding ignorance and lay it bear for all to see and witness, and that is, do you know everything that there is to know in the whole of existence? Correct, you don't, neither do i nor does anyone else, and i can tell you also, to please rethink your position. From here i doubt i will be able to help further, good day.
  24. It has been suggested that the E.coli is being used to produce synthetic venom's that Dr Ardis has brought to our attention.
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