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  1. The FBI had Undercover Officers and Confidential Human Sources inside the crowd and in the Capitol on January 6th. The discrimination and censorship of Trump supporters was justified due to an event that the FBI provoked and facilitated… The FBI is a terrorist organization.
  2. When arrests start happening then i think you will be found to be correct, until then let the shit slinging be flung and let it stick, most of the venting that happens in this thread is largely at those that enforced the menticide upon us mere peasants whom were minding their own business three years ago to be assaulted by it from every direction imaginable, so i think only fair to return the fire, imagine if you were in a concentration camp right now because no-one said anything to anyone about the lies and deception being rammed into our minds, what i just stated is what we avoided, so don't be too harsh with your criticisms against those whom do speak and are fearless in doing so,
  3. Deeper meanings, meditate on what you have read, meditate on all of it, look within not without, try at least, no-one can answer the kind of questions that you are asking in the direction you are going, way too fast, deeper meanings that you yourself may be the only one that can answer, and when you find those meanings you might find yourself feeling a bit silly when looking back on it all, i can tell you with hand on my heart that this is also true of me,
  4. So far i have asked you two important questions and you have avoided both, are you a politician by chance?
  5. Try reading the words written on its pages and try to meditate upon every word written in it before you come to these outstanding conclusions, but you are right about the 'literal' aspect with respect to deeper meanings that quite possibly only you can answer, have you considered this perspective?
  6. I believe in God, it is the only belief that i have and the only belief i will allow myself, why do i need to know that which 'i know' i am not capable of fully comprehending the 'ALL' of it, which seems to be what you are doing with the kinds of questions that you are fielding but as the evidence that has been put before everyone recently that you are still learning to crawl and are desperately trying to fly most high without the slightest concern for the damage you will do to others when you crash back down to planet stupid. Satan was given, just as we are, 'free will', so to say God made him that way is again revealing your ignorance, why do you ask these types of questions, because you are looking to place blame on something other than yourself, am i correct?
  7. Have you considered that your very existence is a product of this reality that you yourself are an intrinsic part of, and not separate from? God created Satan, he 'was' his closest advisor, but Satan is a incurable snob and see's himself as the most excellent of all creation, sound familiar?, so anyway as the allegory goes God got sick of him one day and threw him down to Earth to live with the rest of the peasants such as you and me, which means you are now his equal, except you're not an obnoxious incurable snob that views everyone and everything else as being beneath you, but instead are a bit demanding which is also a bit annoying, remember one step at a time one day at a time one truth at a time,
  8. Food and blood, i speculate that there is a very profound connection to the machine in use and its relationship to the composition of blood, if we think about the animals that have been found here, there and everywhere that have the very perplexing trait of having been exsanguinated of blood then this is not such a far fetched idea when in connection to space aliens. Carbon, it seems to be an instruction of its use coded into the language being used,
  9. This is why i find threads infuriating in the strict policy of 'on topic please' because everything is connected and it does not take too much discussion in one to make connections in another, such as here, https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/31958-mystery-of-the-bible-tabernacles-and-temples-finally-revealed/
  10. Are you still in South America? if so what has been your experience of the border crisis currently ongoing between South and North America, is there a thread with your comments in that you can share with us,
  11. Just to add, that is a good way of putting it, , but again i would highlight what i wrote about terminology, as 'gain of function' has another meaning and that is to say mind control, or gaining control of your thinking and leading it away from questioning about the truth of the matter and to just accept what was being rammed into our heads by the use of fear and deprivation of our freedoms, you should look at the whole sorry episode that we all lived through and analyse all the terminology used and try to make connections other than how you first thought about it all, then you will truly grasp the epic scale of deception forced upon us all,
  12. You're not alone in this thinking, take a read of what this poster wrote, here https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/24007-100000-year-milankovitch-cycle-peaking-2024is-this-the-reason-why-they-are-locking-down-the-human-race/&do=findComment&comment=365618 And in the same thread here https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/24007-100000-year-milankovitch-cycle-peaking-2024is-this-the-reason-why-they-are-locking-down-the-human-race/&do=findComment&comment=369110 In fact have a read through the whole thread as it gives a rough outline of the 'why' this outrage was enacted https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/24007-100000-year-milankovitch-cycle-peaking-2024is-this-the-reason-why-they-are-locking-down-the-human-race/ And if you're not familiar with the chemtrail discussion already, there is one here https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/6161-chemtrails-today It is a complex issue that we have been faced with and we have all been attacked on multiple fronts, the only way we will ever get to the truth is to arm ourselves with all the evidence, because anyone 'in the know' that occupy positions of authority will never divulge the truth of what is actually going on, what they will do is deny deny deny as we are now witnessing with respect to MSM whom are quite happy with their collective heads shoved up where the Sun does not shine telling everyone how great the weather is, Once the public are in possession of all the evidence, the questioning becomes louder, then it is the denials that need to be taken note of as we progress, because the denial IS the smoking gun that will ultimately lead us to the truth of it all, it is as old as the hills themselves, deny deny deny, then BAM the bleedin obvious. Don't be put off by what MSM are currently doing to the likes of Andrew Bridgen MP by trying to label him as a conspiracy nut job, the fact that they are reducing themselves to Ad Hominem attacks means they are hiding the facts that will ultimately hold them accountable for the role they played in this outrage, to comprehend the mind set behind this is simple as they have no choice and are just stalling for time, to do anything else is suicide, and that time is coming.
  13. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY good for him, COOOEEEEEEEEEE, justice is coming for midozalan MURDERER!!!
  14. Bit of trivia on optical data storage, here is a scene from the master of sci-fi H.G. Wells The Time Machine where they spin the disks with Earth's history embedded in them, the idea has been around for sometime, the book was published in 1895.
  15. What Oracle says i just read that disgusting article and ends with this sheepish acknowledgement. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2023/05/09/covid-officially-over-appalling-cost-response-become-clear/ Quote: 'A more consensual approach that keeps people properly informed but allows them to make their own choices on the degree of risk they are prepared to run must be the way forward.' We already know all about it telegraph you disgusting bog paper arse wipes, we all been sayin' it for three fukin years now and you think you can crawl out the gutter and make statements like the above, where was your in depth analysis of the so called 'virus' on the loose, what government officials did you hound for truth of the matter for choices to be made as you now state, where was the solid investigation into the 'experimental injection' that magically appeared from nowhere, why did you not expose the PCR for what it really was, bunch of over paid over entitled over indulged menticide agents of living death, MEH!!! Know this, we here did it all for free, suffered the rejection and stood our ground in the face of EVIL, DISGUSTING!!!
  16. Bing bong, Paging neil ferguson, paging neil ferguson, please pick up the red phone at Britannia'sBereavementCenter reception and speak more forecasting bollox's, spank you, bing bong. Is this the weather channel or ladbrokes betting shop, what are the odds this is everyone else's fault, meh!
  17. 21 matches for CO2, it literally has an affinity with CO2, must have made connections between the off and on again paradox,
  18. Nasty bastard!!! And just to remind people from December 19th 2019, connect the dots, buys himself into BastardBullshittingClowns for the menticide operation of convid and is embedded with the UK fascist dictatorship, plenty of visits to Downing street during that time, and then went full psychopathic rampage by supplying weapons to Ukraine for the sole purpose of trying to hide their murder operation that was coordinated on a global scale to kill as any people for a smash and grab type heist that failed and left Britannia and her peoples harmed injured and dead, annnnnnnnnnnnnnd here we are, still calling it out, whilst they stay in denialism, justice is coming.
  19. Image not showing, try webp format as i had trouble with other types before,
  20. This is an interesting wiki page on the subject of holographic data storge, Superman Crystals, 5D optical storage https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/5D_optical_data_storage Quote from wiki: '5D optical data storage (also branded as Superman memory crystal,[1] a reference to the Kryptonian memory crystals from the Superman franchise) is an experimental nanostructured glass for permanently recording digital data using a femtosecond laser writing process.[2] Discs using this technology could be capable of storing up to 360 terabytes worth of data[3][4] for billions of years.[5][6][7][8] The concept was experimentally demonstrated in 2013.[9][10][11] Hitachi and Microsoft have researched glass-based optical storage techniques, the latter under the name Project Silica.[12][13] The "5-dimensional" descriptor is for marketing purposes, since the device has 3 physical dimensions and no exotic higher dimensional properties. The fractal/holographic nature of its data storage is also purely 3-dimensional. The size, orientation and three-dimensional position of the nanostructures make up the claimed five dimensions.[3]'. https://www.theverge.com/2012/9/27/3417918/hitachi-quartz-glass-data-preservation Hitachi invents quartz glass storage capable of preserving data for millions of years
  21. DNA CGAT no different to mark and space which is just binary that all computers work on, assemble the structure as it is written, i would think that there are other long chain molecules that could also be used.
  22. Crystal being the optimum structure to write on like Quartz,
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