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  1. Just wanted to add for what it's worth that the symbol as depicted for the x logo could also mean 'crossed over' and 'disconnected' and the Starlink connection i think is spot on, El on El off
  2. They willfully committed crimes against Mankind, along with child abuse, online harm, fraud, theft, robbery and manslaughter No Amensty No Deals No Escape Justice first!!! Let them explain it before Judge and Jury, let them rat out the unseen actors, make them pay for the outrage they created thinking that we all are so DUMB and fluoridated that they would get away with it, GTFO!!! NEVER FORGET!!!
  3. And has an affinity for unloading his sack while people are sleeping.............so the story goes.
  4. Interesting concept, clearly you have something other in mind, if that be the case then how would you describe it, what would you replace it with?
  5. let me introduce you to the legend himself, John David McAfee Q follows, Big Bad John, the ultimate miner of our time, great song by Jimmy Dean, the lyrics are highly synchronistic,
  6. The Highwire with Del Bigtree COUNTRIES PUSH BACK ON W.H.O. PANDEMIC TREATY Duration 00:13:17 https://www.bitchute.com/video/x26ECGVyBWqj/
  7. More predictive programming or just letting us know before they do it? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0114660/ https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0114660/
  8. The Alex Jones Show Steve Kirsch Makes Major Announcement: New Zealand Covid Whistleblower Biggest Bombshell Yet! Duration 00:56:06 https://www.bitchute.com/video/O7iPooFdFBx0/ Link to Steve Kirsch PDF NZ data substack https://www.skirsch.com/covid/Isitsafe.pdf
  9. As bamboozooka points out it was never about 'safe and effective' in the way that it was repetitiously broadcasted 24/7 on all channels relentlessly (menticide), it was always about getting away with mass democide and being able to blame the deaths on a never ending, always evolving, non existent virus, those that survived the relentless campaign to have everyone on planet stupid 'experimentally injected' would have had their immune systems destroyed and totally dependent on the injections every three months to survive and therefore enslaved to the system, there was no virus, it was a chemical, a poison, a toxin, a neuro toxin which is why they used 'lockdown' instead of 'quarantine' because it hid the sporadic nature of the 'outbreaks' induced by the chemicals released into the respective localities and it would of quickly been realised that the 'infection' was not spreading as a 'virus' would have through the path of transmission, of which has never been found what the path of transmission was, this in itself is the big 'smoking gun' for the fraud that was carried out as it is easy to isolate the 'how' of transmission, in a real epidemic this would have been the first fact to be established instead of the vagaries that were offered to keep the fear at maximum. Safe for them that carried out this atrocity, and effectively isolated by injection to the victim in question to then suffer and die, it has already been established that in the first three years of this outrage more people have died than all of the victims in the entirety of the second world war, unfortunately for the criminally insane that carried out this outrage, enough of the people used common sense and logic and refused to be 'experimentally injected', this now presents a huge problem for the parasites that be because they will not be able to explain the fact that we are not dead and never suffered any illness, as we surely should have given the narrative of this 'non existent virus' that it was new, novel, never seen on Earth ever and no-one on this Earth should of had any immunity of and therefore should have suffered with at least some of the symptoms that others suffered from whom found themselves in need of hospital treatment from those symptoms and then became labelled as having died 'with' convid because of 'co-comorbidities' or 'underlying pre-existing conditions' instead of 'from' convid, which is a big difference in the details.
  10. MrTruthBomb2 CHANGE OF BATTER COMING? - A MrTruthBomb Film Will Joe Biden be replaced before the Election in November 2024? Duration 01:37:17 https://rumble.com/v3yrtsz-change-of-batter-coming-a-mrtruthbomb-film.html https://www.bitchute.com/video/n6xuFswdaeyq/
  11. TRUTH IS THE ANTIDOTE!!! Watch this video and then come back to me with more of your bollox's, i'm in need of a REFRESHING SNACK TO DEVOUR!!! https://www.bitchute.com/video/eCQ50FnyOove/
  12. Maybe you should do some research into what is offered before jumping the gun.
  13. I will do nothing of what you say and will continue to post links as i see fit for this thread and dave the tax dodging camorron is every bit relevant to this thread as much as the non existent virus is whether hilarious videos emerge of him or any other criminal politician currently occupying OUR Parliament!!! So what if a channel posts videos of the other side of the equation it has a name and that name is free speech, without it you might as well pack your bags for that luxurious resort of DISNEY WORLD N KOREA OR ANY OTHER FREEDOM HATING NATION!!!
  14. Do you have eye sight problems because that is the channel link which i always place with the links out of common courtesy for the channel provider, now click either the image or the DIRECT VIDEO LINK THIS ONE https://www.bitchute.com/video/uEfOTrzhMYSa/
  15. The image i posted of the video came directly from the video in question the setting is with the background of a london suburb by the looks of it, so how then have you confused this with anything else, look at the picture do you see any of the above that you mention?
  16. Reread the whole exchange and point directly at the post that was aimed at you personally? You will find i was commenting on the contents of the video in question.
  17. I can give you a full transcript of the sketch if you want and then we can compare notes, because from my point of view it was phukin hilarious, or if the channel has a restriction on it, because the current occupiers in OUR Parliament consider the rest of the population to be BIG PHUKIN BABIES that can not think for themselves and can only larf at government approved menticide because the state is always right and everyone else has shit fer brains, or use a vee pee ennnn,
  18. What is it that we are forgetting?, can you give us some details of the direction that is being pursued in this exchange?
  19. Do you stand for truth, freedom, God given rights and the Law?
  20. I know, there were so many others that could have been mentioned as the sack o' shits that they surely are!!!
  21. A hilarious pig phuker sketch has appeared, enjoy, i did, Philosophers-stone.info pureblood The Pig F**ker Returns The fact that David Cameron isn't the worst Prime Minister in my lifetime should give us all pause for thought. Duration 00:03:25 https://www.bitchute.com/video/uEfOTrzhMYSa/ P.s, I still want the names on that bit of paper that phil me up with skovid schofield handed to the ex prime monster dave the tax dodging criminal camorron, i feel certain that both the skovids and the camorron's were among the names on it, MEH!!!
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