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  1. And further more, it's not just the water you need to be watching that has had a toxin deliberately and willfully added to it with the expressed intention of making people sick and or die to facilitate the uptake of the much safer for those that did this deed, the experimental injection bio weapon, the slow kill thing that between 20-40 million of Britannia and her peoples was menticided into being injected with, NO IT'S IN EVERYTHING, EVEN THE AIR YOU BREATHE!!!
  2. They do it for a living plus donations, how are they going to survive without any funding, you could grow your own and survive that way which i myself am doing but when it comes to technology then how do you grow your own and still be visible, correct you need cash, get over it and read the facts they have presented. The fear and the anger was first pushed by the government, MSM and other interfering entities with an agenda that wants us either dead or enslaved, that is the TRUTH. This platform is a money making operation, so the question becomes, why are you here? Can't you use baked bean cans and string or summat to participate?
  3. And why would you doubt these two when they can back up what they say with evidence that i have posted in this very thread?
  4. Rishy 'the wef' fishy anus 'k working in WEFminster is in deep shit by sending depleted uranium ammo to Ukraine that Russia blew up recently, if true, he is responsible for the increased Gamma radiation from the event that now will undoubtedly poison the Ukrainian people and their land for generations to come, he is now alongside the other shitbags that have been frequenting OUR Parliament such as tony B liar that needs to be publicly hung at the gallows for the war criminals that they surely are, none of the Ukraine conflict has any approval or consensus from Britannia and her peoples and any involvement other than a Humanitarian one is nothing more than TREASON!!! Right, we can blame you also then for letting these shitbags into office,
  5. We already have a national voter ID card, it is called the Electoral Register, i use the card that is sent in the post, i think it to be fair and reasonable to have one as long as the Electoral Register is secured from government interference and corporate voter manipulation, and any use other than for voting purposes of the individual that it is assigned to, or any offense committed in its misuse should be punishable by life imprisonment.
  6. Whilst i was watching this i was reminded of our brief conversation here, the genetic correlation has been proven beyond doubt, but our problem is finding the true intent of the final result they desire, hybridisation is definitely an objective and beyond doubt also, the final realisation of the complete picture may frighten most out of their skins, pun intended. https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/30326-the-elite-is-clearly-after-something-beyond-money-what-is-it/&do=findComment&comment=472462
  7. My version, https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/26290-fun-thread-meme-it/&do=findComment&comment=403589
  8. And a shitbag homo FauxBrew that called Mankind a hack-able ANIMAL!!!, "let that sink in".
  9. Lets not forget to, Watch the Water, here Also in the same thread, here And here Finally here
  10. Oh knoooooes, quite the faux pas i did there, i do apologise ol' bean, will arsewipe do instead,
  11. Stew Peters Watch The Water 2: Closing Chapter They called it a conspiracy. They ignored the evidence. But they can't change the truth. Dr. Brian Ardis returns in this closing chapter to Watch The Water, reinforcing the research behind the groundbreaking documentary. From venom peptides to blood clots, Dr. Ardis and Stew dive deep into how the Covid-19 bioweapon was made. There is evil in this world, and it is trying to snuff out God's people by any means necessary. https://www.bitchute.com/video/dc2FV56OSvUd/
  12. Be defiant in the face of evil, offer the other cheek also as a sign of defiance and purpose, stand your ground, never back down, hold the line in defense of good, you gave the chance and the warning to change course.
  13. Heart breaking is not the word to describe this HORROR, but is painful to read.
  14. WARNINGWARNINGWARNINGWARNINGWARNINGWARNING This complete CUNT of an excuse for something that resembles a living being that will soon be marched to the gallows and not remembered no more may trigger feelings of JUSTICE TO BE SERVED Continue on at your own risk of high blood pressure which is the only reason i think this pathetic shitbag is doing what he is doing and saying what he is saying which is to cause as much death and suffering as is possible within those that may well be feeling the effects of myocarditis or any condition that he can exploit further before he departs this Earth, You have been warned! Thai is your political class. This man destroyed lives and he’s the victim now? We are going to sink you @MattHancock You ignored your own stupid rules to get laid. We deserve SO MUCH BETTER from those who seek to serve us.
  15. The checks have been cashed and the mission has been accomplished. They think they can begin to quietly roll back and that we will just forget. Millions are injured, and millions are dead or dying slowly. Never forget what they have done.
  16. One baby has died and eight have been admitted to intensive care in a mysterious cluster of infections. 15 babies recently born with myocarditis in Wales and SW England. Health chiefs were spooked by the 'unusual' spike in cases over such a short space of time, prompting a thorough investigation. Experts are “baffled” as to what has caused the sudden spike.
  17. As @Base12 is pointing out there is a technological aspect to the Bible and not just the spiritual side that is pushed so much as the cover, the deeper meanings within it are elusive at first read and confusing because there is a component to it that is not made readily known, or rather missing, but my researching into UFO's and the like has pulled some rather startling realisations if you connect the dots, i wrote before that when looking at Egyptology the great Pyramids and Sphinx, whatever time frame that these idiots give us is not true, and neither is their narrative about what all the Hieroglyphs mean, so i just multiply it by a million or so years and now things start to make much more sense, the wording hides a secret and i think we are in the time for the secrets to be revealed, all of the wording that we have been bombarded with particularly the last three years but also further back is pointing to this, the Ark of the Covenant is one of those artifacts that make no sense what so ever, until you find its true origin and purpose,
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