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  1. Never knew about this news item until now. 2016 was the announced roll out of 5G as far as i know, in the sense the technology had been perfected for investment from corporations for the net of 'the all seeing eye of thing', so this story makes sense and is further proof that we live in a fascist dictatorship,
  2. You mention banks, so how about this one, would you like a boomerang to go with it, or maybe the year, feels like we're getting closer to Monday? https://qalerts.app/?n=2514 https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/hundreds-of-startups-face-a-crippling-cash-crunch-and-an-extinction-level-event-if-no-one-buys-silicon-valley-bank-by-monday/ar-AA18vllo
  3. Wow, no wonder i picked up on this, synchronistically speaking,
  4. That is an incredibly easy question to answer, you're born free, that is your natural state, people forget that the rules in life only affect the mind, whereas nature affects the mind body and soul, with this contrast it is easy to see how freedoms are ceded over to an 'authority' that likes to act as though it were the only 'authority', all of which is nothing further from the truth, it is Man himself that cede's the 'authority' until such time as the 'authority' is found wanting and bankrupt such as now. People wonder why 'authority' becomes corrupt, and again another easy question to answer, it becomes corrupt when it has populated itself with itself as the energy vampires that they have become for it's own preservation.
  5. Could be this is a part of the whole picture, there is more to discuss on this issue and will come back to the relevant points that you have mentioned already, radio emissions are a playing a part, but in the UK at least there was no 5G until after the national house arrest had been removed,
  6. Except there is bitcoin, it's been going for circa 14 years, requires no i.d to use, decentralised and not controlled by any entity or group, no bank account needed, yours until the day you die, or password lost, when it comes to digital i would not be accepting any preconceived notion of authority to make it, bona fide, i would on the other hand laugh hysterically at the statement that some group, aka the banksters or government, as nothing more than scam artists with a scamcoin to enrich themselves with, FTX recently being a good example of a government scamcoin/SBFreidcoin of enrichment and embezzlement.
  7. I'm done with this thread, please do more research before posting, you're not very coherent or cogent for the subject matter, but instead rely on past events to shove in peoples faces for a free handout by guilt tripping a particular colour or race, and in this particular instance you have chosen 'whitey' to be your victim, there can only be one response to this type of accusation and that is to mind your own business, go fuk yourself sideways, and fuk off, and no free hand out for you, you're a charlatan.
  8. Careful with what you do with the new distraction, to my mind it's got cyber polygon written all over it, and it's true purpose is to erase all the information off the net, got your offline backup of a backup, if not you have no backup at all, jus sayin,
  9. That's because the black hat, aka corporation of death is still in control, how do you defuse a bomb?, delicately i would say, given there are trigger senors all over it. Playing both sides to keep the masses ignorant, just like what doris 'bloodclot' johnson did by plunging the British people into the conflict in Ukraine by supplying them arms in order to distract Britannia and her peoples from the truth of convid and cover his treacherous treasonous tracks, this now can not be disputed since the 'party gate' crap was tried and failed as an 'exit strategy' We still do not know the full truth, but i am convinced, and it will take a mountain of evidence to shake me from the opinion that what we are calling convid was not a virus at all, but a toxin, which i have stated repeatedly, not infectious, no path of transmission, not a virus. Agree with what you have written that the injection was the real bioweapon as it is contained within the host, safe and effective, but there was something that made people sick first, in order to scare the public along with the brainwashing psychological operation on MSM 24/7 on all channels to take the injection weapon in the first place, that being we were poisoned on a grand scale and chemtrails being the most likely of delivery methods along with pesticides and herbicides which all could have combined in the victims bodies to trigger the disease or effect, a case of smash three buildings down and low and behold there's a passport for evidence, and we all know that a passport is not capable of demolishing three sky scrapers, but works very well for psychological operations.
  10. You do realise that people of all colours do this today, even against their own shades of colour, which reveals a very flawed logic that can only be described of having been activated by someone else and pointing to an incident to make it look as unique and therefore a play on victimisation for the free hand out mob. Start with this fother mucker, as far as i know this bunch of bandits owes everyone on planet stupid a very big apology, looks a shade of white that you keep bangin on about too, what say you?
  11. There will be no forgetting i can assure you good sir, right until my last brain cell expires,
  12. Short sweet and to the point, what @Campion said And it is worth noting that most of the ills of today come from this epic struggle for dominance, but really only achieving a détente of equilibrium of force that is constantly being undermined by nefarious actors who operate on the side lines through un-elected unaccountable corporations organisations and individual actors whom do so with the full protection from the consequences of their actions for the ideology that currently occupies their pathetic minds which is notions of total control over Mankind, in short notions of slavery, the mother weffers language is absolutely loaded with this intention and recently had the nerve to be on stage under a symbol that can only be described as a swastika, all of which began at the beginning of the 1900's.
  13. Meme up and ready, FIRE!!! Thanks to @sickofallthebollocks for sourcing available ammo,
  14. Just a point of note, it is the democrats that are the racists, shit stirrers par excellence, kkk and all that jazz, as they are part of the fascist system that we exist in right now, the corporation of dead things, vaxxican central, the frown, city of bondon and washout d.c,
  15. I don't mind it personally, because it is an easy give away for those that are still brainwashed, simply take them by the hand walk them to a comfortable spot and sit down with them, and just gently go through the motions of what transpired and how it was done, then give them some time to just sit quietly and, let that sink in,
  16. This is quite a good site that lets you play around with the statistical elements, time, age group, country...etc, it is for European nations only though, how reliable it is i can not say nor endorse, but as an indicator it does say that the trend is way above average, it also allows you to run the statistics over a time period which gives some indication of how the people were being poisoned over time, week 14 2020 see's a steep increase in mortality across most of Europe and then again reaching a zenith by land mass, week 03 2021 where it then becomes patchy reaching another peak by land mass, week 51 2022. https://www.euromomo.eu/graphs-and-maps
  17. Brilliant, just absolutely outstanding, the thousand points of light, not of illumination or knowledge but of accusation, all directed against the individual, whom merely walks through life as s/he finds it and is tempted to believe that this life has been confiscated into the hands of a group, a leader, the cult of personality that dares to proclaim that life itself is under the kontrol of anyone or group other than the image that looks them back from the mirror, that they choose to blacken as though there is no reflection, that there is no truth in what they see, and immediately seek the force of numbers, to spread the mind virus of perversion to strengthen the repulsion against it by inversion of the truth that they see and fear because they have no love and fear themselves. It is not just fascism, socialism, communism or despotism, it is nothing more than trespass and transgression of force which is evil, the truth of freedom is feared and they will kontrol it at all costs for those that reject it.
  18. Hold the phone, shut the front door, put down the Jim Jones Juice, here comes the Jim Jordan Juice and has a taste of the fauci fountain of poisonous lies deception and fraudci. Rep. Jim Jordan rips Dr. Anthony Fauci for deceiving the American people about the origins of COVID-19:
  19. I have a poster about that, and i am offended that he should equate myself a conscious emotional self aware being with God given rights bestowed upon me from birth as an, ANIMAL, pretty disgusting language to use if you ask me.
  20. Yeah but a bioweapon can also be dropped on ones head from above, i was thinking more specifically with the injection method, Excellent i will be watching this later on, True but we still need something more catchy than, experimental globalist injection weapon of depop, just don't roll of the tongue too well, What about mRANccines, as in mRNA rancid vaccine, could be onto something here,
  21. You will be happy and own nothing is simply a catch phrase slogan to wow the mases with, that promptly said fuk u, and fuk off, as we the peoples catch phrase sloganeering back atcha, ohhhh look at the pretty graphics it looks so next century, YAWN, i could do better with wax crayons and a class full of drunks,
  22. Your government guarantees to inflate the value away, which it has done for as long as there have been thieves masquerading as government, diligently. Excuse me, should that not be 'YOU' join the world bank, whats with the 'WE' statement, i do not agree to your offer of contract. Guaranteeing wealth to a government does not help anyone except that which calls itself government, so therefore it has already been confiscated by your own logic.
  23. Yeah, fuk the normans, what have they ever done for us, oh yeah strip farming and starvation, sounds like slavery to me, reparations reparations you norman normal normies, edit: and who was it that was behind that invasion, the vatican, can't keep their grubby hands to themselves can they, MEH!
  24. Roger Waters is back and swinging hard,
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