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  1. @[email protected]@[email protected] Okay i'm up to speed you with you lot now, i have never really looked at the page numbers, yes it is quite the achievement in terms of posts, and a big thanks to @numnuts for making it all possible in the first place, and all that have contributed with the magnificent effort to get here
  2. Solar flash = Betelgeuse, which could also be "Warp speed", Star trek style when viewed from Earth? There will be two suns in our sky, it's in the Bible, clue, 2 corinthians 11:14, does it feel right?
  3. Still baffled as to what you lot are on about, i must be a doctor, @Nip have i passed my medical exam?
  4. It certainly is weird and magical, and three...two...one... you're back in the room, what else can one say, Jill Biden gives ‘International Women Of Courage Award’ to transgender official https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/restoring-america/equality-not-elitism/jill-biden-international-women-courage-award-transgender-official
  5. What page are you are you referring to? what views? I honestly do not know what this means, Got any links?
  6. I am not comprehending what you have just said, could you elaborate a little bit more,
  7. Fuk the ceo it's yellen that i'm interested in, and she almost said it "safe and....", BWAHAHAHAHAHAA, totally brainwashed. This is proof positive that the yellen anit yellin' anymore for the FED, totally scripted response and has to roll her eyes up when asked about UK contagion, now ordinarily i would just dismiss what she would say but in this case it is interesting to note the use of the word 'CONTAGION', because of convid and all that nonsense. Drip drip FLOOD Enjoy the show. Bombard's Body Language Body Language - Yellen on Silicon Valley Bank Failure & CEO Plea https://www.bitchute.com/video/XxURrUjn4Val/
  8. CO2 is not and has never been the problem, it is without doubt the TOXIC soup being pumped into the environment from mass production industrial complexes and pharmacological shit that goes in one end and then out the back that contributes to things like the death of planet stupid and transgenderism from the unrelenting discharge of hormones, and don't get me started on nuclear facility incidents, MEH!
  9. All of which i will be throwing in the bin, and as for being 'CONCERNED' it is an understatement of which the convid years has provided in terms of the amount of psycho nut jobs running the psychological campaign of fear and dehumanisation has manged to provide us with names to blame, MEH!
  10. Extra info on comrade scummunist 'injection forever' michie, Courtesy of, The Sheepfarm Boys WAKE THE FLOCK UP, baaa. In SAGE UNMASKED 2 we will have a brief look into the history of AstraZeneca. We’ll then take a deep dive into the backgrounds of Prof. Johnathan Van Tam & Prof. Susan Michie https://www.sheepfarm.co.uk https://www.sheepfarm.co.uk/videos/sheep-farm-24-meet-the-flockers-sage-unmaksed-2-astrazeneca-van-tam-michie/
  11. And if you're not sure, kick 'em in the bollox and run off with the goods,
  12. Exactly, ever thought you've been swindled, the Bee's are pissed too, Beevax
  13. EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT Annoying little shit and a big baphomet twat, grechy bumbag deletes tweet in desperate attempt to save the planet, but i reckon s/he whatever, got it wrong and feels a bit embarrassed about it, and gamed it out to be a losing argument. Just a tip, try to provide names when using 'top climate scientist' as a statement, it's okay because they are already famous and are comfortable with being known. Thanks to the mighty catturd for this splittin' my sides snooooooooooz item, giving it to 'em in the kitty litter, one tray of mirth at a time. https://twitter.com/catturd2/status/1634934739374346245?cxt=HHwWisDUtfaeurAtAAAA
  14. More nooooooooz from the far side of planet stupid, anyway mount Tanaga and Takawangha have been swarmed with earthquakes and look set to blow and comes with free instruction set on how to make volcano hair, which i never knew, how interesting. Earthquake swarms at two Alaska volcanoes raise fears of possible eruption https://www.fox7austin.com/news/tanaga-takawangha-volcano-alaska-earthquakes-eruption-2023
  15. Jones is MOS/C_A, there is a reason the [I] is missing, do you see it,
  16. He was also a Taxi driver, on the moonlight shift to make ends meet if that helps any,
  17. Not quite, what the industrial waste products that were in the real Jim Jone Juice do is act as a passive reflector of radio emissions, just like 'smart water' is when viewed under UV light, it is passive tracking through the 5G network capability, the only thing required in this instance is to be unique and then assigned to an individuals bio metrics, it is quite the insidious plan. None of which was done at any time to anyone with consent by those injected, psychological attacks, coercion and economic warfare being waged against the individual to be injected does not mean consent, everyone was placed under DURESS, let that sink in.
  18. Correction, "A man may say full sooth [the truth] in game and play[Jest/Joke]" - Geoffrey Chaucer - The Cook's Tale, 1390. Modern equivalent is, Nah mate, jus 'avin' a larff, ya numpty, i'd never do that. Meaning, they did it, and trying to obfuscate through jest.
  19. Excellent, i have been reading a lot of good things about these so called 'tin foil hatters', i like them, they seem like a really caring bunch of people whom like to share with others what they know, I do agree, Geoengineering is the the big picture subject title and chemtrailing is a sub section of that scientific inquiry and discipline, which has the legitimate sub category heading of, Stratospheric Aerosol Injection, but i like chemtrails,
  20. Smart move in my opinion, grow bags for the win, DIY forever, the more we do for ourselves the better off we will be, it is time to start snipping the wires that constrain us and disconnect as far as possible from those that would have you repressed, the more we do as dreamers, we shut the door on the schemers, take care of your nearest and dearest as priority, look out for others, and remember sharing is caring,
  21. BQQM, another one goes up in smoke. Indonesia’s Merapi volcano erupts, spews hot cloud. https://nypost.com/2023/03/11/indonesias-merapi-volcano-erupts-spews-hot-cloud/ XANDREWX Just now! - Volcano Merapi has exploded AGAIN! - Indonesia is covered in ashes! https://www.bitchute.com/video/hcK8fEIpgdIy/
  22. You're making the classic mistake of measuring something against what essentially is bog roll, aka the dollar, euro or pound, try to measure against something like Gold or Silver and also try to weigh up what ultimately its value will be post financial melt down, remember it is the ease of exchange that will be its true worth without government interference, which so far has not been able to shut it down, control it, inflate it nor deflate it, It's not about fabulous riches, it is about having a medium of exchange that is trusted, and that trust is ultimately the resilience in the market it alone forged.
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