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  1. Agree with all of the above, what we have been doing here is building the case against them, a slow escalation of events that are now happening in very many places, they have no where to hide, we know who they are, all they can do is stall for time and carry out distractions, misdirection's and interference with what they have left at their disposal, continue to turn over every stone and expose them for what they are and have done, eventually even the money will run out and no longer be able to afford the bribes and payments for services rendered, and those that were enticed by such temptations will just walk away, one by one the legs of this tentacled beast will be hacked off. Exactly, time to focus with the collective unconscious, find the truth and project it back to the field with love, overcome the [D]ark [S]ide actors whom do the same, they can not stand in the light.
  2. UK Column Jacqui Deevoy Warns Of UK Democide Hear from a long-time researcher how Britain kills its undesirables, and from Brian Gerrish about the first ever jury inquest into an NHS death. Read the write-up at: https://www.ukcolumn.org/video/jacqui-deevoy-warns-of-uk-democide Duration 01:06:58 https://www.bitchute.com/video/Xf1BkiQ4463n/
  3. There is an alternative for computing needs,
  4. Not sure where they are taking this discussion but we actually have no idea about what is actually in the experimental injections except for pfizer documents, having said that we have to conclude that perhaps they have only tested a small sample of what was doled out like there is no tomorrow and forcibly stabinated into the bodies of the victims using fear as the lubricant, which currently stands at around five billion people if stats are correct, could the vials of substance that was tested be the saline that was no undoubtedly on the menu, very likely i would say, however this in no way accounts for the numbers of harmed and dead people because of it, whether it be from the Jim Jones Juice or secondary reasons of having had to endure the outrageous tyranny experienced at the hands of the psychopaths currently occupying our Parliament, stay tuned is the watch phrase to find out more if they have conclusive evidence to back up this claim, crispr-cas9 was also mentioned along with the 5G roll out.
  5. It's all kicking off in Bristol and turning into a hot potato this one, they used to say, eat the rich, but now should be, eat the greens, and other greedy compulsive lying deceiving scumbags occupying the council and signed up to the depop green agenda of mass murder by psychopaths, they want you dead, enslaved and unable to feed yourself except for the centrally planned poison offered at government WEF scumbag approved plastic food outlets of living death, Tony Gosling investigates. Tony Gosling Bristol Allotmenteers Resist! Fees Hike & Ridiculous Anti-Green Rules: Mal Sainsbury, Martin Summers Duration 00:51:33 https://www.bitchute.com/video/pg6uuNtkRkM8/
  6. They can not hide behind the technocratic excuse of not being Physicians nor Scientists and having to rely on the advice of the afore mentioned, fraud has already been admitted to, and not just the fraud that pfizer committed, the whole sorry episode, all of it, was nothing but fraud waged against, We, the People and facilitated by the MSM fraudcasters for circa one and a half years on all channels, all formats 24/7 without escape, along with force, the threat of force, intimidation and fear, and that all adds up to crimes against Mankind and treason.
  7. Soon by the way German farmers are showing their outrage, More from the Slovakian President Robert Fico who hosts a parliamentary discussion revealing 21,000 deaths related to the 'experimental injection'. VITATIV Slovenský premiér Robert Fico v parlamentu Duration 00:04:09 https://www.bitchute.com/video/DTBuLbk5jcPI/
  8. Might need a vee pee enn to view this, because we live in a free speech country not run by criminals, scumbags and scoundrels of the worst kind, there's not much in this RT news clip other than the historical event. Russia modernizes its legendary winter complex in Antarctica Russia begins trial operations at a new winter complex in Antarctica. Built by the Soviet Union, ‘Vostok’ is Russia’s southernmost research station on the continent and has been modernized to facilitate the study of various natural processes. President Vladimir Putin says the new station is a key to success not only for Russia but for world science. Duration 00:02:57 https://www.bitchute.com/video/dOQ8nenSw8le/
  9. Very nice man from Sweden, the comments section is worth a read, i am relating to what he has observed with people telling him to shut up about the non existent virus and government sponsored experimental injection of industrial waste products, i share his frustration having warned people for almost the last four years, but like he says i will never shut up about it and keep on with the discussion until the full relisation of what has transpired eventually gets through to those suffering the fatigue of my relentless inquiry of the truth and it's dissemination among those that would otherwise wish i was dead, which i am not, so that's a big phuk you right back atcha, muhahahaha Sanity4Sweden You brought your kid to Pfizer, for an experiment?! You want to see public hangings? Duration 00:07:05 https://www.bitchute.com/video/CMpbQcEv1ZI/
  10. Contaminated food, contaminated water, contaminated air to breathe, depop, murderous governments, WHOREporations, medical mafia, secret orgs of groovy gang members, communists, fascists, nazi's(zionists), breakaway civilisation that views itself and it's members as above the law and exalted to the lofty heights of god kings striding across the face of planet stupid (the WHOre), pfffffft old hat, where have you lot been hiding, here's the legendary Jim Marrs and hat to explain from 2015. TruNews Official Jim Marrs: Population Control & Reduction Duration 00:55:55 https://odysee.com/@trunews:2/jim-marrs-population-control-reduction:f
  11. I am in complete agreement with your response, there is so much wrong with the statement that it is difficult to know where to begin, i think if i come back to this later i would be able to add another 96 further questions to yours that are being glossed over, perhaps more,
  12. That also depicts the center of the Milky Way as we see it from planet stupid in the night sky. No escaping Time. The Greeks called it Chronos, Saturn, so as i mentioned in the flat earth theory thread, what are the Greeks doing observing the rings of Saturn to tell the Time when the telescope was not invented until 1608. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_telescope Think Electric Universe Theory, or Plasma Cosmology and George Orwell, the sky was very different back then, makes sense to me. No, but babies often kill their mothers from complications.
  13. Closer than you think, considering the idiots have allowed the machine to go mental with the crayons so to speak, expect Charlton Heston to pound sand when it completely phuks up just about everything. This is the cutesy version of what's out there, designed to win your affection. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sophia_(robot)
  14. Neo got flushed, meaning outside the pod fields is nothing but a sewer system for recycling. I think that was the main point of the story.
  15. Although these images are suggestive with the background of epstain et al, they are in fact references to Time.
  16. Whoa, that's seriously living on the bleedin' edge, i do hope you packed a backup of a backup parachute,
  17. Correct, and that includes Smallpox, does it mean you have Smallpox, nope it just means your immune system has developed a response to it, in other words perfectly healthy, just as in life we live and learn, then so too does your immune health system, illness and disease are things that will come, and go when met by a perfectly working immune system, and the key to it is as you describe below,
  18. I think you should start a thread extolling the virtues of medical tyranny by the medical mafia and sponsored by sniggering politicians scoundrels hiding behind mothers big girls blouse of psycho/techno babble drooling over the prospect of being a truly breakaway civilisation and above the Law, issuing diktats to the newly formed slave class hooked up to Arithmetic Insanity where no privacy exists and the complete destruction of the sovereign individuals God given inalienable rights, alongside the Truth and Freedom, just ask, uncle fester Mankind's molester klaus the anal swab's side kick noah yuval harari, he's ghey by the way and wants in on the molesting too, whilst waving a coloured flag that has nothing to do with gheys or the trans idiots.
  19. I watched that last night and Dr David Martin confirms pretty much everything this thread has touched upon, and the biggest factor in all of this nonsense, that it was not re-transmissible and neither re-infectious, in other words it had to be delivered to the intended victims to make them sick and in need of hospital treatment, which is why the 'lockdown' was chosen to hide this fact,
  20. Right there in the title, in plain sight, 'unsustainable development goals' , got to tell us, before they do it to us, sneaky lil' baskits, give 'em an inch and they'll rob us of everything, including our lives, and just to rub salt in this puss filled sore, you vill be ze happy,
  21. Exactly, this thread has already exposed this, that the 'experimental injection' IS the bio-weapon, and there never was a virus, it was a chemical attack, a poison, a toxin, deliberately purposely and willfully deployed against, We, The People of the world, to enable the 'experimental injection' uptake through the use of psychological bombardment of force, the threat of force and fear. https://grand-jury.net/ https://odysee.com/@GrandJury:f?view=home Dr. Reiner Fuellmich - CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY https://www.bitchute.com/video/zarFW3hwuyBc/ https://www.fuellmich.com/
  22. I vote for autopsies or post-mortem examinations when these media whores snuff it, so we can be sure if they died 'with' shame or 'from' shame, seems reasonable to me, and whilst we are on about autopsies or post-mortems, why is there a surprising lack of any scientific investigation into this NEW NOVEL CONTAGION, if i were a silentist oops scientist, i would be salivating over winning nobhead oops nobel prizes and stuff to go with my PhD's (phat head diseases) Speaking of responsibility at least one brave soul has decided to go viral with the message of warning about the jabberwocky, over the tannoy/PA system no less, enjoy, KILLUMINATI13420 Pharmacy Manager Quits Over Store Intercom Duration 00:00:31 https://www.bitchute.com/video/lL1HRl1HEedn/
  23. It also means 'twice call', a snake has two poison fangs, if you also include 19 into the equation then that could also mean 'Ai', considering this was all war gamed out with the table top exercise of event 201 then the Ai inclusion on super computers even quantum computers, is something to consider seriously,
  24. Exactly right, what we can say is, this is about saving face for pushing the narradigm so hard to off as many people as is possible with the jabberwocky so that they would be around to enjoy a recently depopulated planet, georgia guide stones and all that nonsense, obviously a part of the groovy gang cult, this thread has already exposed the three types of Jim Jones Juice on offer and the 'special sauce list' for exalted members with retractable needles for that professional studio production, just in case the plebs needed further encouragement to commit suicide and saline use, all in all they thought of every angle with which to play out this nonsense including post production movies of the crisis actors employed to play repeatedly to the survivors of this outrage at some point down the line, aka George Orwell style of a fake history,
  25. I think more to the point is, why does s/he have a TerrorVision production crew on hand where ever the annoying baphomet twat goes, As for Russia China and the Norks, no matter what you may think of them, one thing is for sure, they ain't that stupid and besides for all we know 'IT' might be their version of comedy reality tv, HONK HONK,
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