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  1. Time for a UB40 number, back 2 the future, have we been here before, feels like it, jus need thatcher to rise from the dead, WINNING, Rat in mi parliament - UB4miDINNA,
  2. link to your other thread, same info for here,
  3. Been around for years trying to better rig the game of the stock market, start your journey with an Adam Curtis documentary, and find out why you should have a backup of a backup, because if not, you have no backup at all, losing your valuable data is like seeing your family album and other sentimental treasures go WOOOF in an unexpected house fire, and if you ask me that's the reason for everyone being encouraged to use this AI, a kind of Russian roulette that the mother weffers have no doubt created for their sick enjoyment, who will get to launch the biggest cyber attack in history (it's got cyber polygon written all over it) , it could be YOU, All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace - Adam Curtis
  4. Which is no surprise given they are the umbrella corporation of death, me thinks the dead are PROJECTING too much, from this lot. Agreed, but that incident and every other incident over the last twenty three years, and further back, has been done by an insurgency group occupying the halls of power and control of decision making to a script that was not made known to the public at large, except for the, nod and a wink crowd, that is now going to have it shoved right back in this groups face, but will only have the tsunami effect needed by the public now being slowly but surely awakened to what has been done in their name, which is quite disgusting really, the 'Deep State' of hypnotised ignorance slowly wearing off to the 'Great Awakening' of the public, and for those that tried this shit on the 'Weight of Regret' is upon them,
  5. Crack up, BQQM chicka waa wa (decadent west porn version) Dutch Farmers protest party in shock victory in provincial elections https://www.euronews.com/2023/03/16/dutch-farmers-protest-party-in-shock-victory-in-provincial-elections Quote from article: 'A new powerhouse of Dutch right-wing populism took political center stage on Thursday after winning its first provincial elections, a victory that was seen as a resounding rebuke to Prime Minister Mark Rutte's ruling four-party coalition.'
  6. That's exactly what i took it to mean as eloquently expressed by yourself, but not quite as detailed a description, and i felt there was something amiss, something not matching with the statement, so i started using the term [D]ark [S]ide actors as a more appropriate term to describe this hidden clandestine operation hiding behind the plethora of shell companies acting to conceal themselves with. I actually think now that the term 'Deep State' is a reference to the public, the everyday ordinary people that just want to get on with their lives and not be concerned with too much in the way of politics, i watched this video with piers morgan (i can only apologise for the intrusion) interviewing Ron Paul about Edward Snowden, there was another video out there that i can not find now but Snowden was trying to describe to Ron Paul what the Deep State is, as he was doing this it hit me, The Great Awakening, where the public are in a 'Deep State', hypnotised/slumber,
  7. I thought i saw the government plan somewhere before, they used to write on envelopes and napkins with ideas, but now take inspiration from just about anywhere,
  8. And just to add, we do not live by government Diktat, we the people, live by the Law as settled by parliament and what we have now is the total inversion of what OUR parliament should be, for me at least i just view it as a captured operation under the influence and kontrol of a foreign power, hence Diktat. So when did politicians assume the lofty heights of Rock Star status, i would not mind but it's got to be the worst tribute band out there, fuked if they get any of my money for the performance, i do however have some old rope that might come in handy!!!
  9. I wanted to reply to your assertion here in this thread on the terminology of 'Deep State', for no other reason than you mentioned it as i was reading through the 'rona thread, i want to bounce some ideas off both our noggins. I want to ask what the term 'Deep State' is with respect to how you perceive it's meaning? This is a genuine inquiry and not some run around nonsense, because i respect your views and i have an idea about it's meaning, that maybe part of the puzzle that we are trying to discern with the limited evidence/information that we have, and i feel that whatever you can provide in terms of your perception will be an honest one,
  10. For those that are and are brave enough to take their head out of the sand and actually do something for the situation they are in: howbad dot info
  11. And i can't wait to see the expression on their faces, good luck with that, you have been warned,
  12. https://www.brighteon.com/channels/hrreport https://www.bitchute.com/channel/naturalnews/ https://www.naturalnews.com/ Episode 3 of the Breaking Point documentary series features experts warning about the deliberate destruction of the energy infrastructure that keeps the economy running (and humanity alive). Breaking Point - Episode 3 - ENERGY COLLAPSE https://www.bitchute.com/video/UAvvFrNwDpau/
  13. It is nothing less than the surreptitious confiscation of your God given rights, they sell this ideology as being necessary for freedom to be given, in other words the theft of what does not belong to anyone person or anyone group, it is communofascism social agendism engineering by way of compulsive lying deceivers that want YOU to submit to, no consent, no compliance, i do not agree and reject such notions to inhibit my God given rights in any way shape or form as nothing more than the attempted coup d'état by disenfranchisement of, we the people, by those that have chosen to betray, we the people, with false ideology that is repugnant to any Man or Woman of Mankind that is free upon this Earth by virtue of being born of Woman that was given to, we the people one and all by the, Creator God Himself. Those rights bestowed upon one and all from birth, are a restraint upon those that wish to trespass and transgress against them, you do not fight for those rights, you protect them, you defend them, you die for them, even for another that has been trespassed and transgressed against, these freedoms unite, we the people as individuals.
  14. It's called a 'product', you get a discount for bulk purchase into the disenfranchisement of life, MEH!
  15. Try 'does' instead of 'could', you walk on the blood of your victims to symbolise dominion, yuk Anyway lift your spirit this way, don't walk, rise above it, and glide with grace, Reiki Go What's Coming Next Will Wake Up A Lot Of People | NEW Frank Jacob Interview https://www.bitchute.com/video/VsnOwUAp7tEu/
  16. I lasted 01:08 I know a song that will get on yer nerves, get on yer nerves, you put the freshness back, you put the freshness back, you put the freshness back, when you do the shack an
  17. What about throwing mcdonalds into the Thames, no wait, that might be ecologically unsound for blinky the three eyed fish,
  18. Enough with the Brian 'mandroid' Cox, You wrote below in the mega rona and i agree, but i would be surprised if what Clif_High says is wrong, give it 5 mins of your time, there is opportunity ahead, the Gold rush made more money in buckets and shovels, it just depends on your perspective, i still think @Grumpy Owl is on target, clif_high MASS https://www.bitchute.com/video/3O2mYR8gY0Gm/
  19. Agree with that, but a lot of people will be caught off guard and may freak out, so i will be on hand to calm it all down, as will you i guess, and the rest of the good people that have brought all of this to light,
  20. @[email protected]@[email protected] Okay i'm up to speed you with you lot now, i have never really looked at the page numbers, yes it is quite the achievement in terms of posts, and a big thanks to @numnuts for making it all possible in the first place, and all that have contributed with the magnificent effort to get here
  21. Solar flash = Betelgeuse, which could also be "Warp speed", Star trek style when viewed from Earth? There will be two suns in our sky, it's in the Bible, clue, 2 corinthians 11:14, does it feel right?
  22. Still baffled as to what you lot are on about, i must be a doctor, @Nip have i passed my medical exam?
  23. It certainly is weird and magical, and three...two...one... you're back in the room, what else can one say, Jill Biden gives ‘International Women Of Courage Award’ to transgender official https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/restoring-america/equality-not-elitism/jill-biden-international-women-courage-award-transgender-official
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