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  1. Right there in the title, in plain sight, 'unsustainable development goals' , got to tell us, before they do it to us, sneaky lil' baskits, give 'em an inch and they'll rob us of everything, including our lives, and just to rub salt in this puss filled sore, you vill be ze happy,
  2. Exactly, this thread has already exposed this, that the 'experimental injection' IS the bio-weapon, and there never was a virus, it was a chemical attack, a poison, a toxin, deliberately purposely and willfully deployed against, We, The People of the world, to enable the 'experimental injection' uptake through the use of psychological bombardment of force, the threat of force and fear. https://grand-jury.net/ https://odysee.com/@GrandJury:f?view=home Dr. Reiner Fuellmich - CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY https://www.bitchute.com/video/zarFW3hwuyBc/ https://www.fuellmich.com/
  3. I vote for autopsies or post-mortem examinations when these media whores snuff it, so we can be sure if they died 'with' shame or 'from' shame, seems reasonable to me, and whilst we are on about autopsies or post-mortems, why is there a surprising lack of any scientific investigation into this NEW NOVEL CONTAGION, if i were a silentist oops scientist, i would be salivating over winning nobhead oops nobel prizes and stuff to go with my PhD's (phat head diseases) Speaking of responsibility at least one brave soul has decided to go viral with the message of warning about the jabberwocky, over the tannoy/PA system no less, enjoy, KILLUMINATI13420 Pharmacy Manager Quits Over Store Intercom Duration 00:00:31 https://www.bitchute.com/video/lL1HRl1HEedn/
  4. It also means 'twice call', a snake has two poison fangs, if you also include 19 into the equation then that could also mean 'Ai', considering this was all war gamed out with the table top exercise of event 201 then the Ai inclusion on super computers even quantum computers, is something to consider seriously,
  5. Exactly right, what we can say is, this is about saving face for pushing the narradigm so hard to off as many people as is possible with the jabberwocky so that they would be around to enjoy a recently depopulated planet, georgia guide stones and all that nonsense, obviously a part of the groovy gang cult, this thread has already exposed the three types of Jim Jones Juice on offer and the 'special sauce list' for exalted members with retractable needles for that professional studio production, just in case the plebs needed further encouragement to commit suicide and saline use, all in all they thought of every angle with which to play out this nonsense including post production movies of the crisis actors employed to play repeatedly to the survivors of this outrage at some point down the line, aka George Orwell style of a fake history,
  6. I think more to the point is, why does s/he have a TerrorVision production crew on hand where ever the annoying baphomet twat goes, As for Russia China and the Norks, no matter what you may think of them, one thing is for sure, they ain't that stupid and besides for all we know 'IT' might be their version of comedy reality tv, HONK HONK,
  7. Speaking of repeat customers, here's the Salty Cracker ripping a new one in, piers 'verified khunt ' morgan, seriously though piers is doing just fine by ripping himself new ones by repeatedly stabinating himself with the jabberwocky, and still tests negative for intellectual content on just about any subject he engages with. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/12/fully-vaccinated-boosted-piers-morgan-tests-positive-covid/ Fully Vaccinated and Boosted Piers Morgan Tests Positive for COVID-19 — Blames “Anti-Vaxx” for Catching the Virus The Salty Cracker Boosted Piers Morgan Blames “Anti-Vaxx” for Catching the Virus Duration 00:08:09 https://www.bitchute.com/video/LOKNpAkaFuk/
  8. Better, Carl Orff - O Fortuna ~ Carmina Burana, and relax,
  9. Super spreading viral nonsense since 1969.
  10. Thanks frankieboy, you do realise that you ripped a new quantum rabbit hole in the time-space continuum, there i was searching for material to do an epic piece on #MPRobinCookdidn'tkillhimself, and instead i found the author of almost the last four years now of non existent viral nonsense, i kid you not, check it out. https://robincook.com/books WTFrog is going on!!!
  11. Three down from top, six from left, hmmmmm 666, lets do this again, three down from top, four from right, is 12, that's much better, mind you if we do, two up from bottom, six from left, that's also 12, but if we do two up from bottom, four from right we get 8, which is infinity, yaaaaaay infinite nonsense just like what the UK dickheadpotatoship shovels in our minds everyday through the MenticidalSpewingMedia. And now for the reason of my post, https://www.opendemocracy.net/en/opendemocracyuk/do-you-remember-what-happened-to-david-kelly/ Quote: ' Dr David Kelly. Think you remember the David Kelly affair? The government arms inspector who killed himself thirteen years ago after a huge scandal involving tony b liar’s Labour government, the war in Iraq and all that ? I bet you don’t.' Some of us do, the rest of the line up most likely found out the truth that viruses don't exist and is an eugenics program hidden in plain sight given a swanky misnomer of virology, that provides employment and big bags of cash for compulsive lying deceivers and groovy gang members, and the bigger the whopper you tell comes with big phat bonuses and public adulation as the MSM see's fit to brainwash the general TerrorVision watching news believing nitwits, meh!
  12. Just make sure you have this mantra in your mind when filling out all the multiple choice questions, i am responsible for all losses incurred, the platform has no liability, you will breeze it, but bear in mind this does mean what is meant, no risk = no reward, which includes the shirt off your back,
  13. There was a tweet or some such social media platform in the mega rona thread that mentioned epstain, whether it is THE epstain is up for grabs, i would think if it was, then his involvement would possibly be in the supply of victims to be experimented upon, truly depraved if true. Megyn Kelly Quote: 'Megyn Marie Kelly (/ˈmeɪɡən/; born November 18, 1970)[1] is an American journalist and media personality.[2] She currently hosts a talk show and podcast, The Megyn Kelly Show, that airs live daily on SiriusXM. She was a talk show host at Fox News from 2004 to 2017 and a host and correspondent with NBC News from 2017 to 2018. She is also active in posting to her Instagram page and YouTube channel.'
  14. Found him, Alex Collier at 01:31:05 used the same quote in an interview he did in 1994, the video is worth revisiting as quite a lot of what Alex was saying then has reference to what is happening today, this is the best version i could find, others had glitchy audio. https://www.alexcollier.org/ https://www.alexcollier.org/alex-collier-video-interview-1994/ Shane_Shinner Alex Collier interview (1994) Aliens and Draco Reptilians Duration 01:59:01 https://rumble.com/v15dyn6-alex-collier-interview-1994-aliens-and-draco-reptilians.html
  15. Here comes our man again with what i am sure will be another film to blow the whole medical mafia into oblivion. The Highwire with Del Bigtree ANDREW WAKEFIELD ON HIS NEW FILM, PROTOCOL-7 Dr. Andrew Wakefield returns to The HighWire with the worldwide premiere of the trailer for his new highly anticipated film, Protocol-7, chronicling the true story of the historic lawsuit against Merck for fraudulent activity behind the mumps portion of their MMR vaccine. Warrior Mom author Tracy Slepcevic also joins Del to discuss the upcoming Autism Health Summit in San Antonio and the dynamic speakers that will be part of it, including producers from Protocol-7. Duration 00:40:39 https://www.bitchute.com/video/ZvRhkijZ6m6S/
  16. Just to reaffirm everything written here about throwing the kitchen sink at it in a vain attempt to obfuscate the excess death numbers, here we have the UK dickheadpotatoship of tyrannical rule claiming that the people they threw out of hospital are to be included in the swelling number of deaths as if somehow not to blame and lessen the numbers, but instead admitting to Manslaughter, i mean how stupid can you get, alas this question has now been answered, sad but true.
  17. Interesting, and the fish gets it, i have been ruminating on just such a subject for sometime, since the only place in the known existence that colour actually exists is in the brain, i have wondered about colour as being some type of evolution of both the Eye and Brain, clue; it's Biblical,
  18. Kenetic weapons = basically anything you can chuck with force, things like sticks, stones, spears, arrows, catapults, knives, swords, bullets, bombs, missiles even vehicles such as cars, tanks, jets...etc Directed energy weapons = anything that is Electromagnetic but could also be Sonic in nature, See pic, note there is a time limit to edit your post, once the time has elapsed your post remains as is, after that only the mods can delete it, it's best to write out your post first on notepad or alike then copy and paste into the thread, that way things don't get lost as often happens with connection problems,
  19. Anger is useful, it's common sense that they would vaccinate democide genocide phuk it, lets call a spade a spade, exterminate for, it's that tenuous quality that cries BULLSHIT when caught out and up to no good, because they aint that clever and would like everyone of their victims to just go quietly and feed ze bugs, six foot under.
  20. Not strictly about Antarctica but it is included in this brilliant presentation from Graham Hancock, more to do with migration patterns and megalithic structures of which we should be sure also exists in the intentionally hidden/obscured continent, Fearless Nation Graham Hancock: Beyond Ancient Apocalypse | Presentation @ Logan Hall, London Duration 01:31:01 https://www.bitchute.com/video/EXzPVPloXMHy/
  21. Some extra footage that includes some of what was reported by the bbc XANDREWX 7.6 Magnitude Earthquake Hit Japan - Resulting in a small Tsunami Duration 00:04:20 https://www.bitchute.com/video/8pKRzpVLA3zW/
  22. You can add this sack o' shit to the list of 'WHY' by 'WHOM' and 'WHOre', his name is hugh pym, and as far as i'm concerned a groovy gang gravy trainer that collected the money and can go straight to hell on the end of a rope, here's why!!! TruthHatingEgregiousYakkers sit around poncetificating the latest script spreading the False Emotions Articulating Reality because this sack o' shit has never heard of THALIDOMIDE and it never happened because he is a bubble head that does no good investigative journalism and the ones that do end up being jailed for the TRUTH, ask Julian Assange for that one!!! BrainwashingBastardChunts!!!
  23. I tried looking for the exact photo but was unable to find, i don't think that particular image actually exists, as all i could find were black and white photo's that are not exactly the same, but maybe the point was to just be suggestive enough to be recognisable in meaning, the only other one that comes close is this, so maybe it has three suggestive meanings when you consider the below was at the epstain island along with the 'i want you' of bill in the blue dress and red shoes, the artist is Petrina Ryan-Kleid,
  24. This popped up from behind the ol' brain sofa, so i thought i would share what goes on in my head with you lot, REM, Automatic for the People or Automatic killing hammers for the sheeple Thanks REM, your music just found its way into my microwave hall of fame, MEH!!! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Automatic_for_the_People
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