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  1. It's the upload download path that is the concern, have you had a look at my other post yet, plz plz plz
  2. Via the mass menticidal experimental injections that we just lived through, pfizers own documentation lists Graphene Oxide along with Gold as ingredients within it, at this time no-one really knows what has gone into these injections but the suggestion that there is reflective material in them suggests that anyone who has been injected would show up like smart water does under UV light when moving through the 5G network, Think Sonar echo location that returns not just a signal but unique identifiers of the returned signal no matter the target.
  3. Have you looked at this yet, i added some touches to it and left a clue, truly profound Another mathematically impossible coincidence or...... https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/27776-q-anons-potus-mcafee-jaun-o-savin-anything-else-related/page/34/#comment-500502
  4. In my opinion, 'was the film predictive programming' then yes, but not as you may think it to be, because the breakaway civilisation aka the evil shitheads that think they are above the Law have a secret in their possession, and that is the end of one era into the next and by doing what they are doing is to program people into a specific mind set of menticide so that they can not see the gaming going on to ensure their survival and dominance in this world, to be blunt, game over See here for details https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/24007-100000-year-milankovitch-cycle-peaking-2024is-this-the-reason-why-they-are-locking-down-the-human-race
  5. In the current system of delusion all three are designed to last forever, only the names get changed,
  6. Thanks for posting this, now added to the never forget thread, epic https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/28996-we-must-never-forgive-or-forget-these-complicit-media-tools-and-bullies/page/3/
  7. Land-ship of fools, London though has a habit of going up in flames, so it's good for something at least, i saw a similar structure in my dreams recently, the only difference there was water around it, reminds me also of Waterworld, Kevin Costner,
  8. Canada has one too, in fact anywhere with a similar structure associated with government could be a target, maybe all of them, this card was shared widely before and during the 2012 Olympics,
  9. The site times out plus there is chatter that the site is suspicious, try this one instead but do some digging before you post to be sure it don't get flagged up somewhere, https://filebin.net
  10. Every word, we all know but have been so disenfranchised by this march through the institutions we feel powerless to bring them to account, it's a big club, time for a clear out,
  11. Found it, the similarities are right in your face and denotes this shitbag as being a scab cult member!!! https://www.britannica.com/topic/scarab
  12. OUTFUKINSTANDIN LYRICS, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, keep 'em comin, FUK THE GOVERNMENT ARREST THE GOVERNMENT Clear out OUR Parliament, disinfect from top to bottom because that's where the real disease is!!! The peasants are revolting, but it's the government that STINKS, Then when found guilty by judge and jury, PUBLICLY HANG THEM ALL AT THE GALLOWS!!! No Amensty No Deals No Escape Justice First!!!
  13. Except, dun dun daaaaaaaaa, the McCann's plastered all over the shop for an escape route as they disappear into the oblivion, it's all one big game of arse covering to hide the sickness that the whole system is diseased with and for the love of luncheon vouchers, MEH!!!
  14. Soft sell menticide to anesthetise the masses into a stupor of compliance, blonde chucky is a good way to describe this nonsense,
  15. 911 the demonstration, in numerical terms of the numbers 9 = death, forced through the gate of 11 = passage, BQQM, you got it yet, tick tock = time, and it don't wait for no man nor ignorance.
  16. Here comes mary-jane 'stoner' sprog trying to convince everyone that Ba'alsBraindeadChildren from the village of the damned has any credibility at all and introducing a new menticide operation from what looks like a hamburger shop at a shopping mall, is that Merthyr TydVILE neo-nazi affiliated shopping mall providing the location, Quid pro Quo eh?, https://qalerts.app/?q=Mainstream+%3D+when+you+are+now+the+news. Anyway, we are the news now, some of the comments are Quite funny once you descend past the obvious sycophants of either paid, or in s/he own words, have set up troll accounts to somehow steer the dialogue into a bike shedding frenzy that might somehow convince the posters to not Question anything at all, what could go wrong, scheme on, scheme on, MEH!!! And a Quick tip if you want to be credible at all, it is to report the facts and not MISTRUTH'S like there is a non existent virus on the loose to scare as many people as is possible to get 'experimentally injected' with, as you grammatically challenged fukwit have stated below, which all adds up to you being irrelevant reading from a script and doing nothing credible at all because you're a useless snooooooooz spewer, VERIFIED, keep walking and fuk off, MEH!!! Also if you are wondering about the bold Q's it is for the algorithms to find, MEH!!! What the fuk is this supposed to be, someone paid you to do this shit. Come on, do you own a mirror, is this some CGI composited delusion of what you think you look like, look how fat your arms are IRL,
  17. Possibly a nauseating and suffocating read, BOOM BOOM, sigh, i give up, there's no point trying to be a comedian in a world full of clowns
  18. This is what i was looking for concerning tobacco, , great even more research to deep dive on. Here's a web vendor to get it from, https://www.gqtobaccos.com/rolling/american-spirit-blue-hand-rolling-tobacco-30g/ A closer look at the description reveals why people got sick from Tobacco in the first place and that is the meddling fascist fukwit agenda of spanky & co that we just lived through, MEH!!!
  19. For those suffering and reading this headline try chewing nicotine gum, then report back your findings,
  20. MUST WATCH: Renowned British Cardiologist UNLEASHES on Big Pharm "Quite often in the way that [Big Pharma] make money, they will behave like psychopaths. Callous unconcerned for the feelings of others, incapacity to experience guilt, repeated lying and conning others for profit. When people understand that at the root and accept that they've got so much control and capture over politicians, over medical bodies, over the media, then we're able to start finding solutions to address this at the root of the problem." – @DrAseemMalhotra
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