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  1. It sickens me and pains me to do this to give any of my time over to a compulsive lying deceiver that attacked We, The People of Britannia with convid, you absolutely insult disgust and offend me you fat sweaty piglet of a TREASONOUS POISONOUS EUGENICIDAL MANIAC, the gallows is far too tame a sentence for you to enjoy, phuck you, you're a khunt!!! yes johnson YOU Tony Gosling Boris Johnson reacts to Putin's accusation HE scuppered April 2022 Ukraine peace deal in Istanbul At one point in the interview, Putin blamed then-Prime Minister Johnson for derailing peace talks with Ukraine in 2022, claiming that he convinced Ukraine it was “better to fight Russia.” https://politicsthisweek.wordpress.com/2024/02/08/not-the-bcfm-politics-show-presented-by-tony-gosling-176/ He described Johnson as having a "pure heart" but "not a great mind." In the op-ed, Johnson wrote that Putin’s interview with Carlson was straight out of “Hitler's playbook.” He drew a comparison with an interview Adolf Hitler gave to a sympathetic German-American journalist shortly after he invaded France in 1940. https://www.msn.com/en-in/news/world/boris-johnson-calls-out-tucker-carlson-for-2-hour-putin-interview-bum-sucking-servility-to-a-tyrant/ar-BB1i532i https://www.bitchute.com/video/Zi0UjNIFHStb/
  2. Depending on the circumstances at hand water is the number one priority over food, here are some search terms to get you going, it is important to select your water source, i.e, away from contaminants that may be present from farming and other pollutants from industry and capturing rain water is probably the easiest way that will have the least contaminants along with spring water, it is very easy to do, but as always, ymmv, https://duckduckgo.com/?t=h_&q=diy+water+filtration+system&ia=web This is a site from the search which is very easy to follow and explanatory about the process involved, hard woods like Oak, Ash.. etc are best for the charcoal used. https://waterfilterguru.com/how-to-make-a-homemade-water-filter/
  3. By passing this Law which goes against the very essence of free speech which is a right and not Law, then the government has condemned itself as the biggest perpetraitors of the language that they themselves use on a daily basis against, We, The People. I would love to see you suffer mercilessly I would hate to see you suffer mercilessly Which one is love speech or hate speech, because i will not be dictated to on what the government approved emotional response to any situation that, I, as a Man, encounter in my life, unless the government accepts full responsibility for causing harm in my life that caused me to use strong hate/love speech as a response, I will not be forced to be muzzled by government nonsense that what was perpetrated against, We, The People world wide by being forced into a Satanic ritual of standing six feet apart and muzzled during the hate speech of convid. DISGUSTING BEHAVIOUR!!! and DISTGUSTING HATE SPEECH FROM THE TRAITORS ELECTED INTO OFFICE!!!
  4. From memory i think the sequence of events goes, Canaanite, Hebrew, Israelite and now this modern title of Jewish, something went wrong along the way and the Israelite's were scattered abroad, but it goes much deeper than that if we consider everything has been inverted and history rewritten.
  5. The place on the map is not Israel, not in the Biblical sense.
  6. Now that is the question to be answered.
  7. Already explained the mechanism, do you know how to read or are you just bike shedding with circular reasoning. Read above I have been active and vocal for four years now reminding all about them and standing for the rights of others. The only rights are what we defend and not fight for, it is idiots like you that would seek to fight against them, and have them removed by force and subjugation. Legal does not pertain to a Man or Woman it is in fact just company policy or a contract entered into without duress, so the bit of paper you refer to is in fact a contract and thereby enforceable in a court if breached. I will continue on with my God given inalienable rights and defend them, Go in peace, own nothing and be happy, you have been enslaved and do not even know it, and yet you defend it, ridiculous.
  8. More news on Dr Reiner Fuellmich from Greg Resse Greg Reese The Illegal Kidnapping and Persecution of Reiner Fuëllmich Quote from article: 'It appears as if German lawyer, Reiner Fuëllmich, who recognized the COVID crimes against humanity as early as 2020, has been set up. Fuëllmich was spearheading a project known as the “Second Nuremberg”, and co-founded the Corona Investigative Committee. His Committee consulted about a hundred and fifty scientists and experts from around the world, as well as former employees of the World Health Organization, and their findings showed them that the COVID measures were the first steps in a plan to destroy regional economies in order to make populations dependent upon global supply chains, and were intended to reduce the population and install a world government under the United Nations'. Duration 00:05:19 https://gregreese.substack.com/p/the-illegal-kidnapping-and-persecution
  9. Transgendered weather? Ghey Frogs? Gardening incident?
  10. The SHTF happened four years ago, since then they have been enjoying Parliamentary protection, and i think the phrase 'they will not be able to walk down the street' comes into full force.
  11. Rubbish, they are bestowed upon every Man and Woman at birth having been born of Woman upon this Earth. It is actually illegal to use this technique. What like live in a box or a cave, completely isolated from everything in Nature while the yahoo's run rampant doing whatever they may wilt at everyone else's expense, you come across as a wef infiltrator.
  12. According to wikipedia these scumbags will not be standing for re-election when Parliament is dissolved in December this year, personally my vote goes to the ordinary Man Or Woman as an independent, we have the chance to make a great change and kick these bastards out for good and then when found guilty by judge and Jury, the Gallows. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Next_United_Kingdom_general_election
  13. The reply from the scoundrel was passive aggressive in the extreme, utterly contemptuous and dismissive without compassion, empathy nor even sympathy, a very disgusting attitude, and the rebuff which adds further insult and offense was to reiterate the compensation scheme, as if cash itself is anyway satisfactory remedy for the outrageous fraud that has been committed, it is true that those that occupy our parliament are not doctors, are not scientists, all of them though are capable of recognising fraud and are complicit in that fraud and continue to do so via denialism, deny, deny, deny, then bam, the bleedin' obvious. The kings in our parliament are naked before the people, and the spectacle on display is offensive in the extreme.
  14. The Oscars. sploogemasters Babies Dead on the Cold Floor STOP THE INSANITY Incubator babies need vaccine too Duration 00:02:01 https://www.bitchute.com/video/7Zq0TLgAtp74/
  15. WOOOOOOOO something interesting for a change, NINO RODRIGUEZ AND KERRY: JUAN IN ANTARCTICA : SECRET SPACE We discuss why Juan and Obama and other US gov officials who go down to Antarctica prior to elections... TAKING ORDERS? Bowing to the controllers? What is really going on? Duration 00:51:55 https://rumble.com/v4ctogo-nino-rodriguez-and-kerry-juan-in-antarctica-secret-space.html
  16. Forbidden Planet - Monster of the ID The Monster within all of us.
  17. There are three things not long hidden, the Sun, the Moon and shit that pops up from behind the brain sofa that i forgot to mention, still on Mars and the D and M pyramid, that pyramid relates to two very specific people here on planet stupid.
  18. UKColumn have taken an interest in RDH court hearings and devotes the first 00:10:30 of the show and provides some in depth background info about the case and its further potential implications with respect to citizen journalism, the Judge appears to be lagging behind the times in terms of 'staged events', one might point the Judge to 911 for a lesson on this subject as an example. UK Column UK Column News - 9th February 2024 Mike Robinson, Debi Evans and Ben Rubin with today's UK Column News. Duration 01:01:52 https://www.bitchute.com/video/zWTCSBx0gif9/
  19. Alex Jones asks whether big Dave thinks he is part of the NWO agenda, well since AJ has brought up the subject can Alex Jones unequivocally answer his OWN question and denounce this agenda that no-one wants, NOW? It's one thing to endlessly bang on about it, but i for one have never come across any such denouncement from Alex Jones, although he has unequivocally denounced the Q group/posts.
  20. Following on from discussion in the mega 'rona thread Adrian Dittman, or ditto man, Musk has made it known that if someone on twatter wants to be followed by Musk then all one has to do is reply with a dot or ditto mark ' . ', there is another account on the shitter feed that is well known for this activity and that is Vincent Kennedy under the avatar of @VincentCrypt46, if you look at the story line of Vincent Kennedy it suggests that the Man or Woman (personally think it is a Man) behind that avatar has already had a merger of Man with Ai, quite possibly using the Neurolink that Musk is promoting, the fact that this discussion has arisen in the 5D digital battle space of the net suggests that Musk already has at his disposal all the information from this experiment for the debate to push through his ambitions and to win the ensuing arguments that oppose this intervention, and as big Dave puts it 'the soft sell approach', and i am surprised to be referencing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang again in such short a span of time, it appears to be the same enticement of the child catcher scene.
  21. Continue the discussion here as i don't want to derail this thread,
  22. None of anything is possible without big bags of cash to fund it all with, they are not magicians that can pull rabbits out of a hat at will because magik don't exist except in the minds of gullible idiots, what does exist however is a determined philosophy that is followed and that requires the subjugation of all that oppose it by force and fear which means this philosophy that they follow is bogus if it has to rely on those means for it to work, communism is always one more murder away from utopia.
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