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  1. Awesome, perfect for coming up on the 'E' moment waiting for the deeper connection to the Spirit of Life and Nature. RIP Robert Miles
  2. We called it drippy style, yeah proper mess because we knew it was all going to shit anyway, now look what they've done to us
  3. Ahhh i think we met one morning the sun was rising the birds were tweeting (god i hated to hear the little fukers cheeping away all happy like) and i think as we passed we nodded and said 'nice one, got right on one, yeah mate' as we headed to our future selves, funny how things work out.
  4. How about this one for the MSM shit show we all have to endure, yup give me shelter as it's just a shot away!
  5. RIP Meat Loaf, the legend lives on. HIS NAME IS ROBERT PAULSON
  6. My ever so loving wife, lol
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