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  1. You are right, but i confess that i asked myself first what would be the best way to break the news to them, i in no way wish to cause more harm than good and i am tempted to start a thread to address this very question.
  2. It's the FEAR PORN machine, there's no one left intelligent enough who knows how to switch it off without the stock market crashing! Scroll down to; All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace
  3. I witnessed the same thing in a Pharmacy so i know what your talking about, and like you i felt the urge to ask but thought best not to, she was in a panic!
  4. Just another entry for the convid diaries, Samuel Pepys would be proud, just an amusing entry, and yes it does contain relevant info unlike my last effort, again apologies for that. I think this is GBN news but not sure. News Anchor Tells The Truth On LIVE TV, she mouth's the word NO, when asked if we should shit ourselves of new scarients, lol.
  5. Perhaps we might find truth about Ukraine in the very excellent documentaries by MrTruthBomb PUTIN VS THE DEEP STATE - PART ONE - A Film By MrTruthBomb
  6. Is this the war everyone's on about, nah, surely not, this one you mean, that everyone forgot!
  7. Always in hidden in plain sight, until you start questioning
  8. Any reference material to look at possibly?
  9. I just watched this and there is nothing in this other than Alex Jones fat head, posted hastily as i was busy.
  10. There was nothing in this worth posting, i didn't vet first, was busy, sorry people.
  11. Sorry bud live on the other side of the pond, but if it makes you feel better we all know about Satan, currently masquerading as Doris Johnson, imagine how we feel.
  12. You are correct, my apologies, it's just at my age i forget that a computer simulation qualifies as reality these days! Or is it Virtual Insanity!
  13. Now you did remember to take that cash with the pretty pictures on it out the bank and roll it up because now you will not be short of toilet paper and cheaper too!
  14. I see Cruella Deville has gained some pounds these days.
  15. A fine example of the Turin test if ever i had witnessed, right there is why you do not let machines run the place because that's just stupidity!
  16. Here's a good one, where's wally,lol
  17. I like your answer, but surely the pot noodle generation (good observation that, i like it) know how to alter the resolution, thus reducing file size, they do know this don't they
  18. I am a bleeding obvioust (new word i made up between obvious and theorist), and when something is too good to be true, well, it usually is. Well shockingly NO is the answer to that in terms of PROOF and neither do you, the whole thing IS a media event and that is the TRUTH, but i can see the force is strong in you, i know a little off topic but just curious, what number booster shot are you on now, you know for the non existent virus, well actually it is on topic because MSM never lies does it! Your Government would never lie to you either.
  19. And don't forget that timeless statement before every launch where they flaunt it in the worlds face by saying, THAT'S T MINUS!!!
  20. Again, you dismiss your own argument for here is a visual representation of the enormous amount of radiation and high energy particles spiraling down the lines of magnetic force, exciting the low pressure gas as they go emitting light, and yet you dismiss it as harmless, there are dead Astronauts on the moon!
  21. Again, your idea of a CRAFT is exactly what it says, the CRAFT of make believe, where as my description is more truthful of a space bucket, which is what it is that you would entrust your life in, therefore, sorry bud it's a no go for any space mission i would join you on in a space bucket.
  22. This looks about right, but hey ho, both are DECEIVERS.
  23. Ok, in the other thread you said all you need to eliminate hostile radiation was a sealed bucket and a space hat, but when i asked you about space idiots in low Earth orbit who's own experience of flashes of light in the eye, you said radiation, and yet in low Earth orbit you have the Earth's magnetic field as a shield as well as a space bucket and space hat and yet radiation still get's through and that's just detected in the eye let alone the whole body, so my conclusion to this is i will never go on a space mission with you because i think it would be dangerous, jus sayin, jus sayin, no need to get huffy.
  24. How about ol duck lips here who's fighting for the NWO, any truth in any of this, enjoy. Vladimir Putin vs The New World Order? Could That Really Be True? Here's PROOF That It Is.
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