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  1. Who is the eye of providence? should be, What is the eye of providence? Clue, was situated in the Great Pyramid at Giza, and then floated off somewhere, The Giza complex was also a clock. Define the keystone, , today children we are going to look through the Arch window,
  2. Deny deny deny, then BAM, the bleedin obvious,
  3. following on https://t.me/followsthewhiterabbit/41300
  4. AMD gets flagged up in this one, and apparently the clock has started, running a bit slow innit, YAWN https://t.me/AM3NRA/586
  5. McAfee seems to have hit the speak n spell accelerator https://t.me/AM3NRA/583
  6. In other snooooz whilst we wait for the lights to come back on, does this bloke actually exist looks cgi to me, Twitter founder Dorsey attacked by short-seller: Payments firm Block falls 15% after being accused of fraud https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/markets/article-11896409/Twitter-founder-Jack-Dorseys-payments-firm-attacked-short-seller.html?mrn_rm=rta
  7. But this is old news, it well known that nine of the signers of the declaration of independence were mason's otherwise known as the founding fathers, and who knows how many others were clandestinely involved, but what we do know is that they always play both sides. The mason's are compulsive lying deceivers, speaking dragon language, that outwardly promote the image of virtue but practice something more sinister on the inside hence the need of oaths, where is Harry taking this line of reasoning. Good people are known for their deeds because they have no need of hiding the meaning, bad people hide behind good deeds to cover the bad intention of their meaning, aka in secret, which is what JFK wanted rid of in government.
  8. Strongest solar storm in nearly 6 years slams into Earth catching forecasters by surprise https://www.space.com/strongest-solar-storm-nearly-6-years-surprises-forecasters Note to space forecasters, stop licking your finger and sticking it out the window if you want accurate predictions, or are all the space balloons not working, ffs!
  9. That's the thing about projecting your evil onto the whole world, eventually it will come around back to the source, and right now i would say that fauci's bed should be as the bed of maggots and everything that creepeth and crawleth across the Earth he tried so hard to destroy, sleep well fraudci.
  10. This affects N. Ireland specifically and commences on the 24th March 2023 and ends 24th September 2023, i have not had time to read through what exactly is being offered for the change in extension of this illegitimate coronavirus act 2020, anyone have a brief description handy or does mainland UK need to liberate our Irish family from the clutches of voldemorte and the all seeing eye of sauron?
  11. Even the mighty Del Bigtree- The Highwire is having a melt down over the truth that there never was a virus in the first place, Jim Fetzer The latest brilliant video statement from Drs Sam and Mark Bailey of New Zealand. The "lab leak" revelations of late are nothing but the latest red herring for public consumption, steering the people to continue believing in the "deadly virus" deception. The United States Government purports to be investigating the “origins of COVID-19,” but how do you investigate something that doesn’t exist? Origins of Covid-19 by Sam Bailey https://www.bitchute.com/video/KcYliSkFBcyN/
  12. I agree, in the final analysis your 'typo' hypothesis is more realistic, it is the daily fail, need to include that in the discussion at least,
  13. The problem could be confounded by the number of people having been 'experimentally injected' who got the real Jim Jones Juice and are suffering from the after effects thinking that this non existent virus is still rampaging across the land and not realising that it is the 'experimental injection' that is doing the harm, plus all of the relatives that witness the suffering and further confound the situation by not being able to process the fact that we were lied to and deceived, MEH!
  14. Pfizer lied and committed fraud, the whole EUA is nothing but fraud, anyone that tries to derail justice is a criminal and a pervert, so no surprise there then!!! OUR Parliament is full of them and in need of a serious disinfection from the disease currently occupying it,
  15. It's part of the word magik of confusion of dragon language employed, when something is 'boosted' stateside it means 'stolen', so in this context it's correct to use the word 'booster' as you are quite literally being stolen away from your sensibilities that in normal circumstances would have you slamming the door in their faces as the confidence tricksters that they surely are and tell them to, fuk right off!
  16. Incorrect, jus a niggling error ol' boy that irks me to the core, it has always been 'died with convid' and never 'of' or 'from', i agree with everything else stated,
  17. Well said, and eloquently too,
  18. FalconsCAFE ~ Sharing is saving lives Quote: "In this episode, Dr. Ardis gives a shocking presentation with validation we have all been waiting for. He plays a five minute clip of Dr. Shankara Chetty confirming the findings of many different venoms found in the bodies of Covid-19 long hauler patients. That's right, plasma, urine and fecal samples from Covid-19 patients revealed toxin like peptides from venoms. Dr. Ardis also walks us through the research he's found of specific venoms found in the bodies of Covid-19 patients, many of which destroy copper and zinc. In the second half of this episode, Dr. Ardis updates us on hospital protocols and shows us what the research actually reveals. Validation ! Confirmation of venoms found in COVID-19 long hauler patients ! https://rumble.com/v2dqgzu-validation-confirmation-of-venoms-found-in-covid-19-long-hauler-patients.html https://www.bitchute.com/video/DmKaRFDkspBy/ Side note, Beware of CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing technique, to me at least this is the other villain of the trynamic trio of mRNA, industrial waste products designed to be a passive tracking device in the 5G network that not many are mentioning or talking about, watch the E. coli, watch the water, watch the air, watch the food, watch the food processing plants, watch the waste, watch the sewage works, watch the wifi network, watch the corporations, watch the government, watch the shitbags faces when, we the people come for them for what they have done!!! No amnesty, no escape, justice first, and fuk u 2!!!
  19. It is important to remember that Synchronicity will never hurt you physically, but it can drive you nutz at times, and you may even experience loss of sleep, the mind racing with all sorts of weirdness, it is important to give yourself some 'me time' and be still and quiet and away from the maddening crowds so to speak, i use a simple technique to help clear the ol' noggin of intrusions that i don't like by distracting my mind just by being conscious of my breathing, i don't discard them, i just put them in their proper place which is down the back of the ol' brain sofa where i manage them for the intrusions that they are, try to look into the work of Carl Jung who came up with this amazing description of this experience that is within us all, but rarely taken note of, some might call it intuition, I read the comment on the freemasons and i'm a bit puzzled why harry thinks this organisation is not a secret society, i know of no other groups on planet stupid that requires you take an oath before they give the instruction manual to read, all secret societies do this, as for the illuminati rubbish i agree, it is just another example of oath taking shit bags gaming the system for their own advantage at everyone else's expense and when it all goes horribly wrong for them, they will blame it on made up nonsense that never existed, like the virus, it never existed, but they pummeled it into everyone's mind so that when it all went tits up everyone will still be looking in the wrong direction, and make out like bandits,
  20. Umbrella corp central. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zucchetto
  21. There are lots of McAfee channels, was this on shitter, telegram or some other? Something that has appeared and seems to be of relevance is a clock on https://qagg.news/ Not sure of the significance other than it is counting down from 12, currently at 10 as per the image below and the hands have no meaning in the image other than being a little bit mischievous on my behalf to have the second hand pointing to 45, , i would of liked to get a screen grab reflecting the TT/mickey/Shiva clock but i forgot, not something high on my list of things to do as we wait for someone to pull their finger out and arrest some people currently occupying OUR house of Parliament, never mind the p-a-i-n will come faster and far larger down the road, maybe the ten days of darkness when the fuss over Trump shakes out, now! you lot did remember to do a backup of a backup of all your digital hard work, if not you have no backup at all, jus sayin.
  22. Operators are not standing by = nonsense
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