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  1. Stay with point and click Operating System if you want your computing experience done for you and your mind controlled by Microsoft, or take back your power and learn a computing experience that you control, Linux is the Kernel and you can tailor your computing experience as YOU see fit, it is open source and you have the right to do anything you want with the software, or just tag along, either way YOU are in control!
  2. Mark Steyn again,(there's a joke in there) who's head is going to explode with all this covid nonsense. We did warn people and now we are more than vindicated in our facts: red white and blue eh? very republican,hehehehe, go away you don't know what i'm on about.
  3. I don't know about Russian attempts but all of the attacks on my web server 99%(guesstimated, to many to count) China IP address, but that's not to say that it is China origin, it's very easy for bot farms to proxy in and out of countries, all i can say is that someone wants China as the bag holder.
  4. Can you provide a link please as i am interested in this interview also?
  5. How else are you going to turn it 'off n on' again?
  6. This is the first thing that entered my head when i saw it as @DaleP suggested but what's most interesting is it does look like a part on an aviation web site.
  7. And can you show us what it is you want us to see, thanks awfully.
  8. Quote: And it's the most fukin mental thing i have ever fukin seen, just so fukin blatant! Chemtrails are being noticed, not just the house arrest of the British people, which this guy is famed for.
  9. And this proves my point about overlapping. There is a lot of good info in this video, and i am soaking up every word from this enlightened Aussie. The Rona, mRNA, Ukraine, shipping, Milakovitch cycle, prepping, NWO, mass starvation, take your pick and place your bets, annnnnnnnnnd Click, it's gone!
  10. Dr Peter Breggin: The COVID Virus Is Greatest Power Grab Of All Time.
  11. It's my opinion and i am trying to find a way that does not censor but encourages meaningful information posted, apologies if you think i am a newbie and speaking out of place.
  12. Now go and create that thread as i am sure lots the posters here wish to know the truth you have.
  13. You have an opinion, now can you prove that opinion?
  14. That would in fact be me if you would ever so kindly direct me to credible evidence of the thing you talk about so much?
  15. In principle, sounds a bit like the road to hell is paved with good intentions, no i think i will stay with keeping big brother at bay by asserting my right to privacy and not handing my freedoms over to something else that says "your freedom and privacy is a myth".
  16. A short video of the plight of the residents of Mariupol, who are rightly sick and tired of the conflict.
  17. I don't think it's possible to completely eradicate the phenomena known as trolling, if it's on topic then it's on topic, but @Firebird was asked to provide evidence to back up the insistent claim that the poster had, and provided none, therefore to prevent the thread from being cluttered with nonsense a delay of some arbitrary amount, just like when you first join, indicates to the poster to remain faithful to the thread with genuine information.
  18. This is a better solution to encourage those with differing opinions to do but at some point topics always overlap, it's just the nature of the beast, and a delay imposed gives time for more meaningful thought to be put into meaningful posts.
  19. This is true, but the thread has been attacked via bikeshedding, meaning everything is trivialised and meaningful content is lost, in my opinion a 10 minute delay on posting encourages better quality of content to be debated and not censored, and censorship does not feel nice to myself.
  20. MODS i think this would be enough to say that the poster @Firebird is bikeshedding which has already been noted, if it were up to me i would put this poster on a ten minute delay from posting.
  21. You were asked to provide evidence of published documents from creditable independent sources of these so called people that can observe them, would you now take this opportunity to provide this evidence?
  22. Says the person who will not consider that the DISEASE may actually be CHEMICAL in origin, which actually is the most simple explanation of a so called VIRUS that just so happens to have hide and seek qualities within it, that it comes with asymptomatic abilities that can MAGICALLY jump from one person to another by way of non existent transmission paths that have never been found and of course the VIRAL part has NEVER been isolated!!!
  23. I only blame you Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, you know what you have done, i will not lecture you on this, a judge and jury will though.
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