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  1. 11 minutes ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

    Couple of thoughts:


    Follow the bullet (if there was one) - who was in the same line of fire, and why weren't they hit? Will ballistics go look to see where it went.


    Who is the non-shooter dead person who attended? Be interesting to know their background and if they were a useful victim.


    5 minutes ago, Mazthehobo said:

    It must be to his right hand side as it was his right ear that was hit. Some guy was shot in back of head but it’s not in any video (yet).


    Apparently five shots were heard to be fired. Of course it could just be one shot and the other ‘shots’ were echoes. The one magic bullet could have hit donald trumps ear before turning left and hitting the bystander before taking a sharp left again and hitting the shooter in the head.


    3 minutes ago, Maggotman said:

    just an ammeter trying to shoot Trump dead did not succeed, if they really wanted him dead, then there were plenty of opportunities to kill him practically at his golf course plenty of trees, put something in his food, you name it.


    Shot HEARD around the world

    JA > June

    It has begun

    Manipulative Synchronicity Machine cornered, no way out

    Seth Rich

    The Flood

  2. 3 hours ago, jack121 said:

    The ever unreliable Mariana Spring is back, promoting her new book.




    In which she is right and everybody else is wrong. 

    Spring: " There are ways to fix the disinformation problem, such as regulating the social networks. ‘And holding to account the social-media companies by pursuing legal cases. ‘Increasingly, we have to call on social-media companies for transparency. And, as well as educating children about disinformation and
    things like AI-generated content, we must continue to educate ourselves. ‘We need to understand more about the consequences of conspiracy theories, such as how a conspiracy belief may affect things like jury decision-making. ‘It is also paramount for us to develop interventions that can help alleviate some of the  consequences of disinformation and conspiracy theories.’ Researchers are working on this, he promises.

    Other measures – like learning to talk to family members who believe in conspiracy theories. But the more I learn about this age of conspiracy, the more I feel there is a bigger conversation to be had about the kind of societies, the kind of worlds we want to live in. We are all affected by the repercussions of powerful people making self-serving decisions, of corporations obfuscating the truth – and we can all sometimes feel unable to control our own lives. If politicians and those with power took steps to give people some security, rather than stoke divisions and trade in anxiety, perhaps our current thirst for conspiracy theories might pass. ‘We’re still quite far from some sort of golden solution,’ says Spring, with a kind of weary optimism, ‘but more than ever before, people are aware of the consequences. And they aren’t willing to
    stay quiet anymore.’







    I could of been more savage, but it's late, 🤣

  3. https://x.com/AaronSiriSG



    Thank you Kerry, you are the OOH, in a reasonably priced UFO, 💖


    Four part post and required reading all four, but to keep it short for the thread the below is part one.




    Dr. Stanley Plotkin, the world’s leading vaccinologist, and his disciples, have just capitulated. After decades of claiming vaccine safety is robustly studied, they just admitted it is not, neither before nor after licensure. But don’t be fooled – read my stack or this long tweet for details!

    Plotkin Article: https://nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMp2402379

    It is amazing that after decades of Dr. Stanley Plotkin and his vaccinologist disciples insisting vaccines are the most well studied products on the planet, they just penned an article admitting precisely the opposite.

    They just admitted vaccines are not properly studied—neither pre-licensure nor post-licensure. They admitted, for example, “prelicensure clinical trials have limited sample sizes [and] follow-up durations” and that “there are not resources earmarked for postauthorization safety studies.”

    That is an incredible reversal. But let me provide context so nobody is fooled at what they are clearly up to:

    For decades, the medical community insisted vaccines are the most thoroughly studied product ever; for example, Dr. Paul Offit said, "I think we should be proud of vaccines as arguably the safest, best tested things we put in our body.”

    For decades, parents of vaccine injured children, vaccine injured adults, and other stakeholders contested these claims only to be shunned and attacked by the medical community and health agencies.

    In 2018, I had the unprecedented opportunity to depose the architect of our vaccination program and the Godfather of Vaccinology, Dr. Plotkin, and lay bare the evidence that showed what these authors are now finally admitting about the utter lack of vaccine safety trials and studies. See https://thehighwire.com/ark-videos/the-deposition-of-stanley-plotkin/.

    After this deposition is made public, Dr. Plotkin goes on a tirade, making demands that FDA add “missing information on safety and efficacy” in vaccine package inserts and that CDC exclude harms from its Vaccine Information Sheets, “lobbying the Gates Foundation to support pro-vaccine organizations,” working to have WHO list vaccine hesitancy as a global threat, lobbying AAP, IDSA and PIDS to “support training of witnesses” to support vaccine safety, etc. See https://icandecide.org/article/dr-stanley-plotkin-the-godfather-of-vaccines-reaction-to-being-questioned/.

    The problem is, it doesn't work. It doesn’t work because, at bottom, there are no proper safety studies. So, there is no safety data to add to the FDA package inserts, and hiding harms by removing them from CDC inserts doesn’t make them go away. Parents and other adults don’t simply stop believing what they have seen with their own eyes because CDC, WHO, the Gates Foundations, etc., won’t acknowledge them, or worse, they attack them.

    That brings us to the present in which Plotkin and his disciples realize they can’t cast voodoo on the public. They can’t hide the truth. So, their only option is to try and co-op the truth they have lied about for decades by now admitting that the studies to show vaccines are safe do not exist. But in making that admission, they conveniently fail to admit that for decades they lied, gaslit, defrauded (and I don’t use that word lightly) the public by claiming that vaccines are probably the most thoroughly safety tested products on the planet and that people should rest assured, no stone on vaccine safety was left unturned.

    Thus, in their article just published, they pretend they never lied about vaccine safety. They pretend they are now just pointing out vaccine safety has never really been conducted, as if that was not known to them before.


    Part two



    'They also ignore the mountain of studies and data which already exist that clearly show serious vaccine harms. Just take a moment to review the large body of science around one of the adjuvants used in vaccines which multiple studies show can cause serious harm. See https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/38788092/'


    'they virtually never have a placebo control, typically review safety for days or weeks after injection, and often have far too few participants to measure anything of value, just see http://icandecide.org/no-placebo'


    'I just had a dispute with a Plotkin disciple not long ago in which they were clearly still not ready to admit the above truth https://x.com/AaronSiriSG/status/1673483027618623489'


    Part three



    “In 234 reviews of various vaccines and health outcomes conducted from 1991 to 2012, the IOM found inadequate evidence to prove or disprove causation in 179 (76%) of the relationships it explored, illustrating the need for more rigorous science.”

    Comment: Again, no shit, and I would appreciate if you would please properly cite to the ICAN white paper from 2017 from which you have plainly lifted this point https://icandecide.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/VaccineSafety-Version-1.0-October-2-2017-1.pdf"


    Part four



  4. 23 minutes ago, DannyUK said:


    I have just had a brief look and ultimately it seems to be about the Laws of the Sea - Admiralty law or Maritime Law - Gold Fringe around the US Flag etc

    As if the laws of the land and such don’t exist/suspended so peoples rights can be taken away and we have tyranny - Globalisation. Like Councils try to do through enforcement of fraudulent tax etc So the idea of this flood scenario could also be implied here as if the land is consumed by water, no law of the land exists if the sea overtakes it. So this could likewise be implied but I would have to do more research into it…



    A whole can of worms opens up right there, i really should not do humour, nice one, 👍

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  5. 48 minutes ago, DannyUK said:


    Thanks mate for some reason I didn’t notice your comment probably because I started working on other posts don’t know how it got overlooked 🫥

    OJ noticed it… 😬

    So yeah that means they’re shadowing the eclipse event through the vote and what’s going on is within direct relation to what’s being designed within the US. This was definitely what I thought was being suggested through using American Independence Day but no I didn’t notice or know if anyone else had mentioned that it was 88 days no… Definitely telling of more of this same symbolism…


    FYI - Anyone looking into this - I am sure the Queen associations through “Queen Elizabeth II” and all such symbolism is also about the same thing…

    All to do with emphasis and ritual upon the “Queen of Heaven” and this game/play of the death cult between Virgin Mary and Whore of Babylon 

    Some interrelated material


    Symbolic and ritualistically. 8 came up a lot to do with the latest eclipse, the end and the beginning etc and is to do with the movement of the Sun and Moon following a figure 8 pattern. We also had many subtle words associated with the Sun 🌞 and weather in relation to the general election which on their own may appear innocent and not suspect as though any of this is mockingly implied when and would suggest it most definitely is…

    Not to mention Sunak getting soaked doing another stunt declaring the general election in the first place. He could have done with an umbrella then.

    I shared this here alongside David Ickes video on “Change” which was the rhetoric between so many different parties…



    It was all script… The focus on change seems to be on climate change and the new economy…

    The coming technocracy essentially. This is how I see it and that through this event within the US this will be basically the start of the end of the current economic system and the start of moving over to the the digital surveillance system. The death of King Charles also plays into this in our country because the idea about changing the physical currency again so soon will seem to be in direct opposition and wishes of Charles and his sustainable development practices and will be the phasing our of physical currency.

    It seems these things are lining up.


    Sunak mentioned the word “judgement” in his farewell speech…

    The dress also seems to be symbolic of patriotism. Or more likely “down with patriotism” is what’s implied here. It has definitely been done deliberately and with intent.

    National vibes being implied everywhere for the imposition of Globalisation which can be done through this scenario involving the USA 🇺🇸 

    As a sense of unification and 🕊️ peace ✌️ and be steamrolled through on the back of this with a hole host of virtue signalling…




    Some of this involving patriotism and USA 🇺🇸 is mentioned here for anyone interested…


    Also with this in mind and your post…



    The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again

    Check out the work of John Pilger here. The New Rulers of the World - NWO Globalisation also the nuclear aspect comes up involving Bikini Atoll from Pilgers work and Metal Gear, symbolic of globalisation/cloning and Whore of Babylon - Maryland - Land of Mary, its inversion/perversion being the Whore of Babylon. Some of which was symbolically referenced through the collapse of Baltimore Bridge, representative of the foundations of USA 🇺🇸 On its own it is quite meaningless. It is however given meaning if this was a symbolic trigger given through the event by the death cult ☠️ which is what is being got at and speculated upon…



    Something else to consider @DannyUK


    Chevron down, umbrella closed no protection, reign over, red line crossed?

    I admit it's a bit loosely glued together speculation, but if you read the decision making process second link below, a whole boatload (pun intended) of symbolic numbers that are a bit fishy (yep, another pun) and possibly relates to the treaty of 1871 (or whatever it was called) where fishing rights were quite possibly the main component of the whole document, would be interesting to get your thoughts/feelings on this, 🤔👍






  6. 22 minutes ago, Talorgan said:

    Thanks for reminding me of David Talbotts electric universe idea ,just looking there for any idea on initial cause of everything or cyclic nature of universe too,

    not sure what October significance though ?


    Yes, cyclical nature of the Universe, Galaxy, Solar System and Planetary alignments of which this October could be the trigger point for geologic/atmospheric weather conditions due to the position of the Earth with the northern hemisphere on the winter side of the Sun and the position of Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus forming a square pattern, also on the winter side of the Sun, meaning the gravitational/electromagnetic influences upon the Earth in that position exerting their influence in a way for changes to take place, the Sun itself is also changing in terms of energy output, how much change is the unknown, but it should be noticable and could be the start of some spectacular plasma effects not unlike the Northern lights, but on a grand scale, 👍

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  7. 53 minutes ago, Talorgan said:



    Not sure what causing these anomalies,seems in upper  atmosphere,shear or vortex in  plasma but as geo - inactive period 

    ,is it linked to HAARP etc or natural perhaps or what happens in lower atmosphere affects upper atmosphere eg  via chemtrails?


    Consider https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plasma_cosmology  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electric_Universe https://www.thunderbolts.info/wp/


    and also



    This October looks like the start, if correct, no fear, enjoy the show, 👍

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  8. 1 hour ago, Lt. Columbo said:

    Isn't that part of the circus? It further cements the idea that he's a man of the people and is going against the deep state which wins him more votes. 


    For all his faults, he is exposing a very corrupt system in which the shadow government gets the result they want, and as you rightly point out, his popularity just increases with the more that gets exposed.

  9. 2 hours ago, JONJAY79 said:

    Problem is independents are never the answer because they hardly ever get a voice without a party backing them up.


    Andrews re-election was different tho', it has been suggested that some type of electioneering had gone on, and i can see how both main parties would have wanted the result that came, but the numbers of votes cast suggest something else had gone on in the minds of those that bothered to vote, for me bells are ringing, and i can't quite put my finger on it just yet.

  10. 26 minutes ago, Screamingeagle said:

    also a slow ongoing war is far better than the quick one,nukes ,maybe to "end" it like ww2 !!!


    it is a script from the start,and that start is propaganda and repetition!!!!!!!!!


    Worst game of chicken there ever was, mexican stand off, just nobody sneeze, 🫢

  11. 12 hours ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:


    On a relevant side note the master plan to enslave humanity as outlined in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is not to be questioned or altered.


    How can anyone drafting such a plan neglect to consider the critical function of adjusting the course to stay on course? 🤔


    A navigational enigma. Course plotted, don't veer for iceburgs? 😁




    The error of the assumption, is that those that scheme these things, all travel in the same boat, 1913 i think as an example among many.

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  12. Thanks everyone for your kind words of support and encouragement. I am
    sorry we did not manage to get the result. Please rest assured that what I believe and think has not and will not change. I’d also like to wish @hack4Labour
     the very best of luck for the future. It’s been my privilege to represent the people of North West Leicestershire for so long and I hope she enjoys the task as much as I have.



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  13. On 7/5/2024 at 8:27 PM, Anti Facts Sir said:

    Media: Labour Landslide!

    Actual details: LAB got 34% of votes in a 59% turnout. So they were the choice for only a third of the half of the population that voted.


    I'm crap at sums but that doesn't seem like as many people as the MSM coverage wants us to think. Starmer's been given carte blanche because that's how it was always gonna be. The timing was key, and Nigel Facade did his bit too.


    At a glance crap pie chart, 👍



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  14. In a world run by inverts, perverts, rapists, paedophiles, molesters, sexual deviants, fraudsters, thieves, robbers, blackmailers, confidence tricksters, compulsive lying deceivers, beast system machine worshippers and mass murdering psychopaths, the only thing they have left is the preservation of lust, devoid of love, compassion, empathy and altruistic morality.

    epstain island + surveillance state = closer than you dare to imagine



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