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  1. Moaaar 33 and it's the key, could it unlock the door of all doors to the secrets of all secrets or just a coincidence,
  2. Who is the eye of providence? should be, What is the eye of providence? Clue, was situated in the Great Pyramid at Giza, and then floated off somewhere, The Giza complex was also a clock. Define the keystone, , today children we are going to look through the Arch window,
  3. You are quiet shallow and you can not even help yourself when trying to deny playing both sides, pro white you say, defender of people of colour?, why make the distinction, i think not, i think you are the champion of homogeny, first by clearing out of the land anything that does not meet your critical standards by virtue of being the master racist. You accuse yourself, i just merely highlight the inconsistency in your rhetoric that tries so hard to deny. Blame and shame, it's a tiring misdirection game. As i said above in my first reply, what we have here is a declaration of hate for anything ethnically and biologically different from what appears in the mirror on your wall, but subtly glossed over with a finish of 'wishful concern' to maintain the self righteous appearance of FauxBrew Love, Fabian Society would Love you as a member on the long march through the instituions, cash from chaos much.
  4. Deny deny deny, then BAM, the bleedin obvious,
  5. Your attempts at demonising the 'white people' have failed. Like playing both sides?, me thinks thou protest too much. All things in time are revealed.
  6. Is there anything that you would like to 'confess'?
  7. Basically a plantation mentality, need to get rid of the trouble makers first that will not allow this to happen, The trouble with having absolutely everything in the world is that there is nothing more to have, ergo the desire to elevate ones self once more to god king shitbag status, is to make everyone else have less, and how much more delicious is it for them that in order to achieve this level of insanity is to just speak a load of lies full of fearful words and make everyone that's not in on the joke give it to them willingly, and it almost worked, and now they have one more move to make, RUN!!!
  8. What's missing from this picture of pure garbage, Here's a clue,
  9. Not always, if you consider today's technology then we can consider another line of inquiry and ask the question of, 'when did technology arrive on Earth', and i will start the conversation off which should bring us to a logical conclusion by answering, 'before the Pyramid's'.
  10. Rome never went away, it morphed, which i thought was appropriate given your avatar,
  11. following on https://t.me/followsthewhiterabbit/41300
  12. AMD gets flagged up in this one, and apparently the clock has started, running a bit slow innit, YAWN https://t.me/AM3NRA/586
  13. McAfee seems to have hit the speak n spell accelerator https://t.me/AM3NRA/583
  14. In other snooooz whilst we wait for the lights to come back on, does this bloke actually exist looks cgi to me, Twitter founder Dorsey attacked by short-seller: Payments firm Block falls 15% after being accused of fraud https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/markets/article-11896409/Twitter-founder-Jack-Dorseys-payments-firm-attacked-short-seller.html?mrn_rm=rta
  15. But this is old news, it well known that nine of the signers of the declaration of independence were mason's otherwise known as the founding fathers, and who knows how many others were clandestinely involved, but what we do know is that they always play both sides. The mason's are compulsive lying deceivers, speaking dragon language, that outwardly promote the image of virtue but practice something more sinister on the inside hence the need of oaths, where is Harry taking this line of reasoning. Good people are known for their deeds because they have no need of hiding the meaning, bad people hide behind good deeds to cover the bad intention of their meaning, aka in secret, which is what JFK wanted rid of in government.
  16. Strongest solar storm in nearly 6 years slams into Earth catching forecasters by surprise https://www.space.com/strongest-solar-storm-nearly-6-years-surprises-forecasters Note to space forecasters, stop licking your finger and sticking it out the window if you want accurate predictions, or are all the space balloons not working, ffs!
  17. Another thing to bear in mind when trying to decipher what is actually being said is that in the 'Anglosphere' is the principle that anything goes until it is expressly forbidden by Law, where there is harm then there must be a remedy, whereas the Napoleonic technocratic way is to first declare what is allowed, which in my opinion, stinks, because you are now at the mercy of technocratic cretins that do not see Mankind as a natural phenomena and separate and distinct from nature in the most unnatural of ways, an inverted pagan philosophy if you ask me, that will use anything and everything to condemn Mankind's place in this physical reality, which also stinks in my book, now i wonder whom or what would be demented enough to go full retard,
  18. The wef offer nothing in my opinion except fielding treachery, treason and proudly boastful bragging of how superior in intellect they are by having stooges installed in every government across the world, which to me sums up as being the dumbest crooks by exposing themselves, imagine taking all that time and effort to get through your evil deeds only to turn the spotlight and siren's on as your about to make off with the swagbag, TA DAAAAA Have you ever noticed the difference in mannerism's of dustbin 'castro' trudope when he speaks in french and then in english, you should take a look if not, the difference is quite striking and says brainwashed through and through, no wonder then that his own half brother Kyle said that he does not recognise him anymore,
  19. Considering that 'mel' the smell is a bloke makes it all the worse.
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