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  1. Couple of video's here about the batteries and what happens when the material is degraded, and in this case it is when penetrated by a nail, now obviously the reaction is intensified by the action of the material having been shorted when charged and is very close to what has been observed/videoed in the real world, Defending-Gibraltar_Truther_Forum Nail Penetration Test on the BYD Blade Battery and NCM Battery | BYD https://www.bitchute.com/video/m7R4YHUKSl4G/ And from the same site and i have not watched this yet but looks promising at least, China's All-New Sodium-Ion Batteries FINALLY Hit The Market! https://www.bitchute.com/video/Nx21UJgPFjuX/
  2. That would be the cure and completely on topic since it was government that did this to us in the first place,
  3. Is this him? and if it is, then what are we to know about him? https://www.jjw-law.com/about-our-attorneys
  4. It gets worse, here's some more meddling by the bureau of meddling idiotic retards, aka government, YOU NEVER GO FULL RETARD!!! Twisted Please sir, can i have some more infertility to go with my swamped forced mass immigration of disenfranchisement from an un-trusted source of treachery occupying our Parliament? Certainly young Qliver, now hurry up and die, muhahahaha, SixthSense Remarque88: CHINESE HAMSTER ZONA PELLUCIDA - SKYCOVION (SHARE) CENSORED BY UK GOVERNMENT THE "NEW" IMPROVED COVID DEPOPULATION SHOT STERILIZATION BY PORCINE ZONA PELLUCIDA https://www.bitchute.com/video/nc2VIFMY8hgh/ https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/regulatory-approval-of-covid-19-vaccine-skycovion Decision Regulatory approval of COVID-19 Vaccine SKYCovion Information for healthcare professionals and the public about the COVID-19 Vaccine SKYCovion Edit: reading the article on the occupiers website that we, the people of Britannia pay for it says this Quote 'Ingredients The MHRA can confirm that COVID-19 Vaccine SKYCovion does not contain any excipients of animal origin.' When reading page one of the characteristics pdf it says this Quote '2 QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITATIVE COMPOSITION These are two multidose vials (antigen vial and adjuvant vial) that must be mixed before use. The volume after mixing one vial of antigen suspension (2.5 mL) with one vial of AS03 adjuvant emulsion (2.5 mL) corresponds to 10 doses of 0.5 mL vaccine. See section 6.5 for the number of doses per vial. One dose (0. 5 mL) contains 25 μg of recombinant COVID-19 subunit nanoparticle produced in Escherichia coli and Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) by recombinant DNA technology. AS03 adjuvant is composed of squalene (10.69 milligrams), DL-α-tocopherol (11.86 milligrams) and polysorbate 80 (4.86 milligrams). For the full list of excipients see section 6.1.' Can anyone see a disconnect from reality in these two statements? or is it just BULLSHIT all the way, MEH!!!
  5. This is the key to decipher exactly the mind set that they do not want you to know, once you see it from this angle everything that has transpired over the last century becomes all too visible, we are at the end of a huge cycle and the transition to a new one and all of the break-away civilisation mob as they see themselves just jockeying for positions of dominance to ensure their survival, https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/24007-100000-year-milankovitch-cycle-peaking-2024is-this-the-reason-why-they-are-locking-down-the-human-race
  6. A very excellent write up of how the traitors currently occupying our Parliament must be removed from office, arrested, investigated and when found guilty by judge and jury for the treasonous actions against, We, The people of Britannia, marched to the gallows for a public execution by hanging until dead, those that are deemed to have aided and abetted in this outrage of convid and the blatant attempt of disenfranchisement via unrelenting immigration should be imprisoned and those that voted to throw our God given rights in the bin as though it were a trifling matter, as though they had the right to do so in the first instance, banned from ever holding office of any kind again, forever, because trust along with these sacred rights also got thrown in the bin three and a half years ago, DISGUSTING BEHAVIOUR!!! I still feel we are on track and this must happen, https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/30670-uk-general-election-in-october-2023
  7. One denial, two denial, three denials more, four den.... BAM there is no fourth denial, your guilty!!!
  8. Antarctica is definitely the place to be, it has it all particularly when space aliens are involved and unknown civilisations to explore that have come and gone, plus it is said to have inhabitable regions without too much in the way of power requirements for survival, perhaps lush vegetation to go with it, the fact that no-one really makes mention of this mysterious continent is a big red flag for me, much to know,
  9. RDH has them scared and running for the hit pieces to try and smear his name before the up coming trial, the bog paper known to some as the daily mirror of toilet fame and also associated with the name maxwell which is fitting really considering the evil that name is associated with now and forever has printed this garbage. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/manchester-bombing-disaster-troll-asks-30063329 Exclusive: Manchester bombing 'disaster troll' asks fans for lawyer tip to fight civil action case Manchester Arena bombing conspiracy theorist Richard D Hall has asked his fans to recommend a lawyer with survivors taking him to court over his claims the tragedy was faked I cant be bothered to go any further with this trash but thought some of the comments deserve a mention And while i am at it lets not forget this sweet little horrid monster, and i do mean MONSTER So here's why in s/he's own words polly crudson https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/as-covid-restrictions-ease-its-26046616 'As Covid restrictions ease, it's time to get tough on anti-vaxxers' Enough is enough, says Polly Hudson. As Boris Johnson scraps restrictions to save his own skin, we need to convince everyone to get a Covid jab. And that means hitting them where it hurts Further quote: 'those who are afraid, because they’ve genuinely fallen for untrue propaganda – need to be persuaded. The ­militant, rabid anti-vaxxers will never be persuaded, so they need to be forced.' And just to counter that insane statement above, that i am, uninfected, un-injected, not dead and perfectly healthy even though i tried my best to get sick from the non-existent 'virus' that you scumbuckets were so happy to promote the fear porn of, HOW DARE YOU!!!
  10. Get involved please and post your findings in this thread, your brains and voice are needed to get the message out, https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/24007-100000-year-milankovitch-cycle-peaking-2024is-this-the-reason-why-they-are-locking-down-the-human-race
  11. Only if you are a carpenter, sigh it gets worse,
  12. Enron 2.0, manufactured crisis with only one objective, our suffering to coincide with the psyop menticide routine,
  13. Time to revisit the great scifi master himself, H.G.Wells - The Time Machine, many parallels within this epic imaginative view of what the future might have in store for us, You can watch here https://archive.org/details/the-time-machine-1960_202203 And just to add, is this the eugenicidal offspring of the doris 'fat bastard' johnson experimental injection gang,
  14. I shall be watching this later and will report back for the discussion,
  15. I thought Jeff Lynne ELO did the rewrite, but i could be wrong,
  16. And don't forget that all the news feeds are plugged directly into the stock market, i mean what could go wrong in the pursuit of the love of money,
  17. Update from our Canadian friends, this is the chap that compared the first three years of the death rate of convid murder injections to all of those killed in the second world war, which i thought was a good way to compare and contrast. SixthSense Remarque88: CANADIAN GENOCIDE CONFIRMED BY NEW DATA Duration 00:04:32 https://www.bitchute.com/video/MYEIRV1M64qj/
  18. Is this it Yes, It's Genocide WITH LYRICS - Serj Tankian
  19. Four words, whatsapp, compromised, Isabel Oakeshott, and i don't think "we can't find them" or "it's gone missing" is somehow going to cut it, just a stall tactic if you ask me. As for convid, it was real and a psyop of menticide, just not a virus but a toxin, a neuro-toxin that we were deliberately poisoned with to start the scamPANICdemic off to facilitate the uptake of the experimental injections, aka the directed evolution experiment aka playing God, which is a big NO NO, the DNA molestation weapon or at best liquid asbestos, ask tony b liar the war criminal, he has all the vaccines and injectables all ready to go and just itching to get the stuff and "shoot it, right into the veins".
  20. What was the title of the restricted content?
  21. No, it is evidence that we were deliberately poisoned by our own government, by all authorities everywhere acting in tandem and fraudcasting their messages in plain sight via the MSM, nicotine never cured any infectious disease but with the initial 'outbreak' it protected those that smoked, like me, like wise with HCQ and IVM, never was a virus but a neuro-toxin and i will keep hammering this home until people actually wake up and get it, but for most a depop agenda committed by their own governments sends them running for the bedsheets and quivering under them hoping the nasty brutes will just go away.
  22. For everyone on this forum and those that just read it, this will be no surprise at all, you either accept or reject the implications that this information will reveal. From the Directors of Died Suddenly: ‘Final Days’ will be a very important film to watch before the Died Suddenly 2 release. The sinister plot to mutate God’s creation and alter mankind is not a conspiracy theory. Coming Tuesday, May 30th. Sign up to get EARLY ACCESS to the film here: https://stewpeters.com/final-days/
  23. Funny how Synchronicity works, you asked and the answer found its way to you, stick your head where the Sun don't shine and proclaim the fine weather if you want, but for me at least, i would rather be a Stallion than a government approved menticided smooth brained lab rat.
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