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  1. Directed evolution = playing God, for no other good reason of, because they can. Trust got thrown in the bin four years ago, it would be foolish to think any other way.
  2. I think the 'Disease' within the title that it refers too is, Mankind,
  3. Plastic by the looks of him, mould pressed from the Anderson Cooper range of news clowns.
  4. Someone that speaks the truth has no need to deflect and hide behind his Daughter and the suffering that she has endured, and to promote this defense clearly and unmistakably for public outrage against RDH, to paint a picture within the minds and hearts of others that are curious about the case, i'll just leave this statement from Martin to do all the explaining about his own intent which clearly demonstrates a weak defense on his behalf, something to hide?, i feel there is much more to come from this case, keep going RDH, Quote: 00:19:39 - 00:19:50 "you can probably tell, i get emotional, but, you know he's gonna, he's gonna learn, a very painful lesson, errr and i won't take prisoners, and he's gotta be ready for that"
  5. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2024/02/attorney-ty-clevenger-demands-fbi-turn-documents-seth/ Attorney Ty Clevenger Demands FBI Turn Over Documents on Seth Rich that They Continue to Hide from the Public
  6. Things are certainly heating up on the frozen continent, considering Jaun O' Savin was recently visiting the place on a cruise ship is suggestive at least, here's some speculation from the woo side from some bloke reporting from inside the back of a van, whatever is going on i feel certain more info will be emerging in increasing frequency, was that a pun?, JW Tv Whole World Shocked By What Just EMERGED in Antarctica 2024 Duration 00:14:52
  7. This i think to be very relevant at this time, JA > June, SR > June, FREE JA, https://qalerts.app/?q=june https://qalerts.app/?q=free+ja https://qalerts.app/?n=2501
  8. “Stay home save lives” was a lie “We’re in this together” was a lie “Two weeks to slow the spread” was a lie “Masks help prevent the spread” was a lie “Super spreader events” was a lie “The vaccine is a dead end for Covid” was a lie “You’re not going to get Covid if you have these vaccines” was a lie “Breakthrough cases are rare” was a lie “The shot is 100% effective” was a lie “Only two shots to get your life back” was a lie “You just need to get the third one” was a lie “The fourth one offers the most protection” was a lie “A million people died of Covid” was a lie “Pandemic of the unvaccinated” was a lie “Winter of severe illness and death” was a lie “Nobody was forced to take it” is a lie “The vaccines saved millions” is a lie “Nobody is injured or dying from the shot” is a lie It’s all lies No amnesty No deals No escape Justice first!!!
  9. NaturalNews Dr. Bryan Ardis reveals BOMBSHELL findings about reptilian VENOM PEPTIDES... Dr. Bryan Ardis reveals BOMBSHELL findings about reptilian VENOM PEPTIDES in popular weight loss drugs, and role of NICOTINE in healing “long COVID” - Ozempic drug side effects and warnings. (0:00) - Unconventional medical treatments and their risks. (8:09) - Venom-based drugs and their potential side effects. (12:55) - Snake venom-based drugs and their connection to COVID-19. (17:59) - Nicotine addiction and COVID-19 treatment. (23:11) - Nicotine addiction and FDA deception. (28:26) - Nicotine patches for COVID-19 treatment. (34:04) - Nicotine as a potential cure for COVID-related brain tumors. (37:17) - Nicotine's potential health benefits and FDA regulations. (40:52) - Natural remedies for COVID-19 with Dr. Brian Artists. (45:48) - Healthy instant meals and donation to charity. (51:37) Duration 00:57:26 https://www.bitchute.com/video/PxcSVYKspjHd/
  10. https://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/federal-parliament-motion-backs-call-for-us-and-uk-governments-to-allow-assange-to-return-to-australia/bu0ci4ytb Federal MPs push motion urging release of Julian Assange and his return to Australia https://qalerts.app/?n=1591
  11. Project Blue Beam comes to mind, for an image to form it needs a surface to form on, i had come across articles about this technique being used for 911 although i don't think it was actually used at that time and more likely the backdrop of 911 event was used to convey this info to muddy the waters so to speak, but in reality a kind of soft disclosure, the info i remember is that it is not specifically diamonds but definitely a very special type of material with a specific type of crystalline structure that allows for an image that is projected into the aerosolised mass that no matter the angle of the crystal suspended in the air as the light hits, it always produces an image reflected back to an intended view point without any identifiable missing parts to the image because of misalignment of the crystalline mass, i have no links at this time to share as i'm just doing this from memory which got triggered by your post, as you say something to watch for,
  12. You're very welcome. Start small and try to perfect that first which ever way you feel provides the best results by repeatedly testing to find the facts about the filtration method you use, once you have found something that yields a higher degree of filtration than what is currently available to your particular circumstance then it is just a simple matter of repeating the setup to yield a higher flow rate/through put of the filtered water, the website that i used as an example suggests a layered approach contained in a bottle, if that works then it is just a simple matter of having the same setup with many bottles, you add or subtract until you achieve the desired quantity. Reverse Osmosis is not really a problem because you can add the minerals that are missing through your diet, and it would take a long time for this method to actually have a detrimental effect on the body, but only if your food intake is depleted of these essential minerals. Boiling does two things actually, as you point out it kills waterborne pathogens but it also drives out lighter contaminants because of the boiling action and is the reason for the build up of scale in a kettle. Exactly as described, consider the Geo-engineering that has been going on with chemtrailing, but the good news is that you now know about it and therefore have the chance to do something about it by recognising its presence within the rain fall,
  13. Neither do i, which is why i feel it is imperative to have our rights as people written precisely in a document called the Constitution, started with Magna Carter and refined with the US bill of rights to act as restraint upon the governing scumbags of the day and to resist unbridled tyranny, fraud, theft, robbery and a killing against We, The People. It's funny because the last four years has revealed to us just how murderous a bunch of thugs can be when elected into office and to find there is no shame amongst any of them, save a few.
  14. The Crown being the City of London, a state within a state set up by bill the bastard.
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