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  1. Interesting set of delta's for tomorrow. https://qalerts.app/?q=Jan 31 This being the first of them. https://qalerts.app/?n=3818
  2. 3) The video I’m sharing today offers what is, in my humble opinion, one of the most important messages to share in this moment. I look forward to reading your comments! United We Stand. Mikki Willis Father/Filmmaker
  3. 1) Hey Twitter, It's me, the biolabs guy. Aka "Clandestine". I was banned on 2/25/22, 11 months ago, for writing the viral thread about the US funded biolabs in Ukraine (attached). In this thread, I am going to administer the biggest "I told you so" in history.
  4. I think you're right about David Scot of the UK column, rings a bell anyway, i will try to find it,
  5. Bit slow the shitter feed posters are considering all governments everywhere wanted the poison passports back as late 2020
  6. Just ask one of the worlds most famous occulted political orgs on planet stupid, the masons on how that is possible, and that's just one of many! I watched a video that i can not find now perhaps two years back that explained very well that in order to take control of the Scottish government it only needed seven well placed individuals and effectively it became owned, once that process had been completed it's just a case of stooge shuffling to keep people confused.
  7. At least healers of one sort or another,
  8. Brilliant interview by Richard Vobes of our man Andrew Bridgen who gives a good overview of the last three years plus quite a lot more, Covid Vaccines and its efficacy is the subject of this candid interview with the MP for North West Leicestershire, Andrew Bridgen. The man who wouldn't stay silent!
  9. What an outstanding interview this is, absolutely incredible, i have not come across the interviewer before now, but hats off to Richard Vobes who conducted this interview in such a well presented manner that really teased out a brilliant overview of the last three years by Andrew Bridgen and more, i really hope that Andrew becomes our version of Rand Paul over in the States, and dare i say, our next Prime Minister, One thing i do not agree with is the idea of an 'inquiry' should be set up, no what we need is a full on, no corners cut, no stone left unturned criminal investigation, this must be expedited to prevent another Hillsborough disaster inquiry, and the fiasco that it turned out to be,
  10. Well this is new, be careful who you follow, as has been said. Here is the Amazing Polly sporting some new eye wear, now ordinarily i would not have batted an eye lid at this (yes my puns stink too) BUT, this ain't ordinarily weather now is it, considering what has been going on and is still going on that started raining this crap down on us peeon's some three freakin years ago and given the fact that we now have some measure of what a black eye represents in today's fuked upped world, this edition sounds more like a public confession that makes me feel sick actually to listen to, i don't know maybe i'm getting sensitive to all this shit and proves i have feelings or summat, anyway wot do you lot fink, does it stink? Truth Has Nothing to do With Reality https://www.bitchute.com/video/NW9C7DalErmi/
  11. They change peoples perceptions of the reality that people are facing when the MSM has blatantly carpet bombed the rest of the populace into thinking all is well in the garden, they are a heads up for change. You could be right, but it also helps circumvent the 'preferred/official' setup of direct petition on the governmental web site, which lets face it, may very well be actively and fraudulently manipulated against anything deemed too sensitive by the current shitbags in office. You could be right again, and when all else fails it's back to scribbling on bus stops, motorway bridges, flyers on the BBC windows, having a stage parked right outside BBC Portland HQ with mega phones and town centers to get the message across, failing that there is always Poll Tax 3.0 which is something i am hoping to avoid,
  12. I like this bloke and he has done a great job by comparing the stats to something as tangible like the second world war, two years in to this thing and the deaths have surpassed the seven years it took with armies, bullets, bombs, tanks, planes and all the suffering along with it, begs the question, what will the next two years be like? I pray for justice, amen.
  13. That's because most were squirreled away to the States and Russia, this time it will be a bit easier to find the traitors that did this to our country, because they are all in Parliament and MSM pharmaceutical corporate headquarters, all the players are known, those that are not will emerge from the trials that will take place, as i don't see too many wanting to allow themselves to take the blame without their fellow cohorts, and going down alone in the history books as the vile despicable arseholes they surely are.
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