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  1. A virus by definition is said to be RNA based and therefore not an organism, only DNA is said to be a living thing or organism as you state. This is a contradiction of itself, there are three ways the body is compromised, ingestion including inhalation via the nose, mouth, ears, anus or genitalia, absorption through the skin and in particular the eyes or an open wound exposing the insides to the outside, an open wound is no different than having a needle stabbed into your body and injected with its contents. I agree with you, i would correctly term the scientific discipline as, DNA manipulation/molestation of host species, and in the case of Mankind, an Eugenics program hidden in plain sight with an erroneous title to hide this fact. I am calling for their arrest by asking the Law to act, why don't you join in with me and insist that arrests are made and a thorough criminal investigation is carried out, instead of what we have right now which is another Hillsborough disaster 'inquiry' arse covering exercise to cover and collude with the criminals in OUR Parliament, do you really think another twenty eight years is acceptable when fraud has already been established, who do you think these shitbags are, ABOVE THE LAW? GTFO!!! You insult and offend not just me, but everyone that has been damaged by this OUTRAGE!!! IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM!!! What these ones you mean, that were threatened? as we all were. Indeed just ask Maureen Eames who raised this very point at the beginning of this outrage, only to be belittled and laughed at by the MSM
  2. Time to remind ourselves with this epic piss take by Zack Mossbergsson - Chief visionary officer, Inspired by Iceland Introducing the Icelandverse The Icelandverse is unlike any other open-world experience with “-verse” in name, because it’s real. Plus, you don’t need a funny-looking VR headset.
  3. What you make of it is the simple answer, so make it a good one, not just for yourself but for others too, do right by them also and share the love,
  4. There is a kind of feed back loop that is occurring and that in turn does shape our beliefs, erroneous beliefs will fall by the wayside and be remembered as such, and instead of having the will or belief to make things happen on demand, like pulling a rabbit from a hat, is the wrong way to think of it, but rather more like a negotiation that is happening all the time without really being too much aware of it, synchronicity for me does try to explain this very well and provides me with a way to comprehend exactly the question you are asking, i also think that it is not the whole answer to your question, but does go someway to help in the experience that we are a part of and not separate from, and also allows for the expression of free will, it is a tough question to answer,
  5. Quantum Physics tells us that the chicken and the egg exist at the same time, believe it
  6. Correct, that is what is called everyday life. Incorrect, because there is something that is transmissible infectious that causes sickness and becomes re-transmissible and the cycle repeats until it encounters a strong immune system which then handles the infection to stop the transmission. Correct, you do indeed see the psychological aspect that was needed to hype the narrative and allow what unfolded to happen. Correct, and i can give you hard solid evidence to back your assertion. Also correct but 'euthanised' is the wrong terminology, it should be 'killed' to make the sentence truly accurate and for why i have been stating repeatedly that all MP's that held office on January 1st 2020 are eligible for arrest on the suspicion of: Fraud Theft Robbery Manslaughter Take a read through this thread, i chose this point in the thread to be pertinent to the exchange we are having here, all we need to do is change the terminology from 'virus' to its other equally true meaning of 'toxin' and all becomes apparent for the experience that we lived through. https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/26595-covid-is-real-i-had-it/page/22/#comment-410862 As for the notion of whether 'viruses' exist or not is up for debate, but for me at least i can see and have experience of the transmission of something from one person to another, so in essence it is the terminology that needs to change to properly reflect just what is meant when trying to get to the truth of it all, which is what i at least am all about, if it turns out to be parasites, then i really could not care less if it was parasites that we are really dealing with, just as long as we are correct in our comprehension and for the correct treatment for the ailment or disease. The truth is there needed to be something to kick start and get the convid ball rolling, and that is we were poisoned by our own traitors whom currently occupy OUR Parliament, it was necessary to poison people for the uptake of the, as if by magik, an experimental injection appeared, on the scene like a white rabbit out of a hat, don't forget that not all of the medical staff that were treating this 'mystery' disease would have been in on the scam, so there had to be something different for them to treat and assist with the scamPANICdemic that they were unknowingly contributing to the psychological operation that was being blasted on all channels 24/7 for one and a half years approximately, and that those on the front line would have had no time to themselves to actually find the truth of what was causing the initial influx of people coming through the hospitals doors for treatment. Are we there yet, or am i writing a load of ol' bolloxs?
  7. Shameless plug for thread that just happens to be about this very topic, https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/31555-hydrogen-power-and-transportation
  8. My thinking is this, if the lines were caused by the same stuff as chemtrails then we should expect them to move and disperse as chemtrails are observed to do, as the air currents move about taking them with it, but i have not seen this type of effect with what i can only describe as 'shadow light' lines or lanes as defined in the pictures, so this leads me to think that it is of electromagnetic in nature, but if it is an electromagnetic effect and there is something that the EMF is interacting with some tangible substance suspended in the air it should also be caused to move and produce varying dark and light patches with the moving air currents which it does not, a bit like shining a torch or head lights on foggy days, so it's a bit of a puzzle, this could mean that it is either interacting with the air such as Oxygen, Nitrogen or H2O as the main components of the atmosphere or the light itself, the fact that it is clearly visible as contrasted against the rest of the sky says that this is what we are observing, a polarisation effect, much of the light that reflects from water is in fact polarised when it does so and further enhances what i think may be occurring, but i have also seen this phenomena away from coastal areas without much water around and at low level, which could be unique to an Island like the UK because no matter where your location is you are never more than 70 miles from the coast, i think in summary it makes more sense to say that it is a product of EMF that is causing light to become polarised as it passes through this EMF band thus revealing its presence,
  9. Very excellent video by Konstantin Kisin, if you can't see anything out of the ordinary after watching this video, then i am sorry to say that you are a pre-programmed robot and your awakening will be a horrible experience to be conscious that the world in your head is an illusion and you never even existed. Triggernometry Vaccine Hesitancy EXPLAINED
  10. It is a fact that water can not be made radioactive, but can be contaminated with radioactive material, once the contamination is removed from the water then it will no longer have a radioactive signal, One of the first medical uses of Uranium was to reduce tumors, the unrefined mineral was simply placed over the area affected,
  11. Not watched this myself yet but Maria Zee does produce some interesting and good videos. mariazeee WORLD FIRST: CHEMTRAILS - The Smoking Gun!!! Geoengineering Contracts EXPOSED! https://rumble.com/v2sg6iu-world-first-chemtrails-the-smoking-gun-geoengineering-contracts-exposed.html
  12. We now have a website dedicated to the topic of chemtrails and focused on the UK phenomena in our skies and in collaboration with other countries around the world experiencing the same destruction of the sky, https://chemtrailsprojectuk.com/ Chemtrails Project UK is part of a growing worldwide movement that is raising awareness of chemtrails and taking action to ban climate geoengineering and weather modification. We have created the Directive to present hard, irrefutable evidence that this illicit, global crime is not merely a "proposal" but is indeed happening today.
  13. What do you say about the people that actually got sick and were hospitalised, many of which died with comorbidities or underlying pre-existing conditions, but not from the sickness known as convid that they were hospitalised for?
  14. Ukraine, Kakhovka Dam destruction leads to huge floods around Kherson Kherson locals in flooding city blame Russia for Kakhovka dam destruction In Kherson and its surrounding region, residents blame Moscow as hundreds are forced to flee the rising floods following the destruction of the Russian-held Kakhovka hydroelectric dam in southern Ukraine. Kyiv and Moscow blame each other for its collapse and consequent floods. https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x8lk1su
  15. Welcome to the last three and a half years where it was the children that was the prize that was being waged war against the adults to keep them busy with the never ending 'virus' bullshit, split the mind of the children and you have them all nicely packaged ready for corporate disposal, nice fukers aint they.
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