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  1. Another famous jogging black eye incident - this time with the German Chancellor. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-66710492 How is it even possible to get a black eye when jogging? Has anyone ever encountered it in their everyday lives with other people?
  2. Check out the Soultriibe FB group. Mainly focusing on unvaxed dating, meet ups etc https://www.facebook.com/groups/249912116739456/
  3. I think we (humans) come from space but this is long forgotten or has been deliberately erased to make way for the new religion of materialism and feudalism. For those who have taken stronger plant medicines (aya, 5meo), some may have seen the origins of our species. I know I saw something when I was on them, I felt we originated now from this dimension / realm. Do the PTB have space knowledge, I'm not sure. I think they have advanced technology that is slowly revealed to the public over decades.
  4. I've been pondering this for the last few years as I've seen more and more coverage of women's football, women's cricket and women's rugby on our proud chief propaganda service station, the BBC. I mean, who tf is interested in women's cricket? Sometimes they are the lead article on BBC sport. How many hits do these web pages reporting it get? They must be paltry! Sport and team sport has always been a man's domain in the media, in most homes and in western culture in general. Seeing the England 'lionesses' on their euro campaign has really bought to prominence that the BBC and other outlets really want to raise the bar with equal coverage for both the men's and woman's sport. Am I being overly critical in my thinking here? Do women's sports (probably being the same quality as most men's amateur or junior leagues) deserve the same coverage? Is this another attempt to deconstruct and undermine traditional male spaces and masculinity by offering woke philosophies of men and women having to be equal and take equal billing in all walks of life? Would live to hear your thoughts. KT
  5. There's a telegram channel I follow that believes that these celebs are being cloned and the technology is implanted through the left eye. Very fishy.
  6. I saw this on Twitter. This is genius. A protester chained herself to the net at the French open tennis tournament with the message of having 1028 days left to SAVE THE WORLD from climate change - 1028 days is 33 months. 33.
  7. Hey, we're using a Wrekin water filter (this one Wrekin water). Is this better or worse than a distiller?
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