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  1. So, as an update to my earlier post, the German Bundestag has now voted against making the jab mandatory, FOR THE TIME BEING, which means they may well try it again soon. The different parties who all wanted it just couldn't agree on the technicalities, it seems. We are now also allowed to go shopping without wearing masks, unless the shop exercises its house rules and decides it's safer for us to do so. At the same time the mainstream media are pushing the "fact" that the majority of people prefer wearing masks even now with the result, that about 2/3 of people still wear them despite no longer having to do so. Meanwhile in China the government has locked down millions of people in the city of Shanghai which is causing social unrest and desperate acts of people to get food. Lots of people there are actually starving right now (check it out, it even made the mainstream news). All you have to do is look around and you will find lots of measures being implemented as we speak. So how David Icke's prediction wrong?
  2. He's not very well known here in Germany so when I came across some of his videos on youtube I had no idea what to think of him, but my instincts told me there is something off about him, so I did a little research at the time (that was about 6 months ago, if I remember correctly). I found 2 videos which were so incriminating that it became clear to me he's a shill or controlled opposition. I tried to find them again to imbed them here but interestingly, they are no longer to be found on youtube and the channel that had shown him openly trying people to join "them" has stopped uploading new videos exposing "them". It looks like he is quite powerful. There is a reason why he is allowed to bring out his critical (on the surface only though) content and there's a reason why he has about 5.49 million subscribers now. "They" are trying to control the opposition by using one of the most effective means. I believe his channel is a psy-op.
  3. I checked out the website you suggested and tried to have a look at what kind of videos are there, but none of his youtube videos are available any longer as his youtube account was terminated.
  4. Well, here in Germany the government is set to make the jabs mandatory this year and people who will not comply are to be punished financially (up to 25,000 euros are suggested, or up to 5 years in prison). If they then still won't comply, they may be physically forded to be jabbed. That's what is going to be debated and voted on in parliament. As the ruling parties agree on making the jab mandatory, the debate will probably not last too long. The new law is expected to be voted on in about six months' time. And in Germany we still have to wear masks to enter shops or public places. You are sadly mistaken if you think this is all just going to stop. It's the totalitarian tip-toe, as David would call it.
  5. I just bought it on amazon.com for a reasonable price. I don't know the exachange rate from USD to Australian dollars, I got the exchange rate for euros and bought it for under 18 euros there (including p&p).
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