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  1. Yesterday I had an Interesting day. It was Interesting because, what I encountered, experienced, felt, and regretted...was like no other. My vehicle needed fuel, so I stopped at the gas station. and when I was refueling, I happened to see a gentleman on the opposite side of the pumps where I was parked, doing the same. His dress code was that of your ordinary teenager... low top sneakers, baggy sweat pants, sweater, a typical look these days for younger males. And at a distance from where I stood, (which was great) I could see the color of his hair, which was long. He had a long beard as well, Which was almost the same color of the hair on his head. At that point, I assumed he was a much older gentlemen dressed like a teenager. He proceeded to walk past me Into the gas station to pay for his gas, but as he did, I was looking the opposite way as I was still refueling, I remember being distracted by something else which I can't recall was, too. Curious to get a closer look at the fellow, I quickly hurried to screw on the cap and walk In. But as I was just about to walk In, he was on his way out. I opened the door, and held it open for him. He seemed to be In a big hurry and I only caught a quick glimpse of his Maskless face as he walked by and said ''Thank You Sir.''. By the way, Nova scotia in Canada currently has no mask mandates. the government is letting the people decide if they should wear them or not. (for now) Anyways... When I finally seen him up close during that short time he walked by me, what I thought was a beard and long hair was not at all a beard or long hair, It was his face hanging off his Head. (Like it was melting off) So right there and then, I assumed It was some Illness, or birth defect. And felt sorry for the man. But, right there and then, for some strange reason It crossed my mind, a thought, a thought that was so horrible to even imagine, A thought that compelled me to say something to the clerk at the store as the man entered his vehicle... I said to the clerk: Do you think that's a Mask? I think that's a mask. I don't know for sure, but there's a high chance that It is. And the clerk looked at me like any other person would In astonishment over what I said, he said ''no I dont think so haha, It looks pretty real.''. I felt like a fool for saying what I said to the clerk, and an asshole. But I couldn't help but think how the clerk might of thought for a second, (aside from how strange I came off as) That, ''What If that was a Mask? what If that was what that man chose to walk around In on April 30th, 2022?'' What If the clerk Knew just like you and me do, as well, That there are people In this world that would do that, If they knew that some people would look at them the same way I did, but Instead of assuming how I assumed that they have an Illness or Birth defect, Assume that CLIMATE CHANGE Is responsible for it? or associate It with WHAT IF... That man's opinion of what a Mask should look like Is that of a horrifying costume that looks like his face and head Is melting off? due to climate change? 1 - https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/this-is-fine 2- https://emojipedia.org/melting-face/ 3- https://www.insidehook.com/daily_brief/internet/new-emoji-melting-face 4 - https://emojipedia.org/face-without-mouth/ (I know this sounds crazy) But please try to understand, my friend.. ..After you check out the links that I posted here about the latest emoji's for 2021-2022, And, The meaning of one particular emoji called, ''the melting face'' And then compare It to another emoji called, ''face without mouth'', etc, I Think you will see the major connection that this has with the other thing that I'm talking about In my other posts/research. I will also post some Pictures/Memes I found That you can find on the Internet, too, regarding This ''melted face'' sub-culture/fandom(thing). I have a suspicion that this ''thing'' Is closely related to Elon Musk and this other ''thing'' of his that is called ''I support the current thing''. I would like to say that If I am wrong about this man wearing a melted face costume/makeover, and, If They do have a serious medical related condition that causes your face to look like it's sliding off, I want to express my most sincerest feelings to, and, ..If you are that man reading this, please, continue to never wear a mask. I would rather see you for who you are rather than some thing that would wear a mask to hide shame or embarrassment. Remember, the shame and embarrassment you share with me, Knows the difference between right and wrong, Whilst the other ''thing's'' shame and embarrassment, does not. So that is something to be proud of. I send you all my love and, God bless you.
  2. Exactly that reminds me of The Book Of Daniel which records the nation of Israel carried off into captivity, The Book Of Daniel is apparently a book of history and a book of prophecy. and 600 years prior to christ daniel writes during a very difficult time (Like Now) for the hebrew children because their nation is carried off into a Babylonian empire, and our culture is destroyed, our temple is destroyed, and our religion is changed by force. but the bible tells us that often times god uses wicked governments as a form of judgment to bring his people back into alignment. now is our time to judge and now god will raise up young men and woman who will say we will not worship Babylon we will worship christ. In other words I will not worship Nebuchadnezzar's golden mask, his golden syringe and his golden remote controller's that play me and deceit my sprit against christ through the many selections Babylon provides me with. I will not worship FANATICISM I will worship christ.
  3. Question for you: do you know anyone else that has family or friends that are addicted to strange video games and anime? and if so, have some of you ever noticed the direct correlation between what David is talking about here and how one can be pulled into a fake spirtual virtual realm of endless ''story time''? have you seen how they actually develop an emotional/ psychological bond between symbols and art while being promised a safe return to it's realm every day so long as they act a certain way and do as the government tells them? I'm talking about extremely anti-social people that more or less reminisce only with an online community of people who self-identify as video game charecters or fantasy word figures/things, people that are more than likely to advertise it over their ''anti-social faces'', to hide themselves from Human interaction. people with anger issues. ...Have you ever looked at websites like Fandom that host wikis for video games, movies, and bizarre content? have you ever looked at the Symbols it uses? It's almost like a form a WITCHCRAFT literally! google - what does fandom stand for? A fandom is simply a community of fans, be they online or off, active or passive. The word "fandom" is both a collective noun, describing many fandoms and subfandoms as one >giant body of fans< and a >singular one< referring to a single fandom. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Is it just me? or does that sound like and look like the Glue that holds this ''Woke'' mentality together and keeps it ignorant and passive-aggressive thus obsessed with technology and transhumanism? For the record, I have played quite a few storylines from the most popular video games over the years, (being an alone person myself and whom has suffered drug addiction) and I gotta say, I have really witnessed some DISTURBING content, the most bizarre coming from the ''Fallout'' series where you try to survive in a post apocalyptic world. the Grand Theft Auto series is insane, and don't even get me started on the ''Far Cry'' series...let alone the RPG's that they make now that is litterly like some form of damnable heresies where they create what i think is virtual cyberspace of biblical deceitfulness' designed by satanic animators and game creators/digital artists to infect the church. This Fandom CULTure is litterly like a form of hypnotic Witchcraft. I have often wondered sometimes if the developers are people like elon musk. (neurolink) and possibly other types of people that may have made or participated in popular tv series pop culture and technology development through sound and visual interaction over the years when designing pop culture. like psychologists with an objective to virtually assemble one giant fan base of artificial intelligence connected via the human brain. I believe it all started with this ''Emo culture''. emo meaning ''emotional'', that i think all started back in the late 70's early 80's or so... and then really came into effect during the pharmaceutical period of the late 80's early 90's, just around the time teens were starting to become increasingly Insecure and their self-esteem was being experimented with through new types of drugs, and TV/Film induced pop culture coma combined with low self esteem music to put the human spirit into a state of self doubt and depression. the period at which it was deemed ''sexy'' to have self inflicted cutting on your arm because it was seen and is still seen as some form of ''mark of culture'', a culture that should be talked about amongst people like myself and maybe yourself who may share that same mark. we need to talk about our issues if we are to ever fix them. and I'm a strong believer that the same people that have severe anger issues, self doubt issues, trauma and other types of mental illness are all at the hands of these entertainment developers and digital artists, that are programming them ''the children'' into separate groups ''fan bases'' if you will... to all instead of work together in recognizing the true virus that infects them, help the developer in assisting it's technological preservation rather than helping an expanded cautiousness like David's to destroy the main core of an evil technocracy. (and I was NEVER a religious person) but I'm becoming more and more religious/spiritual each day even though I'm not educated at all in the bible. in my opinion when i think of what happened in 1993 in waco for example, I litterly cry. why? I don't know why, i just do. I hope none of you hold that against me... ANYWAY let's get back to what i was saying previously. search ''fandom'' and take a look at the pictures, and tell me that is not some form of damnable heresies that possess the human spirit through technology/entertainment that they use to teach their version of ''biblical truth''. You may also want to look at Hopeanimation dot com to REALLY see how bizarre this gets and how it's connected deeply to what I'm describing. I have TRIED my best to explain this in a couple of videos that I made but I think it's so powerful that most people don't have the attention span to fully understand it or put the time into at least trying to understand it...because it really is a form of soul molestation that one has to have lived through in terms of being an alone and socially depraved, and depressed desolate individual like myself, (similar to the victims that suffer from this) to understand. I am convinced that the links to my youtube channel and its videos have been blocked by youtube from being shared on any website, and i get the feeling everything i interact with now on the internet is fake thus why there's absolutely no reaction. I would post links to my youtube channel again in this post but i think this wouldn't be visible if i did, let alone if it does become visible at all after i post this. because everything i post seems to be censored either by my internet provider or the government. I think they find me real interesting. here is some pictures relating to what I'm talking about in regards to this culture. is this really what being happy is supposed to be?
  4. There's got to be protesting starting from within the battlefield, that's the only way. Because I don't Imagine many soldiers want to Kill their own men when their enemies befriend their fellow brothers and sisters. And By then, it would not be long before Humans start to question exactly what kind of War Computer it is that they are told to strategize with after they the humans get told Themselves by the War Machine to murder they're fellow soldiers whom have chosen to stand in the middle of the cross fire, to protect their so called enemies from they're OWN bullets, and vise versa. In my opinion, I DO NOT believe like many of you that, ''A Terminator'' - or, ''Matrix'' scenario is a goal of this Occult at ALL... It's a Cute Idea, but it woud be far too risky. Instead, Complete and utter Insanity is more Controllable, otherwise known as ''Woke''. ...and my GOD we can see the proof of that right now...
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