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  1. When I first heard about permaculture It was from Hippies in Hawaii. I was skeptical, thought they were taking invasive species to Hawaii. That's not what it's about. I see neighbors bulldoze perfectly sound houses recently and in the process, they scrape clean all the foliage. Then they plant inedible trees and shrubs. Decorations that aren't native. If you are BOTHERING with replanting plant something edible or support species. LOL
  2. Sepp Holzer 's mountain system: I did my own system on very slightly sloped flatland. i'll post photos of what I did soon, and how and why I did it my way. The goal I had in mind was to recreate Eden. A place you can leave and come back to ten years later and there is food to eat.
  3. It's easy to do with free scavenged seeds. I'll post a hugelkultur thread soon.
  4. Examining the Viability of Planting Trees to Help Mitigate Climate Change – Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet (nasa.gov) Most people don't know this, but the Great Plains of the USA used to be forest. Native Americans(migrants) used slash and burn methods to create a grassland. It was stone age geoengineering. It's not a bad thing, it created the most fertile deep loam soils on the planet because grazing animals(buffalo, deer, elk etc) cycled grass into the soils as manure But it used to be forest land most of it. In recent times various nations have clear-cut forest land in order to create various agricultural systems, which aren't bad, per se. I'm not going to tell Brazil they can't have modern agriculture. But we need to compensate for it. And reduce the impacts. Spaces that don't need full sunlight can be reforested. The reason the native Americans slashed and burned was because it was hard to hunt in a forested flatland. You can't see where the herd is at. There is no mountain vantage point in lands without mountains. Indirectly they also enriched the soils by cycling manure and grasses but the reason they did it was easy meat. LOL I don't actually believe we have too much carbon dioxide, but reforestation has other benefits.
  5. Hunker down grow some potatoes. Ironic Western media is now like the old USSR Pravda. It always was I suppose but now it's out in the open with the censorship.
  6. I did some of the lighting and rigging on it. Spotted the choreographer during the big dance number so she wouldn't fall off the ladder.(In case she fell I was there, but she of course didn't because she was a dancer) LOL I lit most of the set. I worked on other projects but this one isn't on my IMDB credits so it can't be reverse doxxed,. ;-) It's just a pop song, but I'm proud of it. I got to meet Weird Al and the Hanson brothers, it was fun, and they were all very cool and down to Earth.
  7. Not intended as SPAM, but check out that film, it's wonderful:
  8. How do you entangle particles then separate them them move them apart and observe entanglement? Meiosis.
  9. The other mechanism might be quantum entanglement MIT and other labs claim they have proven quantum By moving entangled particles away from each other and changing the state of one and observing the state change of the other: spooky action. No matter how far unrelated you might be to another organism on Earth, we are all probably related to the proto-forms. There is entanglement in DNA. DNA is also a fractal rectenna transceiver. Back to point though how does entanglement work?
  10. It might be multimodal. This thread presumes you acknowledge or have overserved some types of ESP or find it plausible or seek to debunk it. I'm not certain I'm using the right term. Maybe another poster can use a more precise term. PREMISE: The day my father died I knew he had died before I got the phone call. Anecdotal evidence suggests often times twins know when the other twin is in distress and other states. If I give the stink eye to the back of a stranger's head they turn around to check for danger.. Birds and fish and others change direction as swarms instantly. I propose two mechanisms: 1)The pineal complex, pineal gland organ complex is some kind of transceiver. 2)Spooky action at a distance entanglement. The Egyptians understood the pineal complex as ESP....transceivers...
  11. EMFs cause dis-eases. Historically "Indluenza" was pandemic on solar cycles. INFLUENza. Influenced by the sun. Synthetic EMFS cause acute and chronic diseases also and more often and more widespread. Influenza isn't contageous. The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life: Firstenberg, Arthur: 9781645020097: Amazon.com: Books The weakest radio signals we unintentionally created with the telegrah caused an influenza pandemic. All modern diseases are radio-related. People who argue the radiation is so low it's harmless omit the fact that natural background radio is so much lower. If the cosmic radio made it through the atmosphere and magnetosphere, we wouldn't' need large radio telescopes. If it made it through our shields, your dunce fones wouldn't work at all. The natural background level is millions of times less than your iDunce.
  12. Luvapottamus

    New 5g mast

    You might be able to get it removed based on shoddy construction. In Tulsa they recently snuck 4 poles into a neighborhood without doing any proper soil compaction studies or pouring footers. And they snuck it in on an easement not designated for any utilities. They just drilled a hole with an auger drill, shoved it in there like a wood telephone pole. One of them is already leaning. Haha. Try that tack to buy time. They failed the standard utility procedures.
  13. These experiments have been ongoing for decades on the general population of human beings. The-Matrix-Deciphered.pdf (google.com) Basically, the tin-foil hatters were always right, except for the protective gear is BS. The free book I linked is an unedited draft by Dr. Robert Duncan who claims to have developed this technology as an engineer for various agencies. He presents a plausible technological description of how it works, remotely, without the need for brain chips other implants etc. From my knowledge as a college dropout, not a degreed electrical engineer, but have excelled in some relevent coursework, (physics, biology, electronics) his book is plausible. What he claims is that they can use microwave lasers to illuminate your brain so that lasers can read the activity, and also by heterodyning your signals with other signals alter your brain activity. It makes sense. But I have a hunch they do it another way also. We already do it in nature another way. There is another form of this activity between animals and possibly plants and fungi etc. Some propose the pineal gland complex is a transceiver. There may be another type of wave that isn't exactly radio.... It may be quantum entanglement. In any case there does need to be a legit set of laws and ways to enforce them against involuntary subjugation with it. And instruments to detect it, and better countermeasures. Duncan in his book, claims there are no countermeasures except some theoretical superconductor based thing he's thinking on. ....As an insider who worked on it then got abused by it. That's what he claims, I have no reason to doubt him, I've been abused by some of these technologies. But I'm putting it forth in a skeptical way because his intro to the free e-book is a bit silly. Best reference I have other than personal observations which are pretty unbelievable. I loved this film in the 80's though. There are many potential ethical uses for it. Like allowing the blind to see, the paralyzed to walk etc....The dumb to speak.
  14. From: Aircraft Operations and Radar Altimeter Interference from 5G - ALPA 5g isn't a band or a frequency, it' ALL the bands and frequencies 1G-4G plus new ones. Not only did the FCC auction off the "C-band" (very close to the band reserved by the FAA) for radio-altimeters, but they also auctioned off the Oxygen band (58-62 Ghz) which was reserved by the World Meterological Society for Climate studies. And others. But to answer the question, the FCC sold a band very close to the altimeter frequency band to dunce fone industry even though the FAA is worried they might interfere.
  15. Indicted and prosecuted in fair trials with due process. I grok your feelings but due process is essential. Also I'm not really in favor of capital punishment, generally. One of the flaws with Nuremberg I is there were some executions, which generated catharsis, and lots of guilty were let go, even recruited under Operation Paperclip. The hangings that did happen let everybody FEEL like justice was served. While the majority of perpetrators completely escaped responsibility. Capital punishment would make an interesting separate topic, though, we basically agree. I'm not really a big fan of penitentiaries either so, I'll leave that for another day. For certain there needs to be proper prosecutions on all levels. The punishments should be decided according to established law. Two main differences between this People's Grand Jury and Nuremberg I Tribubal. 1)This is a mock grand jury proceeding, to illustrate to prosecutors what they can do, and provide them with the evidence. 2)We don't need a tribunal. WE have laws on the books to prosecute this the normal way. Nuremberg created laws sort of ex post facto.. We codified them later, so now they are laws, and we don't have to have a military tribunal to enforce them. We just need prosecutors willing to do their jobs.
  16. The purpose of the fake grand jury was to document facts. The investigative committee was more interesting IMO. The fake Grand Jury picked the wrong prosecutors. In my opinion. Not having watched it. David Martin was the most interesting person in the precursor investigative committee. The problem is everybody is now radicalized. Most of the folks in this effort towards justice have consensus on Christian spiritual warfare. A court of law needs to block that rhetoric. So it's flawed. At the outset. I don't think it's a fake thing like Occupy Wallstreet, but it's a community now and without much political inertia. I think Reiner Fullminch and participants are legit, but it's not going to sway corrupt systems. It's going to take a long time. We aren't after revenge.
  17. Distraction from Nuremberg II biological warfare. Excuse for oops we got hacked...we lost your bank account and deed. Try this Chinese app....on your dunce device. It's blockchain!
  18. Hi, Luvapottamus from LOP/GLP/Substack etc. I'm from Tulsa, nice to meet y'all.
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