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  1. I'm electromagnetically hypersensitive. I don't own a dunce fone can't do RFID chipped. I don't chip my pets. If there comes a day I can't function without a dunce fone who do you think will prevail? I think it's y'all. So I appeal to you not to instigate that. Because it will kill me and then you will die too. kHMER ROUGHE
  2. Will you freak out if LOP and ICKE forum ejected the archives at the same time? I will. But I'm more going to want to know why. Than freak out.
  3. Idealism > Idolatry I'm not ashamed of my old posts.
  4. That's very similar to what happened at Lunaticotpost.com. I'm banned there for "spreading vaccine disinfo" until tomorrow around two pm. I came here because I was banned there. But once I can login there I will try to figure out the date the archves got smurfed there. I expect I won't be able to log in for long. The jig is up
  5. From Aspartame through Chemtrails and Glysophate to ultimatele the mRNA scam how many trillions were spent on violating the first ammendment? Let's see the secret contracts we made with Phizer and ModeRNA. I'll wager the propaganda budget and first amendment violations are written in these secret contracts.
  6. Did the same thing happen with the Smart Meters? Seems like it has happened that way. 5G too.
  7. Did Icke do this old version erasure after hiring cloudfare? Akamai and Cloudflare have the same types of capabilities.
  8. That's very similar to what happened at LOP. LOP(Lunaticoutpost) was originally refugees from Godlike Productions, then that spwaned refugeed to other spinoff fora. It doesnt' surprise me that Dacid Icke Forum gas simlat problems. It's good Infowars doesnt' have a forum. Otherwise the same shit will happen. There's ways I could do it without bribing the mods. If I'm Akamai. I could make it look different to each of you. If I was Akamai.
  9. I'm not ashamed of the things I wrote there. In fact I value them and the differences between the first things I wrote and the way they differ from the most recent things I wrote. I didn't care at the time that my old firum dumped the archives because I knew what I wrote an knew I could rewrite it better. But Now I'm getting banned a lot. For the same content.... better written. What I want to know is what date was it LOP(Lunaticoutpost.com) scrubbed the old posts and what date did this forum do it? Was it around the same time? Did it happen to other fora? What dates? Same thing happened at LOP, but it wasn't three popular posters it was hundreds who got banned or flounced.. Lots more flounced than banned. Is that what happened here, when?
  10. Are you sure it's not just the Ku and Ka bands effecting lungs and salivary glands? Starlink operates on Ku and Ka. It flies over then it's not here all the time until it flies over again.
  11. Salivary gland disease in the era of COVID-19 pandemic Abstract Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic forced significant changes in current approach to outpatient evaluation of common otolaryngology complaints as hospitals around the world are trying to limit the spread of the virus and to preserve health care resources. These changes raise a lot of questions regarding patient triage and treatment decisions in clinical situations when it is unclear if the workup and management can be postponed. In this communication, we present our approach to evaluation and triage of new patients with complaints concerning for salivary gland disease. Keywords: COVID-19; salivary gland cancer; salivary gland disease; salivary gland imaging; salivary gland neoplasm. Salivary gland disease in the era of COVID-19 pandemic - PubMed (nih.gov)
  12. This started with Starlink launched so it's likely Starlink not "Covid." But I have intermittant chronic episodes where the submandular salivary glands under my jaw hurt like screaming Hell. If I move my whole body to a different location and meditate it goes away after 10-15 minutes. The reason I think it's covid-related is I had acute covid symptoms....couldn't breathe blood oxygen saturation went down below 90% I best it with home brew Z-stack. But I have lingering problems. Sometimes my submandiular salivary glandS hurt bAD. sOMETIMES RHAY ARE SWOLLEN SOMETIMES NOT. I consulted my DDS over this, made a special appointment over this issue. There was nothing wrong with my teeth. He did a DDS precancer screening. Looked around, touched my glands etc. Because BOTH glands were effected it's not cancer. Cancer starts on one side. He told me to consult a Ear Nose and Throat specialist because some environmental toxin is the problem. And Ear Nose Throat Doc already told me the problem: It's RF radiation and dirty electricity.
  13. Not only did they spend taxes on propaganda and hampering free speech, they paid internet "influencers" to do it including forum hosts. I suspect that's why I'm here now. LOL
  14. I only read part of the thread. I'm a noob here One gripe is that at at some point all your posts from the "old" verion" of the forum got erased. How long ago was that? The same thing happened at the forum I was using several years ago. When It happened I didn't really care, because I wasn't proud of a lor of things I had written, ignorant and drunken things,,,, As years go by I get better and more concice, I can recreate it better than the first draft. But if it happened here at the same time, that's something worth noting. Whan did that happen here? The Date? Crossreference that to Lunticoutpost.
  15. JUstin Trudeaus Government paid Canadian Press at least $600 million to lie about the jabs and squelch speech on the death jabs. The Blaze discovwred at least another Billion in the USA. Exclusive: The federal government paid hundreds of media companies to advertise the COVID-19 vaccines while those same outlets provided positive coverage of the vaccines - TheBlaze Lt's see the warp speed form letter contract. I'll wager the secret contracts for the vaccines mandated the secret propoganda and uman rights violations and illegality. Get over your Trump fetish, who signed these deals. What's in the contracts with the jab manufacturers? It's all totally illegal.
  16. I recommend a Moderate Reset, not a great one. Commence a moderate human reset, but refocusing on the lies of the last two years and debunking them. So it takes hold. Like base camp Three on Everest The mountain is hard to climb so let's just stop and review and debunk all the lies again in a safe carved out flat on the side. LOL At this point every lie is blown. Reiterate it..Refill the oxygen tanks eat soup. Let the reinforcements catch up. Acclimatize everybody.
  17. Did you know the Nazis plagiarized the star of david and pink triangle from the second Spanish Inquisition?(later Lesbians/gays stole/ took the triangle from Nazis in defiance as a badge of honor) In the second Inquisition when they went after the conversos(the Jewish families who converted to Catholicism during the first inquisition to avoid torture and death and sanctions) They also made the muslims wear the star and crescent. Nazis didn't invent this. That was a surprise to me. I grew up thinking that was a new thing in Germany in the 20th century. It's not an original idea even. THe book I recommended isn't anti-catholic either, but I read it doing deep background research for a novel about Native American themes and I needed to know more about the conquistadors....and the reson I recommend this book to everybody is it's so long ago nobody is very emotionally triggered by it. But there's other things in the book they will get curious about.
  18. I was trying to do some thing fancy. Ignore my last post. Regarding good books that people who aren't willing to rabbithole modernity, this is a great one: Dogs of God: Columbus, the Inquisition, and the Defeat of the Moors Because it's 500 years ago, it's not personal but....
  19. Archived ones? The Center For Informed America site I linked earlier....I heard the original author died, but somebody is maintaining it. Here's Mike Ruppert's Fromthewilderness: From The Wilderness: Information on Peak Oil, Sustainablility, and the events surrounding 9/11 A weird one from around the same time called Voxfux which was kinds of commie....LOL... Voxfux - The real story - behind the lies There was a guy named Joe (Something) who was in either Australia or New Zealand) and I can't remember his last name. Maybe somebody can find it or trigger a memory. He wrote a lot of 911 skepticism and geopolitical intrigue stuff. He was trying to treat his cancer by drinking diluted food grade hydrogen peroxide. Now I remember Joe Vials Joe Vialls' website - Wikispooks It was interesting reading. Archived site at Wikispooks link.
  20. Just for fun: Will it Run after XXX years? Jennings Motor sports youtube Jennings Motor sports - YouTube It's kind of a genre now, something I've done on old cars I've restored, some people aren't careful enough and ruin it, but it's fun to watch:
  21. The Glenn Beck Podcast Glenn Beck There were some things I didn't like about Glenn Beck when he was on TV and I seldom watched it, but Alex Jones is right he has educated himself and now he's doing great work these days. I'm on my second interview with Mike Rowe(Dirty Jobs) EP#135 It's good, and the first one I listened to today with Adam Curry(episode 136) from MTV was excellent.
  22. If you like BP,you'll likely enjoy Whale also: WHALE Center for an Informed America The Center for an Informed America | The Internet's Best Source for Disinformation-free News and Commentary! The amazing writings of Dave McGowan^^^^ Covers Moon Landings hoaxes, CIA/MIC creation of Serial KIllers, and for sure check out the Laurel Canyon series. INSIDE THE LC: THE STRANGE BUT MOSTLY TRUE STORY OF LAUREL CANYON AND THE BIRTH OF THE HIPPIE GENERATION Laurel Canyon | The Center for an Informed America
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