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  1. 18 U.S. Code § 1964 - Civil remedies

    The district courts of the United States shall have jurisdiction to prevent and restrain violations of section 1962 of this chapter by issuing appropriate orders, including, but not limited to: ordering any person to divest himself of any interest, direct or indirect, in any enterprise; imposing reasonable restrictions on the future activities or investments of any person, including, but not limited to, prohibiting any person from engaging in the same type of endeavor as the enterprise engaged in, the activities of which affect interstate or foreign commerce; or ordering dissolution or reorganization of any enterprise, making due provision for the rights of innocent persons.
    The Attorney General may institute proceedings under this section. Pending final determination thereof, the court may at any time enter such restraining orders or prohibitions, or take such other actions, including the acceptance of satisfactory performance bonds, as it shall deem proper.
    Any person injured in his business or property by reason of a violation of section 1962 of this chapter may sue therefor in any appropriate United States district court and shall recover threefold the damages he sustains and the cost of the suit, including a reasonable attorney’s fee, except that no person may rely upon any conduct that would have been actionable as fraud in the purchase or sale of securities to establish a violation of section 1962. The exception contained in the preceding sentence does not apply to an action against any person that is criminally convicted in connection with the fraud, in which case the statute of limitations shall start to run on the date on which the conviction becomes final.
    A final judgment or decree rendered in favor of the United States in any criminal proceeding brought by the United States under this chapter shall estop the defendant from denying the essential allegations of the criminal offense in any subsequent civil proceeding brought by the United States.
    Thanks to the library at Cornell...
    What this means is I can sue you if you are engaged in racketeering and you injure me.
    that's Magna Carta.
    If you hurt me I can sue you. Common Law.
    The peculiarity here is the RICO label.
    Somehow if it's rackettering they sue you instead of prosecute and jail you?
    That's not what the act says.
    It says I can sue even if prosecutors drop the ball.
    Then I can force them to resign.
  2. Quote

    To obtain civil equitable relief under 18 U.S.C. § 1964(a), the United States must prove by a preponderance of the evidence that: (1) a defendant committed or intended to commit a RICO violation by establishing the same elements as in a criminal RICO case, except that criminal intent is not required; and (2) that there is a reasonable likelihood that the defendant will commit a violation in the future.

    civrico.pdf (justice.gov)



    This is a manual for prosecutors to file civil suits instead of prosecuting these corporate crimes.


    That's not what the RICO Act says,


    The safety valve is we can prove it in a civil tort and compel prosecutions that way.









  3. Civil RICO: A Manual for Federal Attorneys


    civrico.pdf (justice.gov)


    If we file a civil mass tort, hire great attorneys and stick to reality, we will prove racketeering and damages, then prosecutors will be compelled to have show trials and punish 1/400 masterminds.


    That sort of sucks eh?


    Civil RICO MASS TORT. Depositions and documentary evidence from civil pretrial disclosures.


    If we do that judges will demand prosecutors fulfill their obligations or resign.



  4. If the life insurance industry doesn't join the mass tort Dr Martin is right about them and they are culpable as well.


    Killed off the working age premium payers too, they just wanted to screw the beneficiaries, not their revenue stream.



  5. If we win a mass tort under RICO in a civil lawsuit...prosecutors have to prosecute.


    No Grand Jury needed.


    It's all in the depositions.


    The only worry at that stage is poseurs and stolen valor.




  6. The paypal example is why the loophole exists.


    Written into RICO is the ability to thwart PROSECUTORS who refuse to do their duty.


    The next congress should augment RICO and do another Church Committee and update that too.


    But they won't.


    So let's use the existing civil RICO loophole and shame them.



  7. To give this context I want to introduce David Martin's expose on Rand Paul's treachery: He's (Rand Paul) a gatekeeper acting against justice according to Martin and I concur.


    Dr. David Martin - Political theatre with Rand Paul who "Tries to expose Fauci" (brandnewtube.com)


    David Martin makes a good argument that Rand Paul is letting Fauchi skate actively as an ACTIVE participant.


    My input is this:


    We don't need a grand jury.


    It is generally true that you need a prosecutor willing to fulfill their sworn duties in order to prosecute somebody like Anthony Fauchi.


    And if none of them are brave enough it won't happen.


    But I think there is a loophole.


    I haven't reviewed it, but I'm pretty sure you can sue under RICO.


    A civil RICO lawsuit.


    We sue for damages in a civil suit, prove racketeering in the civil case, coward prosecutors follow.


    Life insurance companies will join the mass tort under RICO.


    Once you prove racketeering the coward prosecutors have to prosecute.







  8. Black salt.


    I don't usually add that to dog food I cook.


    But I would if it makes sense to do so.


    I had never heard of it before I read Dan Toombs "The Curry Guy"


    The Curry Guy Page - Dan Toombs Recipes - YouTube


    I luv Asian food wanted to cook it myself. Check out Dan he knows how LOL.


    I started with his The Curry Guy Book, I went around to all the Asian grocers with the spices list and tried to get everything.


    Black salt is sulfur rich saltm I doubt there is a standard for what it contains but I imagine it's probably mined off a geyser.


    The reason I put some in the dog food tonight is I wager it has trace minerals you cant' find anywhere else.


    And it's safe to eat. If you need it you will absorb it, if you don't need it you will pee it out.


    Or....you might need it but be unable to absorb it because it's fat soluble and you didn't eat enough or the right fats.


    There was nothing online about whether black salt was safe for dogs. I risked it. But I only sprinkled a little bit about a quarter teaspoon over the whole dish.


    I almost added some Himalayan pink salt too, but thought II should wait.


    I have chelation concerns.


    Dogs can't eat cilantro. I depend on cilantro PLUS chlorophyll to chelate mercury and other metals.


    So I do feed my dogs some greens usually, they like spinach in small amounts, they like turnip greens. They don't like kale.


    But without the cilantro I'm not sure how much good it is.


    Thid is where you can come in and say I'm completely wrong about everything.




    It costs me $1.29 at least for canned dog food.


    What I fed them tonight cost me:


    $1 for the rice

    $2,99 for the salmon

    $1 for the sweet potato


    Negligible cost on the black salt.


    I fed them more than half of it, (the home cooking this batch) but usually it's one can per dog once a day for canned food. ($2.60 plus kibble)


    Tonight I gave them extra salmon and cut back on the rice.


    But I have breakfast leftovers.


    Both dogs have been cooped up too long they needed a better meal tonight.




    It's not immoral to try to have old healthy dogs. What you learn can help old (and young) unhealthy humans.



    But I don't want to feed my pets fish people need.




  9. KIbble for cats and dogs are inflammatory.


    But because they are agricultural feed, they usually have the requisite vitamins and minerals for the species of pet.


    It's just really unnatural and the grains and dryness aren't good.


    My most recent cat lived off just dry meow mix for 10 years or so. So it's not complete shit. He was healthier the last three years from 10-13 when I fed him better food hough. They are (the pet food industry) are trying to provide decent feed at a cheap price. But i's not very good. It's better than you'd expect, but not ideal yet.


    My thinking changed about it when  I got sick, I started looking for foods that could help me heal from chronic conditions I was dealng with, and when that started working for me, I started googling it.


    Are Sweet poatoes safe for dogs and cats?

    Can dogs eat beets? Can cats eat beets?


    There are things they can't eat, so always check.


    Around year ten of my cat's life I was very focused on food as medicine, and I changed his diet by augmenting his food with my food.


    He made it as far as 13, and he was robust the last few years then died suddenly...like a champ. THat's how I'd prefer to go out.....healthy healthy healthy then suddenly croak.


    Either that or die doing something so stupid people laugh at the funeral. 


    Let me now share my pet food/people food design tenets:


    JUst now I fed my dogs this recipe:


    1 cup steamed white rice.

    1 can 13 oz can of salmon

    1 large sweet potato(boiled)

    a pinch of Hindian black salt sprinkled.


    It's not a complete food for every day. I'm hoping for suggestions for other things I can add.


    Brown rice is not better for you than white rice. It's harder on the digestive system. The reason we think brown rice is better is for diabetes. White rice is a starch bomb.

    Starch is two sugars joined at the hip, so when you eat starch it's worse than eating sugar HYPOTHETICALLY. If you are diabetic.....my pets aren't, I'm not so we eat white rice.


    Brown rice is promoted as a HEALTHIER rice, but there are compounds in the husk that ruin your intestines and cause celiac.


    So I don't eat it, and I don't feed my pets brown rice.


    Feel free to correct me anytime I seem wrong.


    Fish. Canned bony oceanic fish.


    When I was trying to eat my way out of chonic inflammitory disease, sardines came to mind first.


    Healthy fats


    Trace minerels only the oceans can infuse

    Bioavailable calcium. Flash cooked fish like sardines, salmon, mackerel have edible bones.


    So I started eating a lot of that, and I looked it up and fed it to my pets too,


    It made me feel better and my dogs are doing great at 13 and 15 years old so far.


    But there are other problems:

    1)Potentialy there may be mercury in the fish.

    To counter that I eat cilantro and lots of greens. That's supposed to chelate mercury. I do add chopped up steamed greens like spinach and turnip to the home me dog food but all I had tonight was kale and they don' like it. LOL.


    2)It's IMMORAL to feed dogs salmon. People need it. I should only feed them the unwanted stuff from salmon operations.

    This has always bothered me and I believe it's true. But I can't buy that stuff. Ground up fins and other rejects might be even better food if I blend it up so they don't choke on it. Lots of pet foods use that material, and that's a good thing.


    3)Can I blend a better dog food than purina? I dont' think so. The kibble probably has a better vitamin and mineral profile than my simplistic creations.


    So I feed them both. Just to make sure.


    But they are happier and their poops look better when I cook it up than the crap I buy at the store.


    Do you remember dog shit used to turn white in the sun before chemtrails?


    In the seventies when I was a kid I'd see dog shit on yards and it was white.


    You never see that anymore.


    Why is that?


    1)There is no CALCIUM in the soil eft so there's no calcium in the corn. None in the kibble.


    2)Solar dimming. Chemtrails.


    When I started feeding my pets canned fish their turds became white.


    (afrwe being in the sunlight in the yard....after a while I saw white dog shit again in my yard from my pets.


    I knew I was on the right track...


    I never see whit dog shit elsewhere.


    It's a bad sign.








  10. Nov.6th 2021- LiveStream on MRI showing graphene nano on Brain. After 2020 covid nasopharyngeal swab injury.


    GOD IS REAL- even during these trials & tribulations. WE MUST ELIMINATE THE PARASITE MINDSET. 4pg Summary on Nano Detox & "Dis ease" reduction. Research- Learn- Study- PRAY- https://www.dropbox.com/sh/kq5d1jzon33gj0c/AAA47Ae2R7ht69ABjfnp6TCUa?dl=0

    resources: www.wyomingdetox.net





    It would be nice if we could embed brighteon videos here.


    That green link above is the video^^^^


    What interested me about it is the author claimed he was brain-injured by a nasal swab.


    They use the same pathway to test for covid as Egyptions used to extract your brain when they mummified you.


    I never tested because I knew that.


    I'm not letting a minimum wage temp probe up there.



  11. Dr Robert Young interviewed by Ramola D.


    Newsbreak 145: Dr. Young Shares New COVID Vaccine & Blood Findings of Nano Graphene--Self-Assembly with Pulsed RFs


    Informative conversation with Dr. Robert Young who shares new findings of self-assembling "graphene micro bubbles" in the Pfizer vaccine as well as evidence of the same kind of graphene bubbles in the blood of a Moderna-vaccinated individual.

    Dr. Young suggests that the nano graphene is self-assembling under the influence of specific pulsed EMF frequencies and the intent is to form a mesh antenna system which permits the receiving and emitting of radiation, in service to biosensor data transmissions.

    This kind of sensor and antenna system using graphene in bioelectronics is indeed discussed in various scientific papers, and suggests bio-control intent behind the COVID vaccines, undisclosed by vaccine makers or FDA and traceable to the DARPA sponsorship and funding of these vaccines, as discussed earlier in podcasts and in articles at Ramola D Reports and The Everyday Concerned Citizen.




    Much of this is speculative, 


    I'm hoping this thread desn't become very argumentative. Or we could brach out if we want to focus one one post, rather than getting in big arguments that get in the way of the fresh fish market.




    If you see it, and it's interesting, post it here.


    Especially if it's not something you need to make a whole thread on.



  12. This thread is for posting stuff you stumble apon and want to share without creating a whole thread for it.


    I bump into neat stuff all the time worming around the interwebs, and my browser makes it hard to organize bookmarks (by design on purpose) in a way that I can retrieve them and use them when I need them.


    So I'm just going to post neat stuff here as I find it.


    Russian Shopping Trip


    I'm not sure why he calls Americans "Adorables" might be satire of Hillary Clinton's "deplorables."


    Is the Ruble 1/10th a dollar really?


    Have they been indexed that way officially?


    What's most remarkable to me regarding this video is the produce is significantly cheaper. 1 kilo=2.2 pounds.


    This is not a pro-Putin or anti-Ukraine post.


    I'm not wading into that crap. But it's telling geopolitically.


    Russia is getting the deals from China we are about to get cut off from.


    MY personal opinion regarding that is it's tough love. We should ALSO produce surpluses like we used to. We need to be cut off from China....like dandruff and soda pop. (Have dandruff, try quitting sugar it's fungus)


    Not immediately or with a war, but lose the donut and pick up the dumbells....like that.



    Credit to Citizens Free Press for the vid.


    Credit to the cool Russians who created the vid, I just found it at CFP. 

  13. On 3/18/2022 at 1:40 PM, Mitochondrial Eve said:

    I haven't been through all this site yet by a long stretch, but Mike Stone's ViroLIEgy website is highly rated by Dr Sam Bailey.


    Its main focus is on debunking claims about viruses causing disease. The site includes articles discussing isolation and purification of viruses, cell cultures and cytopathic effects, PCR tests, electron-microscopy, the human virome and genomics. With germ theory being integral to the field of virology, naturally the proposition as a whole comes under scrutiny.




    Stone doesn't question that there are pieces of genetic code which we have come to know as viruses. However, rather than being exogenous micro-organisms which invade us from the outside before integrating into our cells and DNA, viruses may in fact be part of our genetic make-up and be human in origin. "It has been estimated that there are 380 trillion viruses inhabiting us, a community collectively known as the human virome".




    The human virome is a vastly understudied area in its infancy but, via metagenomic sequencing, "it has been determined that at least 48% of our genome is made up of "viruses"" (repetitive strings of RNA / DNA stored in a computer database). A large proportion of "viral dark matter" was also found from the early metagenomic sequencing - these were sequences that looked like nothing in the databases.


    Given this new challenge to viral theory, when considering disease causation, hypotheses surrounding pathogenic agents (germ theory) should give way to a focus on the host (terrain theory) especially given that the "viral" sequences are readily found in healthy people. Yet, as Stone aptly puts below:




    That makes a lot of sense and sort of puts the WILLPOWER into epigentics potentially.


    Darwinian adaptation theory basically posits that all changes are random, and if you luck out and you are a squirrel in coal powered England during the industrial revolution, and your offspring's fur pigment changes from brown to grey to match the silt on the trees....you Won the random mutation lottery! Your Children won and are fittest because they survived a ransom mutation, congradulations, here's your trophy random master squirrels.




    Squirrels can't will themselves into producing greyer offspring.


    Or can they?


    All of these little indo-and exo-exocellular processes and structures might in fact ( be harmonized to enable willpower to play a role.. or at the very least be an interface with the environment so the environment adds input into adaptation other than just lucking into a mutation then surviving it.


    An experimental study that might flesh some of this out:


    My family line has some athletic achievements that are superlative, but we aren't physiologically superior generally.


    It's a peesonality trait, gumption, willingness to gut it out, slog it out.


    Long distance runners basically, not particularly talented like a golfer or hoops superstar.


    In some sports innate talent, dexterity, speed, eyeight are inportant, in other ones like martial arts and bodybuilding and triathlons perserverence is more important. If you keep training you get bettar at it.


    I hypothesize that traits like gumption are gamete harmonized, and not mutations.


    If your parents are hotpocket couch potatoes before they mate you are more likely to be similar, than if they are grad students who exercise a lot, and engage in community relations in the two years before they mate.


    I think the DNA in sperm and eggs resonate with the heart chakra and epigenitacally aligh themselves for maximum Chi is the parents are maximum chi when they create you.


    It's not an easy thing to test or study, because fit parents parent better. But basically parents who are striving and healthy will have better epigenetically aligned offspring than sad miserable people who have no joy. Compare miserable rich people to poor people who eat well and do manual labor maybe...


    See how their kids genes are switched.


    In my view everyone who is alive today DESERVES to be here. Every one of us has ancestors who were kings and serfs and we all have those ancestrual experiences to draw apon.


    We just need the right environments to excell.


    And greedy people don't want the competition.




  14. I've used chelation also to help with my electrical hypersensitivity.


    But it's just home brew research.


    I eat a lot of dark leafy greens and cilantro to try to remove metals.




    I'm interested in trying clays and zeolites, but I can;t find them locally, and I've been reluctant to engage the online payment systems.


    I'm real interested now presently in Robert Young's pH theory, but I can't afford his book, so I sybmitted a suggestion to my public library that they buy some copies.


    THey will if they can obtain them through their distibutors.


    I want to emphasize this little trick: my library is well funded and they have ordered all kinds of materials because I recommended them.requested them. If you need media(books/dvd's research papers) and can't afford them try asking your library to get it.


    It takes time fr them to procure and catalog these materials and distribute them to branch locations, but it's been very handy for me, a man with no credit card, and no paypal account, and scant money.




    Librarians love ordering material on request, it's more interesting than trying to create a good coolection based  on marketing blurbs and trade journals. My library has Alex Jones and David Icke materials....LOL


    And these budgets are like all government budgets if they spend it all they get more money next year. If they don't they get cuts.




    So request away!



  15. On 3/18/2022 at 12:05 PM, MarcusOmouse said:


    In my universe, these spike proteins are called exosomes They show up in infected cells, which trigger the real heavy artillery to come in and destroy infected cells.

    When these synthetic invader spike proteins ,courtesy of vaccination have sneaked into most of your body like trojan horses ( for me  the real gain of function stuff) and are now manifesting all over the place, then how are your natural killer cells, which cannot "grok" the difference going to respond?

    Blitzkrieg. Destroy healthy cells. Kill them all.  The natural defences work overtime and exhaust themselves by destroying healthy cells.  Its like the ultimate false flag operation.

    The human terrain will then take care of the rest. Poisons in your food , water and EMF will finish the job, cos youre immune system is fkd by the deception ( gain of function) ?

    I've been watching Robert Young interviews, and I tend to agree with you.


    What I meant by the vaccines priving viral pathogens is the mRNA vaccine is a synthetic virus.


    Because it has the ability to invade and hijack. deliver a payload that causes the cells to produce a pathogen.


    So it's plausible natural viruses can do this also.


    But....back to terrain theory....if your body is harmonized(proper pH, fully mineralized, ample nutrients, this doesn't happen. Healthy soul(strong magnetic field/chi.


    I think it's possible that sick people who produce exosomes can harm other people who are captive to the Internet of sick things. Not so much a contageon as just added load to collective misery/ field morale degredation.. My exosomes might harm your CHI.


    Even if it's just by adding more pollution. By shedding  exosomal waste it may effect the resonance of the biofields in other compromised individuals.


    I was a mechanic for a long time and my chemical smell oerturbed chemicaly sensitive people, not a contagion just a toxin....These spikes might have electromagnetic properties that act in that way...more than being germs that multiply....


    I've been electromagnetically hypersensitive for close to a decade now, and I've been able to manage it with avoidance of synthetic EMFs and with nutrition, and by swimming. Swimming grounds me out, let's my body internal field balance back out, after exposures to WIFI when I'm out and about town in EMF pollulted places.


    But I'm on a tight budget so my food options are not great. I prepare lots of curries and stews and I use the best ingredients I can afford, but that often means hormones and pesticides, then I have to supplement with cheap poison food like noodles and wheat products.


    So I'm constantly eating toxins even though I try not to.


    I have a garden, and I'll floursh again as the weather warms and I start eating home grown veg. And once the pool warms I'll be able to swim again.(I have access to my deceased grandfather's pool but it isn't heated, and though in the past I have done the polar bear plungs into december, I never made it all the way through the winter....it would help if there was a sauna nearby, LOL.


    KInd of longwinded here, but here's what might interest you,


    I've tried yoga, started tai chi/chi gong...and a few months ago I found a therapist who does biogmatnetic pair therapy and Reishi.


    That was fascinating.


    She told me she has jabbed clients and they always make her sick.


    My hypothesis is that the spikes they are shedding are not just toxic but can effect youe bio-field. I think it's that latter that was bothering her. She deals with it by drinking dandelion tea.


    If you go back to the rejected DARPA application from Dazak/Fauchi they proposed infecting Chinese bats with aerosolized synthetic spike proteins that can infect through the pores in the skin.


    That to me proves a synthetic germ theory contagion is possible so it imples natural germ theory is somewhat valid.


    But healthy people don't get sick from germs.


    THe flu is an electric disease and Polia was probably DDT and leaded gasoline.


    There are "pathogens assiciated with both. And they very well might be exosomes.


    But flu isn't contageous, so for certain terrain theory has a lot of merit.


    Anthax is though, LOL.


    Mold will kill you.




    Note: made some spelling errors in her, but too lazy to edit it right now.




  16. 12 minutes ago, MarcusOmouse said:


    Ive listened quite a lot to Tess Lawrie  talking about how miniscule parasitic worms are responsible for certain diseases.

    Give her due credit - at least these things are biologically alive, unlike viruses.

    EMFs  meanwhile are also, without question ( in my universe)  a major contributory factor.

    In my reality my body is pretty well adapted to dealing with bacteria and fungi ad viruses,


    I grock the concept that a virus might nt be alive and might not be biologically active,


    I like the concet thar what generally happens is you experience cell damage and bacteria clean up the mess.


    Not a cause of disease, a symptom.


    I grok all that.


    But I think I can prove bacteria also cause diseases and so can viruses.


    Proof is the Mrna jabs.


    They are essentially synthetic viruses.


    They invade your cells, force them to make spike proteins.



  17. 4 hours ago, Mr. Nice said:


    There are no lies.



    Yes we did. I showed you the trajectory taken. Explain exactly why the shielding on the CSM was insufficient and explain why the trajectory provably taken (by photography and tracking) would cause danger.

    I might not be able to explain it today within academic standards as an engineer. Give me time I will later...


    But I can profer my point of view as a mechanic.


    Mylar doesn't completely help with the cell towers. I'm electrically hypersensitive, and mylar doesn't really help enogh.


    When I buy a bag of doritos it's lined with mylar.




    To keep the corn chips freash




    Well without the mylar they go bad from the radiation.....




  18. Synthetic=man-made-anthropogenic


    Im not claiming super powers. I'm just trying to describe a difference between two realities.


    When I was a child growing up in the 1970's we didn't have chemtrails or HAARP.


    My mind body and spirit were moved by locomotion and inspired by the cosmos.


    At niight on a clear night I could see the Milky Way and be Awed by my own tinyness.


    That's not available now.







  19. Booga booga! Be afraid, be very afraid.


    Industrial Synthetic EMFs caused:


    weak bones/calcium loss/ leukenia


    ALL Neurological problems


    ALL degenetarive diseases.


    Small scale interpersonal EMFs caused witch burnings.



    All were synthetic EMF problems.


    When I give you the stink eye the wave you FEEL is a synthetic EMF.


    Man-made. Because I'm a man and I made it.




    Whenever I bother you it's a synthetic stimulus/stimuli.


    Because I made it, and I'm a man.


    The artificial bummers we create...most of those are undetectible and acidental.


    Because we created a lot of electronic noise as we tinkered with the tech. There are a lot of UNINTENTIONAL transmitters im our environment which are msaking s ill and the rest of nature ill also. Birds and bees...





  20. 13 minutes ago, Mr. Nice said:



    We already went 6 times and nobody was murdered. There was no fakery and I can prove it. Try me with specifics.

    Oh btw - Bart Sibrel is a lying lowlife.




    Either straight through the centre with a more protected craft or what Apollo did, they took a wide angled trajectory around the outer edges of the belts.





    Come on then, what have you got? Have you ever, ever bothered to look for the endless debunks for any of it?



    No idea what that is about.



    We don't need to pretend. We already did it 6 times. Now are you going to debate this? 

    I'd enjoy that. Let's debate it.


    We're both pro-space exploration correct?


    It seems I'm a Johnny come lately to the thread here. 


    I'm pro-space program. but want to clear up the lies....


    Your position:




    Let's debate....




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