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  1. sophistry hat video was a good example of sophistry. This is more useful for terrain theory: AirNow.gov
  2. By the sixth grade you should be able to identify every plant animal and fungus in your state. You should know what's poisonous, what's "eat all you want" and the in betweens. Some plants like coffee are great medicine in moderation. Tobacco is a poisonous plant but medicine sometimes. We don't know that anymore. Fucking Rockefellers.
  3. I have datura and poisonous varieties of mallow in my garden. I have them because they came with uncomposted horse manure. They didn't kill the horses. The horses were really healthy, which is why I wanted their dung. :LOL. I haven't eaten any of these plants but I make sure they get to reseed every year. Terrain theory MEDICINE requires knowledge of the plants and herbs and other factors within your terrain. And I posit this also: In cold climates Coming out of a long winter we are used to eating fried smoked meats and frizzled up roots. We recover from that we used to infuse ourselves with a variety of essential oils from weeds. In modern life with refrigerated processed foods we lost the art of those cycles. We are living longerm but it's for most people not as fun. As it was when we didn't live as long but were more vibrant. We can have the best of both worlds if we do both. Technology and hunter-gatherer
  4. Real terrain theory is when in Oklahoma you know what the wild plants are and you use them. Then if you move away and visit the steppes of Siberia you learn those ant use them. Because we lost that knowlwedge I just let my petsdo what they want with weeds. And I'm left in the dark whether I should eat them or not too. Because we don't share that knowledge anymore. I'm pretty sure I would be happier and healthier if I ate the weeds I wanted to o far. I have a dried up one on my countertop. I don't know anybody who can tell me yes or no. It smells like I need to tea it. LOL.
  5. When I see or smell a weed ciming up throigh cracks in the cement, and it smells to me like I should eat it.....or add it to my tea... I don't. Ever. Because it might be pisonous and I don't know what it is. Then the Mexicans come by and spray poison on it and weed whip it. Because we told them to: it messes up our monoculture aesthetic sod.
  6. Is it really bad for you to swim in oregon lakes that have bluegreen algae? I like to eat bluegreen algae to detox heavy metals. Why can't i swim in it?
  7. SEcond rule of terrain theory club is can I stand next to that?
  8. Not at all. Please continue on with terrain theory without teaching me anything about my dirt or plants or fungi. First rule of terrain club is is that something I can injest or not?
  9. It was a long bummer winter. As spring spring I started noticing little plants that sprung up that smell like they might be edibe. I might want to make an herbal tea with those Those might be JUST WHAT I NEED to kick off a nice springtime for me. But I don't know what they are because we don't study that. i]s not taught in medical schools. Not taughtin k-12 or universities. bears just sniff it and eat it if it's the riht plan Hows that for terrain theory?
  10. Germs have a place in terrain theory. Do bacteria and viruses cause disease? Terrian theory says yes. THey are credited as the cleanup crew but in specific cases they are also disease causing. I think the future focus of terrain theory should be this: The solution is next to the problem. If there is poison ivy there is soapstone nearby or an herb nearby that neutralizes it.
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