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  1. This muppet reminds me on Max Headroom without any intelligence.
  2. The raibow theme reminded me of what is known as and called Savilles Code. This was the work of Peter Saville of New Order fame, see below, not sure if there is any esoteric undertones thrown in there, but it seems to fit. https://new-order.fandom.com/wiki/Peter_Saville's_Code
  3. The itchy ones are normally made from the tougher wools like herdwick or rough fell sheep, we kept the parkland cheviot types for many years which could be worn against the skin without any discomfort. Her in doors has made us several over the years on spinning wheels that I made for her, you can see them here, https://steemit.com/spinning/@shedlife/a-yarn-to-spin An aran normally takes about 90 hours to knit with about 25 K seperate stitches, she sometimes frequents the charity shops looking for wool when we don't prepare our own from local rare breeds.
  4. My own journey as an apprentice shoemaker. all made in house for the misses and myself, something we could never afford otherwise, and to us worth all the effort. https://steemit.com/handmade/@shedlife/the-apprentice-shoemaker
  5. Another hands film from RTE, the shoe maker and tailor, https://youtu.be/pXHvlnMGyR0 https://youtu.be/BTEzdkGEFtE
  6. Nice blades, I have only made one knife from an old file, a freind has it now for his own pleasure, I have also made a few cattys like the following. She is a bit of a gimmic but works nicely, ih as a touch trigger laser green torch sight and an AR style grip, the fork is from a titanium catty by GZK
  7. With survival in mind and alternatives of how to hunt and put meat on the table as they say, I set to and designed these handy tools for my own sport and pleasure, they will also come in handy for self defence puroposes if and whenever needed. They consist of a multi banded high power tubed slingshot rifles, made from off of the shelf parts and put together to make a formidible tool. One in the form of an arrow and ball bearing model and the other a very high power multi banded model. They are powerful enough to go through a half inch wooden board, the arrow version is equally as good as any spear gun on the market. Both have bipods. red dot sights and military tech torches mounted on picatinny rails. If anyone is interested in making one for themselves please PM me.
  8. Here is something new for the forum a thread dedicated to all things hand made, this has been a passion of mine for many years, here is one of series of handmade crafts that are fast dieing out in moderninty but they still survive. I If you are a creator please show the things you have made.
  9. The entire exchange system is geared to get at your digital labour and energy, we are always paid in arreers where our wherewithall is concerned, there are very few creators around today who actualy get to keep their own energy and dictate exactly how they use it; the only ones are those who can create a level of the things they need outside the system. One such crowd are the Amish, these own the land and can store at least 80 percent of their labour in house, because they don't use the current exchange mechanism. The bail in system is now legal and waiting to steal any real savings people have, don't leave any digitals in accounts convert them into something real while there is still time. https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/bail-in-powers-implementation-including-draft-secondary-legislation/bail-in-powers-implementation The whole monetary system is gear to take everuthing from you before you actually get it, what we are given in exchange is basically worthless.
  10. Chewing or known as mastication enables the first level of carbohydrate digestion, this stimulates the salivery glands to produce certain enzymes that begin the digestive process, it also stimulates the survival instinct to kick in and prevent their bodies from eating themselves which does happen once starvation sets in. Take for instance the miners who were trapped in Brazil for a record time, what kept them going in their desperate days was a mouth full of tuna fish in oil, this kept their digestive jucies going until rescue came, if they relied on a vedgetable diet many might not have made it through their ordeal. If we are to be encouraged onto a vedgetable diet several things change with the body, parts begine to shut down and cannot easily start up again once normalized to certain degrees, reproduction also begins to fall off the cliffe. The human constitution and ones immune system needs a balanced diet, all mono diets are in the long term detrimental to the well being of the host, who will eventually cease to function as a human being, take the Irish famine for instance, this forced Highland clearances upon a once popular society who were all but self sufficient.
  11. I added the reference to the YBR due to the stickers I have seen that are still found on the floors of some shops, you are right about ones tokens in their banks, these will as you say have to be repaid somehow, but there are some debts that will never be regained if we allow the electonic baton to further steal our labour each time we try to exchange it for their digital tokens, Nein Oliver explains it much better than I can. We really need to get creative outside of the electronic relion now wreaking havoc with our lives, and in any way we can, begin building a parallel system while there is still time.
  12. The pan bashing has done the trick and got a majority to follow the elites yellow brick road to nowhere, now knowing they have managed the adults so well and created a huge void, that they now come for the children using adverts and programming on Tick Tock, they simply won't stop their agenda and ramp up the programming exponentially.
  13. Two publications that throw light on the situation are as follows The Darkening Age by Catherine Nixey God's Philosophers by James Hannam For those who cannot afford the books, watch below,
  14. Veitch reminds me of the little boy who finds a hornets nest and then tells all of his close freinds where it is, but unknowing to them he has gone down to it early and hid himself in amongst the bushes and as his freinds approach he throws a stone from a distance to rile up the inhabitants and then stand by and watches his freinds get angry as they are stung to high heaven.
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