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  1. Reduction of nitrogen according to the 'natura 2000' plans initially, fitting into SDG's and such of course, is about to lead into mass forced buyouts of farmland by the government here. Farmer's protests have gotten serious over the last week or so and set to intensify as the sitting government parties have announced they will not back down from the plans and numbers involved with them. Most of the current 'ruling parties' have key players tied to the WEF of course and none of them oppose the plans, only opposition parties are sounding the alarm and taking sides with our farmers. Things are heating up and next monday will probably see nation-wide blockades and such. I am oddly excited since this might be the wake-up call our country needed, outsourcing our food supply when it is traditionally extremely high quality and well organized should hopefully wake more people up to what happens when a 'penetrated government' gets to do whatever it wants. To be continued, without a doubt. In the already historical words of one of our FvD (Forum for Democracy) members; if you don't back down, you ain't seen nothing yet. There is something special in the air here, i think they underestimated the effects of fucking with our farmers when those have been the backbone of the country for centuries.
  2. Regarding food apparently we are still throwing away crooked vegetables cause they dont stack neatly. I dont care if my cucumber is circle shaped but get zero say in this.
  3. This sounds similar. Looks like the page might be operating through a portal of sorts now: https://new.projectcamelot.tv/2022/05/26/dr-richard-alan-miller-coming-plate-shift-and-going-off-world/
  4. How would that work out, broad strokes?
  5. Yeah that gets you to the next province in most EU countries. But not back home.
  6. I started when i was almost fully grown, but also on much smaller tables. I love cue sports in general.
  7. Before anyone asks, this is 'dutch billiards' http://www.debolder.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/biljart-300x196.jpg No holes, 3 colors.
  8. Plugging mixes sorry not sorry: https://soundcloud.com/user-73214852
  9. I played a game 3 weeks ago, by a set of interesting circumstances. Had a horrible showing cough cough 'did not want to embarrass my new friend'. But the old dutch billiards adagium showed up; one perfect shot sets the mood for the whole day, and i made a triple plant on some reds that i declared impossible before going at it. One point worth more then 147 to me ;)
  10. To be fair, people can change. The question is to what extent people in his position really can without caving in to being Epsteined. Because it happens for sure when you become such a big player. We should consider everything in greyscales and judge people by their work, but its not looking great thus far. Alas, God prevails. No proverbs. Just God as the force that holds all this together, probably more pagan and animistic than the religious folks would like :) - 'We are the ones we have been waiting for'
  11. Yes! Confucius is an unsung hero, who not so accidentally got his name tied to a word diametrically opposing his views. That's a bit of English word magic in action for you, and no, i will not accept the fabricated etymological explanations jumping through hoops as to how confusion is actually originating from latin or greek or whatever really, while ignoring him as the first globally accepted spiritual teacher that focused on language. This is highly recommended viewing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bc7uDY24Fg Yes it sounds dated here and there and the sound quality is awful, but you gotta make do. Manly had an astounding amount of sensible things to say, that a lot of people need to hear. No hes not evil for being a mason, every suggestion that 'they are all evil' is just as stupid as the idea that pagans are all 'dumb tree worshipping savages'. Of course utter nonsense such as the 'genderbread cookie' in schools ties in directly to confusing (i apologize) people - on a core level. There are many other more subtle processes going on varying timelines related to this, but none of them would be quite so effective without the fertile grounds that the last 20 years have created. Which is a long story for another time, but all of them are important to this topic. They are trying to use our minds against us. Castaneda had something to say about that, but that is entirely a topic for a new topic ;)
  12. I have been vegetarian for 30 years yet think this is a bad idea.
  13. I've done a week's fast once or twice, it's mostly the start and (planned) end that are rough. Still had coffee with some cinnamon and such of course. Also looking to sign up with a local farmer's collective doing weekly 'food-bags'.
  14. That is exactly the 'up and personal' description needed here, which i often tend to ignore with my more broad strokes, large scale observations. The 'what do they do in systems' take i seemed to end up with now along with the 'what do they do sitting across the table with you' take. This topic is very important, more thoughts coming soon.
  15. I think so yes, going to refer to an older post of mine which is now finding a more suitable home; https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/26830-debunking-a-century-of-war-lies/&do=findComment&comment=412261
  16. I had forgotten what a great site OG is, and how many well informed comments you can always find on it too. Unfortunately the family wouldn't last half an article before massive cognitive dissonance would kick in.
  17. I love your style, but Jack has his right in the heart place.. that's what i was going to write anyway? LOL All this fucking Tavistock bullshit has me questioning myself, and confirmed once and forever we are not dealing with a bunch of random ret4rds. It takes me a sitting down and quiet moment to come up with a response that is not primed and prepared in a similar fashion. Taking control of my own higher thought process, basically. Even on my most coherent days it is extremely difficult to fight the machine; one guy that hits 220 IQ on the non-mathematical subsets, dipping into what they see (<< ), versus several data-processing farms with direct lines to relevant keywords based on scanning of image meta-data, correlation, keyword matching and so on. If needed. Not a very 220 statement, but i can't hack it every day. Here's the fun take, i might be down in the ditches regarding personal computing power, but even or exactly at my most vague i will be more creative then the fiends. And that is how we will win.
  18. Is there some kind of page hosting all of this or are you pulling it together from different sources? Just curious. Also a very questionable 'yay' for one of the headlines happening basically next door to me.
  19. bulk.com has been good so far, its aimed at gym performance and stuff like that primarily but has deals on vitamin powders and such regularly. Toss it in a smoothie
  20. Yea it will be somewhere, probably holland & barrett. Exact shape and form of all that is not the most important, its about the specific nutrients and sufficient dosages first.
  21. I would celebray some peoples losing their heads.. entirely accidental of course
  22. It's updated, some different takes coming soon. The first new track on 'a slow mix' leads to a fantastic ambient label, i am not a secret-keeper.
  23. Just give it a little less attention honestly. This is a topic that falls into a larger one of psychological issues which is hard to discuss within a rigid set of ideas about who/ what. Whenever something is forced beyond the confines of what people ask for themselves, there is probably an agenda. It is easy enough to establish that if 5% of the world is 'within the spectrum' we do not need to adjust 100% of the toilets. I would stick to that line of argument.
  24. In B5 it came down to this; And then this; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imMGchI1EWY
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