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  1. I could picture tavistock literature about 'lessons learned from book clubs and how to apply them' existing. Do i bother trying to make family read sections 22/23 of that G20 statement and grokking what it really means over Christmas? It wouldn't make for cozy fun time but there's always booze around to fix that right.
  2. I think this calls for an etymology thread. The things you guys listed so far are rather tame as far as english goes, there is some truly magical stuff in there, hence the double meaning of spelling Things get wyrd quickly when you get further into the whirled of words.
  3. I'm gonna keep advising y'all to dig into this subject, since its the most useful junction of neurology and psychology. They use it against us, so why not turn the tables. As a little cherry on top it provides the tools to actually get through to people in a trauma state/ deep cognitive dissonance. (Obviously less effective online but still helpful).
  4. It might surprise you as much as it did me. Ann Coulter figured it out before i did; https://anncoulter.com/2020/03/25/how-do-we-flatten-the-curve-on-panic1/ She's still deeply invested into 'the system' and believes it can be changed, made to effectuate real change. I no longer believe that. It just goes to show how awareness can exist along wildly varying axi of belief and worldviews. Don't write anyone off before you get to hear fundamental opinions. The sting operation is the global litmus test, but always keep in mind humans are steered by psychology, while Klaus and his ilk assume we are all 'logical economic units' - thats not how this game works at all. I am continously on the precipice of becoming a full blown Christian, revelation and resurrection included, by virtue of a single web search for 'despiritualization' - which made me find an excellent community to discuss current issues with. Then i am reminded that the god of the old testament sounds rather petty, angry, violent, and is almost certainly an alien imprint. We are being fucked with on so many levels it beggars belief, the overall picture becomes overwhelmingly complicated; but for now it does actually come down to the fundamental choice that Malone talks about here; https://rwmalonemd.substack.com/p/two-possible-futures-for-humanity - In which he mispronounced Chris Langan's name about 10 times, but who cares, it's out there now. This requires several individual threads one of these days, but i digress.
  5. I agree with most things said in this thread. But we need to start talking about '2030' and why it is such a sacred cow? I have several theories none of which can be proven right now, but it is just so oddly specific on the tracks of a trajectory that is at least 100+ years old, if not ancient by way of the some more exotic ideas we've had about how this world functions. Could it be as simple as priming people to move along a desired timeline because certain key developments had been planned that way, or might there be inside knowledge of our planets 'catastrophic cycles' involved making all of the shit were going through a smokescreen? Maybe the truth is somewhere in between those notions. 'They' have provided a window in any case, so we should assume that we have 7 years plus spare change to go until a rather drastic development is completed. Perhaps it's all just silly predictions about technology, and i have it on record from an AI focused teacher and some of his students that AGI is decades away from being real, yet they might not be in the know. It's not unthinkable that most universities and science institutes are heavily behind the curve, since i am actually ahead of it simply by virtue of free time and above average intelligence and intuition. It never required spikes of extreme brightness and insight, that i've had leading to much more 'spectacular' idea's which you can partially find in my previous long-form posts. Expect a Chris Langan thread soon.
  6. Better late then never, we need all the allies we can get, even if they are not exactly on the same page yet. Jordan had some actual trauma's a few years ago, which is the traditional path to becoming a healer outside of 'formal training' which does not exist anymore in modern society.
  7. David was kicked off Twatter, i don't need to see anything else.
  8. That sounds like a case study to me rather then a real conversation over a pint or two. I dislike sounding that way but it cannot be helped honestly.
  9. There is always an answer to these kinds of 'word game' regulations. In this case it starts with the definition of disapproval. Also, remember when Ursula floated some absolute insanity about banning memes?
  10. Good idea, there are lots of sites out there that are 'sort of' doing that but it's a little too fragmented/ incomplete usually, imho.
  11. Please dont fine me for public drunkenness. So apparently he's been kicked off Twatter today, which kinda confirms some of our suspicions.
  12. I got personal, Itsa was right, no worries about all that. I do appreciate the firm stance taken here as well, thank you.
  13. Distraction. A once in 380 ish years blood moon eclipse is coming though..
  14. Im going to to take that first official DI moderation in my 14 year stint as a badge of honor. This topic is a psy-op that is hurting humanity.
  15. The clarification of point 1 is simply that the predicated model has a 180-degree distribution, it's implied within every logical description of it. Secondly, the dimensions of the model within provided parameters are irrelevant to the question at hand. You could ascribe any given number to them, and the same question would still arise without an inherently provided answer. Bigger numbers same fundamental questions. Fourth of all, Eric Dubay is a sociopathic grifter looking for attention. He posted a video about 'why the shape of the earth is such a secret' building towards the grand conclusion that, yes, asking this question is proof you are an idiot, because 'they lie about everything'. NASA having a 'HUGE BUDGET' is surely a reason for being invested in this narrative. In this same movie he randomly noted shit about our financial and health and spiritual systems that are fucked as collateral reasons for the shape of the planet being a huge secret. All of the things that 95% of forum posters here have known about for years, are clear reasons why THIS particular story is crucially important. Except he provides no specific reasoning for that. At all. None Just waving a giant red flag. "Hey guys look over here". "You need to care about this, its really important". "I can't tell you why but believe me guys, revelations are around the corner".
  16. Here is the question once again, in an a-symmetric pancake in a snowglobe model, neither 'classical' gravity or electromagnetism can be responsible for falling speeds of objects being practically equal everywhere. The only way this works is with a set of equally distributed objects UNDER the pancake to exert forces, but the snowglobe model does not include those. If such is the case, what force or mechanism IS responsible instead? As long as there is no answer to this question the whole idea has to be dismissed as utter bunk. And no, the elephants carrying Atuin's shell is not acceptable.
  17. I feel like holding up a popsicle instead of a knoife might be a statement in the future, LOL. Intending to do less but accomplish more, no worries. I feel like we are closing in on how we interact with the divine. Why spray if no crops are in danger, its almost mid November?
  18. This may sound dismissive but is not intended so; i don't care anymore. There are so many creation/ destruction narratives around and i could read for decades about the timeline of my/ our demise. It's all nonsense. Strange rituals, hierarchies and power structures are all out of line with properties that sound truly divine. We have received many messengers, killed even more of them, but never managed to compile a wholesome direction forward. It's on us now.
  19. I don't have a pulse on what's happening with our heroes, but you piqued my interest with that video. Is it a kind of near-death experience rebellion in the open then?
  20. Second season of Babylon 5 has finally materialized. Minor spoiler alert; 'the ministry of Peace is introduced, paying members to -report something if they see something-'. These people being called members of the night watch. This happened on the back of a questionable death of the former Earth Alliance president during a transit 'accident' and everything that follows from it. 27 years ago someone had this vision, and now we have arrived, with more spying and less freedom. More encroaching AI insanity and less helpful technology.
  21. Recoloring something like that has been easy for 20 years... But it keeps working.
  22. Since the title of 'first person ever officially convicted of inter-conspiratorial hate crimes' seems very unappealing; i will simply state that i hope eric dubay's and cccrow's or whatever his name is spelled, computers, will suffer ultra-local meltdown. Eric posted a video adressing 'why would they hide the shape of the earth?' regurgitating things most of us know for 15 minutes. However the answer and, here comes the banger, stating the question itself is juvenile and redundant because 'they lie about everything' - and - get this - NASA is grifting 16 billion a year. Hello Eric, we have been living in financial Disneyland for ages, NASA budget is quite literally chump fucking change. The shape of our planet as some kind of fundamentally shocking revelation that will save us all is so stupid, EVEN IF IT'S TRUE. Ring that like the hollow Moon bell and it will change nothing that actually matters. It's a movement of grifters, like so many others, but the one targeted here has little power. Establishing intent and motive is what makes the world go round, but when it comes to this topic it's just 'that big thing upon the grand heap. so do not question it' - but please like and subcribe and buy vidya speshuls. Yeah no thanks.
  23. Oh yea i fully expect posts on forums to be held against me at some point, if possible. Not exactly in the habit of mealmouthing everything yet, but a future of 'different speech' is looming. I now see memes as the capacity to bring back middle-age play mockery and a means of communicating that cannot be policed, instead of an indulgence of the dimwitted. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elckerlijc is returning to a global stage. We will probably find ourselves in a very technologically advanced adaptation of these plays and societies soon, a little like William Gibson's early novels with some more literature, hopefully. Of course Neuromancer was not a message of hope describing global ghetto's in contrast with gated communities Elysium style, but unless humanity comes together that's the best we are going to get. I would rather be Libanon forever than a robot though.
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