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  1. There are Christian people aware of the nonsense, just a tad rare. I searched for a specific string almost 3 years ago; dehumanization and spirituality - found Francis; https://www.francisberger.com/ Disclaimer; i am not affiliated or even talking to anyone from a church at all. What makes sense to me is undeniable though. He is close to figuring it out, just requires one final heresy. I digress, wrong topic.
  2. To some extent thats probably true, does not change my sentiment at all.
  3. Diapers are back in some parts of america, some people actively do not want to learn.
  4. They exist but i wish they'd just fuck right off and let us deal with our shit.
  5. https://soundcloud.com/user-73214852/opening-or-middle-session-1 thats all, more coming soon
  6. Hello pretty people. I stand by the notion that true creativity will and does fall outside of the realms of this AI nonsense. It only took 5 million captcha's to 'recognize' the difference between a basketball and football. So these small hat talmud idiots think they have the whole universe on call, its so silly. 'Desire will fill up the qlippoth?' ok champ. Tell me how how your last talk with these fucking flesh eating lizards went. Stab them where it kills em, with love. With garlic? We are being leeched upon by vile creatures and they deserve no mercy.
  7. Hey Mr Crabtree, just like maff, das rayciss!
  8. Shortage of 'young blood' https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2022/05/14/stanford-scientists-discover-youth-transplants-reverse-ageing/
  9. Ah so thats where these few months of nothingburgers have been leading up to. Good to know. Any largely fertile country selling you shortages is still taking the piss though. It wont fly over here in NL.
  10. The only way you get to people with fuck you money. Although time will tell if 'Warpspeed' was a genius move.
  11. Hey guys n gals, i don't think were done talking about this yet? Took a long break from 'the news' but there is alot of sketchy shit surrounding this one.
  12. More coming soon, been a lazy git lately.
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